Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deja vu 2008 era Copyright Sillyness from LL

You may have heard that LL hit Strawberry Singh with a Copyright strike for a tutorial she did on how to start an SL account and become a resident.

Yes THAT Strawberry Singh.

I noticed right away that LL's "inSL" branding was mentioned by the LL employee, one Tia Linden, and had a flashback to 2008.

The whole policy was silly and counterproductive to Residents doing their thing and promoting SL BETTER than LL ever did, which is why it was never actually enforced.

What I guess happened is that LL has some relatively new people in their IP enforcement crew who have no knowledge of the SL history around this, and got all hyped up about enforcing the already existing silly policy. I figure that in a few days word will come down from LL's senior employees who know that FIC, near-fic and oldbie residents are more important to LL for promoting SL and being the people who actually make LL money, than their IP crew and the IP crew's knuckles will get rapped and they'll get told to return to the previous status quo without actually changing the policy.

In the Mean Girls Vernacular, some of LL's employees went all Gretchen Weiner and are trying to make "inSL" happen...again. Stop trying to make inSL happen!