Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Let's get this right out of the way, though I do own hair by other designers, to put it in the PXP-ish vernacular: I'm Elika's *****. I love ETD hair. I think it's the best hair in SL. It's the textures, zOMG the textures. Elika's fricking amazing perfect textures.

ETD Maaliyah in Chestnut. The hair that almost wasn't released. But thank goodness it was. I wish I had hair with enough body in real life to have this style. I love this hair.

And in Mahogany. Personally I prefer red-browns and dark reds, which is why I so love Elika's Mahogany color, its "my " color This hair is to me, what Patootie is to Salome Strangelove

ETD Bonita, I think Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied suggested this. Sol Columbia has worn it as well in Luminosity ads.


and back

But a couple of weeks ago I decided to branch out a little hair wise and try some hair by designers who are not Elika. So I did some blog searching and asked on the Fashion Emergency group and found some nice hair.

Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve released this nice updo with subtle flexi recently. I didn't know she had a shade like this. When I think Sachi, I think skin. (Really, she does some fine skin work, especially with the eyes)

The style is called Marnie:

She also has one of the best signs in SL:

For great justice! Move Zig! (yep, the AYB meme isn't dead yet)

I've seen Sachi hair in action and it's good, realistic looking flexi, not bad flexi. Shes got som really nice looking "Rapunzel" style hair to wear with her gowns and costumes.

Rita Groshomme of Empyrean Emporium has this very lovely retro updo called Snood, recommended to me by Roslin , the sly woman. She just had to recommend this hair, so that I'd buy it and then just have to buy a suit from 1-800-Bettie,which she also recommended to me.

Snood comes with snoods and a color change hair bow. And it makes me want to star in a retro "Girl Friday" style machimima.

X'Clusive has this hair called classical in this great dark red. yes, it's rather Sabrina-ish hair. That's because I first saw it on there on Linden Lifestyles :-)

Six Kennedy is known for her sassy and sexy youthful styles but she recently did this very lovely Audrey Hepburnesque updo called Abundance:(She also has a VERY Audrey hair called Audrey inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's)

I'm luvvin that hair ornament.

I have a few more styles in my inventory I need to do pictures of. Yeah, I'm a lazy blogger. :-)

And again, Though I love all the hair in my inventory, To put it in the PXP-ish vernacular: I'm Elika's *****, That girl makes the best hair evah! The BEST!

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Sol Columbia said...

Damn, you missed the Sunday night "Hair War" where like 5 of us dug through our geologically dated layers of our inventories and all tried to top each other's hair fu. I think I won "biggest hair" bragging rights with either a Paisley Partrige afro or my Sky Designs updo...it was too close to call, but i was at least 7'3" in both. I think the end result was ... wow we all have a lot of hair. It's good to go through once in a while and compare and show off some new and old faves though. I'm on the lookout for new styles lately, so this article helps =)