Sunday, April 29, 2007

SL 1.15

Well it's not as bad as the 1.13 Release of Satan, but it's not good either. From what I can tell the network issues are still bad, I'm seeing packet loss of at least 5% practically all the time.

Perhaps they'd have caught some of this stuff if they'd had a first look version of 1.15, because I used the first look's constantly until they stopped updating them. As a fashionista the Beta grid is not as useful to me as the first looks were. More first look viewers Linden Labs! That'll give you more thorough testing. and when it comes to SL more testing is "a good thing."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Gender.and SL, a very short and simple post.

When it comes to fashion stuff, the sex/gender of an avatar's RL driver doesn't matter. Anyone can be a fashionista in SL, grandmothers, stay-at-home moms, RL jewelry designers, even people like me, that's one of the reasons I like SL so much.

Snarky comments about someones RL gender are not very nice, no matter who is the target. I am open about my RL gender, but others are not and that is their privilege.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guns! Lots of Victorian Steampunk guns.

Some readers may have heard about the mock conflict that is happening between Caledon and Neualtenburg. The folks of both regions are doing it for fun, roleplaying opportunities, and to raise money for the Second Life Relay for Life by selling commissions in the militaries, and also to show of the toys that go bang and boom.

My favorite projectile weaponry in SL is made by Madame Ordinal Malaprop of Caledon.

The machine engine rifle, basically a fast firing "spray and pray" chaingun:

The pocket pistol, perfect for a ladies garter.

The .22 target rifle. Accurate and free!

The famous Beehive Launcher. Fires canisters of Killer bees at target, they will continue to damage the target if it moves. Plus, if not fired at target they stick around for a while and will attack anyone that comes near them.

Clockwork blunderbuss, not very accurate, but good for close in work.

The Revolving Flare gun: Shoots luminous multicolored flares for lighting purposes or high explosive projectiles.

the Grid Protection box, cower and hide in it during grid glitches.

Ordinal's Weaponry and other Useful Gadgetry for those of Taste and Discernment is available at her shop in (Caledon 100, 59, 23), or on SL Boutique or SLEX.

The Caledon Militia Uniform is by Mr. Edward Pearse and is on sale in his shoppes in Caledon Victoria City, Steelhead and Babbage.


One of the most embarassing things that can happen to an SL fashionista is to get "Ruthed" (the default female avatar that is the "mother of us all") in a glitch. Hair Fair did it to me, sob. I'm hideous! :-)

At least I wasn't stuck with the Ruth skin. Tete a Pied can make Ruth look pretty.

Hair Fair 2007

I joined SL last year after Hair Fair so this is my first.

Hair Fair is a great idea and would be fun if I could stand the shopping experience. It's much too laggy, and a bad user experience. It is hard to shop for new hair when displays won't rez. Having 2 sims is better than having the one I read they had last year but they really needed 4. They probably should have gone as minimalistic on the build as they could, one simple stall design for every designer with simple textures, no fancy shmancy decorations or flexi flags or anything.

I went to take a look at the new Elika "Aveda" hair but couldn't buy it at the Fair because the color textures on the displays would not load. I had to bug out for the actual Aveda store, where the Hair Fair styles were not available, but at least I could see the swatches. Then I headed back into the breach. Having hair exclusive to Hair Fair is a not a good idea when the experience is this bad. I know the HF organizers want people to come to Hair Fair rather than going to the stores, but when the experience is this bad, with the HF sims crashing and causing customers to crash, it would be better to let the designers display the new hair at their stores too.

This is the new hair Aveda, yes THE Aveda, will be selling in SL at their store. It's designed by the one, the only Elikapeka Tiramisu, of whom I am her *****. All of it is gorgeous, and I love this Sienna color which is similar to the old ETD Mahogany (which was my favorite ETD color) I want all ETD hair to come in this color. :-) (and the old Mahogany back under a new name, Sorry Elika.)

Long Flip:

Med Curl:

Med End Curl:

Med Wavy:

Short Crop (very very sexy. Rowr! This one reminded me of Celebrity Trollop of Second Style for some reason.):

Short Layered (It's pretty but covers too much of the face)

Regular ETD hair:

This is Maxine, a nice long casual style (in the new Mahogany)

Hairapy Freebies:

Bree in Bleach Blonde:

Couer in Deep Red (reminds me of some of Sabrina Doolittle's favorite HCT styles)

I want to go back to Hair Fair to look around some more, but yet I don't want to go back to Hair Fair if you know what I mean, sigh.

HF organizers: Next year 8 sims, trust me, you'll need them. :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tete a Pied Avril Release

Am I not Roslin Petion's and CJ Carnot's *****? Why yes, yes I am. Which is why when Avril hit the Tete a Pied store displays I went over and bought the fatpack (which is one skin and both dress colors)

This months release is a pretty springy dress and cardi combo and coordinating skin. A very pretty coordinating skin. Skin others have not wanted to take off ever. Not me, of course, I switch it out with other Tete a Pied skins as my whim and current outfit decides

The dress does tend to make certain av's look hippy, it's a system skirt so it makes skinny hipped av moi look hippy too. But that's okay since my av's hips are set with the system skirt in mind. The dress itself reminds me of some of the Casa del Shai strapless dresses which I like, but the skirt is less form fitting. You can probably find a dress like this in your local Ann Taylor, it's sweet, it's pretty, it's dressy but daytime dressy.

from left to right, Hyacinth, Tangerine (group exclusive color) and Peony. ETD Roslin hair in Mahogany, Shiny Things Signature Stilettos in Camel.

The skin is usual TaP Goodness. Subtle shading, well done (and pretty) makeup (sorry that you can't see the awesome eyeshadow on this skin), and the awesome TaP Boobeh shading. Roslin could do my makeup in RL any time she wanted. No, I am not going to talk about the "kitty", that's Sabrina's job. It seems to be the standard TaP2 kitty region from my casual inspection, with the heart shaped pubic hair. You'll notice that this is the redhead version of Avril skin, which comes with freckles. Now I'm not usually a freckle lovin gal, prefer no freckles for a more "polished" look. But these are TaP freckles so it's all ok.

Pretty skin and pretty dresses are available at the pretty Tete a Pied Store in the Nouveau sim While you're there you can buy pretty accessories from Miriel Enfield's and Jackal Ennui's stores, also in Nouveau.