Friday, October 27, 2006

Paper Couture opening

The luck of the fashion goddesses was with me, I was online when it opened up and got an invite. More later, after I edit the photos tomorrow, I mean today, I mean whenever I get them done. :-)

And I finally met Willow Zander! Who is both kyooter and shorter than I expected. (Yes she was wearing the very kyoot neko ears) And Elika, whom I've seen from a distance and Rita Groshomme.

the opening was a lot of fun.

More info on the house of lu website and blog

Paper couture website (requires flash)

House of Lu Paper Couture blog

The blog is hilarious and I play along with the joke by writing comments like a crazy over the top member of the fashionista press.

1 comment:

Alaska Metropolitan said...

That website is STUNNING. Feels just like First Life high fashion. I'll have to check out the store when I get back online :)