Friday, January 14, 2011

Adventure Brigade? Protectors of Seraph City?

Wuxtry Wuxtry, read all about it....rumors of Adventure Brigade to protect Seraph City...

Citizens, I Have heard rumors of a group of two-fisted adventurers forming to protect the Beautiful Metropolis of Seraph City from varous sundry forces of mischance and evil. Why do I know this, fashion reporter that I am? I hear things.

Terrible Lizard from Dinosaur Island wreaking Havoc among the spires of the City? They'll be there.

Black Vulture's mooks stealing the Good Professors Applied Phleabotium? They'll get it back.

Cultists of ancient Evil Entities trying to raise tentacled monstrosity from the sewers? Yep, anti Entity gas grenades will do the trick, dropped from their DeHaviland.

Madcap Heiress held for ransom? They'll bring her back safely and engage in witty banter with her every step of the's in the Adventurer's Rulebook.

May the Brigade prosper and grow.

Great Minds Think Alike...perhaps they should join forces

So there I was in Seraph City...was I watching a Burlesque show at the New Champagne Room where you can always find retro-lovin gals and get more ideas on things to buy? maaaaybe. One of the audience members was wearing what looked like Icing's Puma Jie puffy sleeved blouse and pencil skirt combo...but it wasn' was a puffy sleeved dress with a pencil skirt combo named Guro from Ivalde. The lady told me it was a giftie...and turned out...I already had it. So here's a comparison, that's the default red bloused Icing Puma Jie on the left and the Ivalde Guro on the right.

Great minds think blouse/bodice and black high waisted skirt is a classic look and it makes perfect sense that both would do a version of it, so no saying that one stole the "idea" from the other because they did not. That look is a fashion archetype.

So that got me thinking. If one shops at Ivalde, one probably shops at Icing, and vice versa. (and probably Ingenue, Jet Doll and Donna Flora as well) Same people shop at both...they appeal to the same market segment. So...what if they joined forces or merged. It might be an advantage..focused marketing...larger inventory...more frequent releases because they have TWO people doing stuff so if one takes a break the other is still doing stuffs. It might help with customer service as well, if one isn't online, the other might be. Their skill sets might also compliment each other, say if one doesn't do jewellery but the other does or if one does shoes and the other doesn't. You never know...such things with similar businesses/markets might work in SL....or not. I have been told that one reason they don't is that there's the "trust" factor to deal with. SL doesn't have the trust mechanisms that RL has, so people don't do such things. Too might be a great way for smaller or medium sized design houses to compete with the larger super shops.

SLURL to ICING main Store in Mischief
Icing Blog

SLURL to Ivalde
Ivalde and L'Abel website

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donna Flora Andrea and Donna Flora Flickr.

Everyone knows CC loves a good suit or suitish type things in SL, so CC LOVES Donna Flora, who makes the retro pretty, and modernish fashionista suits with that Milan flair.

This is Andrea, a relatively recent release:

That's the Wine but it also comes in black and silver. It's very "I'm the Executive Editor of a Fashion Magazine" -ish....which means...J'adore! The jacket is sculpty so it might require some moving around. and you really need an updo with it because of the collar.

Acquire at: Donna Flora Main Store in Bonin 195, 130, 23

Best way to keep up with her new releases is via her flickr:

Donna Flora Flickr

Sunday, January 02, 2011


I received a new video card for Christmas...a GT220. Yes it's a low end card...but it's still much better than the integrated 6150SE I was running. Shaders went on and sliders went up. It also fixed the double resolution screenshot bug I had with the 6150SE. Yay!


Of note over the holidays there was an ICING release, not of retro pretty pretty, but something a little more modern red-carpet-y. Gala:

Long skirt (either with train or not, with a very high slit and one shoulder bodice. Personally I like the red the best.

Well worth adding to inventory if you want an "Award show gown".

SLURL to ICING main Store in Mischief