Thursday, October 12, 2006

Waaah, I need more time. and rambling miscellany

I nate being busy. especially when I can't log into SL. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm also still behind on blogging. The box I do the photo editing on is sloooow (294 MHz!) an annoying when I have lots of layers. (32MB of RAM!) I'm probably going to have to start editing on the Winbox because it's some faster, though not 7x faster. However that box is often occupied. If I didn't have Midgar (this box) I'd never get online.

Apologies for lateness, I've got a post about the Luminosity cords that is way overdue and Sol's released new jackets. Oh that woman reads minds.

I should also mention Tete a Pied's new skins for guys. (No I'm not planning on trying them out, I'm a girl, tee hee) They look "nice" on Roslin's blog

I'm also betting that Alaska Metropolitan's new costume would look awesome on my avatar because my av has the best cleavage evah

"Evah" reminds me of Willow Zander Who is taking a break from PXP

I like Willow, her blog posts and PXP posts always brightened my day. I'm glad she's going to keep doing an occasional post on her blog, that way I can still get my "Willow in neko ears fix" She also has the best nicknames for "everybody" except for one, and that's my nickname for Barnesworth Anubis.... Barnesiepooh Anubikins. Cutest male av evah! He's like the Anderson Cooper of SL.

Hmm I stil haven't seen many SL fashionistas in person.

Ahh might as well bite the bullet and finish up the picture editing and other stuff.


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The *young* Anderson Cooper. I'll deffinatly take that as a compliment though, hes adorable.