Saturday, October 14, 2006

Willow Zander is posting again on PXP. Yay!

Yes, it's that important to blog about. She knows where to find the "kyootest" stuff and I "lubs/luvs/lurves" (take your pick) her upbeat and funny PXP posting style. There's the neko ears and prim eyelashes too.

See, I'm a third string blogger, I go to all the cool new places after all the "really cool and knowledgeable" fashionistas have already been there.

I can barely keep track of some of my favorite places and there's so many ones I haven't been to. I still haven't visited Elka Lehune's Boing Fromage, I think. See, I can't keep track!

I hope to log into SL on Monday and take some pictures for the blog, I did attempt to log in this morning, but the grid was down. Meh! Makes me want to do the "stabbity" thing to the next Linden I see on the grid, and I have a rather large pink handled katana for the "stabbity". Just kidding, I lurves the Lindens, except when the grid is down, there's bugs in the client, and missing images, and slow texture loading and slow frame rate and griefers n' stuff.

More seriously they should reduce the frequency of releases to do more testing. They also ought to encourage more people to do the testing on the Beta grid, perhaps offering $L to those who do. They really need to optimize the client, they ought to hire some console developers or assembler programmers for that. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Aww, this is really "kyoot" :P, thanks, means a lot :)