Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Caledon Tesla Society

Object-Name: Slurlblogger v0.4
Region: Caledon (231680, 261888)
Local-Position: (188, 161, 23)

Caledon Tesla Society? I wonder if they are friends with the mice with hats


Alaska Metropolitan said...

...mice with hats?!

CronoCloud said...

When Ordinal Malaprop tested a preliminary version of the newest Slurlblogger, she used the phrase "Mice with hats" to determine how much text it could take.Ordinal Malaprop's blog

So when I tested it out, I also used mice wearing hats. Which sticks in ones head.

Another session with the dancing cow should fix that.

I'm now a bit worried that mice avatars with hats will seek me out in order to have a little fun.