Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Support your local blogger.

Hello designers, you want PR? Not getting blog coverage? Here's how to help us find you.

1. Post in the SL classified forums. Personally I don't read them,(my favorite minimalistic browser can't log into them) but as far as I know almost every other blogger does. That's one way they find out about new designers and new stuff.

2 Get a blog! It's a necessity, it helps you keep in contact with customers, bloggers get feedback, announce new releases, rant about the evil bugs and how you want to stabbity.

3. when you have that blog, make certain it's listed on Fashion Planet (world of SL) It basically syndicates the SL fashion blogosphere, that's where I go to see the new stuff.
4. Use the groups system to your advantage. Create an update/ffans of group for your store/line and try to get as many fashionistas in it as you can. Use it for announcements of events, promos, sales, new stuffs and anything else you can think of. Personally I think Linden Labs needs to up the group limit...to 100.

5. Know your bloggers. Know who they are and what they like, which leads to.

6. Getting promo/review copies of your items in the hands of the right bloggers and people of influence. Fashion bloggers do not have unlimited $L. (yeah I wish) You probably should automatically hand off review copies to Second Style blog and whichever PXPer you think suits your items best. Although the Linden Lifestyles gang seems to be on hiatus you should probably toss them copies too. They also have this excellent post.
There are others, of course. :-)

7. Again don't forget to use events, sales, promo's, fashion shows, clearance sales, to get the attention of the bloggers. For example, I did not blog Dazzle's regular releases, that was Willow Zander's job. :-) but when she had her clearance sale, I darn well blogged it.

8. Using IM's and e-mail to directly contact those in the know and with influence can be a good idea too.

Comments? Questions? Want to stabbity me? :-)


Anya Ixchel said...

Hi Cronocloud,

Thanks for coming to the Slatenight events (I think I saw you hiding there somewhere!!!) Hope you enjoyed them,
Anya / Angela

Choice said...

Nice post, Cloud. I would add one more note. Okay, two: (1) Make sure you include pictures on your New Products posts. Saying "I have new item" and not providing a single picture will rarely compel anyone to come check you out. (2) Try and include the actual name of your products whether you post in forums or on your blog. Sounds simple, but is missed more often than you might think.

Aleri Darkes said...

All really good points and advice :) It is very difficult for word to get around in SL and the new products forums, fashion blogs, and update blogs are really the only resources available to us besides classifieds! Also great advice about the review copies, this is something im just recently starting to do after it was suggested to me by a friend :)