Monday, October 23, 2006

Luminosity Celtic sweater and Irvington set.

More releases from Sol Columbia's Luminosity

A pretty, cozy and very warm looking heathery Celtic knitted sweater and the preppy chic Irvington sweater and plaid pants set. Oh so perfect for the season, Oh so nice looking on my av. Just look at the sweater close up when you buy it, and the plaid pants are faboo. And lke the other Luminosity releases, great mix n' match potential.

I can't say much more than that I really really like them. I'm a sucker for preppy fall chic and for things that I'd buy in RL. They're pefect for taking a fall/halloween sightseeing tour in Caledon with ones innamorata or your cow.

Looks like I'm wearing my usual hair, skin, and bag. I swear, ETD Maaliyah is to me what Patootie is to Salome Strangelove, Sophisticate 1 Rose Dark Tete a Pied skin I love it so, and the Tete a Pied Heiress bag that everyone must buy. Those are Shiny Things Lollies on my feet

Seen in world: Yes
Review copies: Yes
Friends list: No.

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