Thursday, October 19, 2006

Caledon Haloween Maze in the sky.

Just one more post. :-)

I figured out I didn't need pictures with this one because that would spoil it.

The Caledonians seem to really go all out for events, and Halloween is no exception. There's a Halloween themed maze in the sky that you access via a skull that I belive is in Caledon 1 or 2.

It's rather impressive and easy to get turned around in and I intend to go back and see the bits I missed and take more pictures

It's not dangerous or anything though I did shoot some scripted creatures I thought might be dangerous (you never know they could start talking to me about blingtris or something) with my Ordinal Malaprop Pocket Revolver
The Halloween decorations in Caledon remind me of Halloweens in small town Illinois for some reason. Quaint, but fun.

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