Wednesday, May 09, 2018

My RL Birthday, and also Strawberry Singh's Rezday.

Today is my RL birthday, I turned 51 today.  Criminy, I'm getting old you whippersnappers.  Now bring me my headache powders, I'm going to listen to Caruso on the Philco.

Not only that, but it's also Strawberry Singh's rezday.  (Thanks to it being the same day as my Birthday I tend to remember it) Her blog is pretty much the only SL fashion blog I follow these days. While I kind of miss the old days of less video and more text, her videos ARE very helpful for those knew to mesh avatar enhancements.  Happy Rezday Berry!  Thank you for helping to keep our avatar selves pretty!

I usually treat myself to SL fashion shopping on my birthday. Picked up this Cynful Maxi Summer dress from C88. I thought it was dressy enough to wear more formally.  It has versions to wear with heels, and with flats, smart idea on the designer's part. I'm wearing KC Kairi heels.

I also picked up this LaGyo jewelry set at C88, which reminded me of some of the Maxi Gossamer sets Berry wears, which is why I'm rather less pale than usual. There's a necklace, earrings and headpiece. Thought it would work well with the red version of this dress. (I also picked up the Maxi Gossamer Boho set that was also at C88)  It also comes in silver.  I'm wearing Argrace Miyako hair in brown and Lumae Ruby skin appliers on my Catwa Kathy head in T6 Tawny.  the Makeup is the Luxe sets for eyes and lips from Alaska Metropolitan. Eyes are the IKON Charm Eyes in Chocolate.

Thought this was a nice shot of the reflecting pool, and the back of the dress.

Got a reclining shot too, though my fingers are poking through.

As you can guess, pictures were taken at the Zaara region.