Sunday, April 10, 2016

SecondSnaps Studio 3 Mesh Modeling Studio, by Ava Rage

Ava Rage, fashionista (and friend) par excellance has updated her SecondSnaps studio.  As any long time readers would know, her studio replaced my "vintage" Picture Perfect studio from Sabrina Doolittle, though I kept the Picture Perfect pose stand in use because I liked it slightly better than the one in the earlier versions of the SecondSnaps studios......until now.

Basically the studio big buttons to choose and switch between textures, and you can add more via texture sets or make your own.  It also has built in lighting and other features.

But the posestand does something that I don't think any other pose stand in SL does.  You rez it a bit ABOVE your picture taking spot and pose BELOW it.  With other pose stands that you stand ON, if you're wearing a long dress it can get in the way of the buttons to switch poses...but not this one.  They're ABOVE you and they're not tiny little things, so easy to click on.  It has the standard show/hide feature and you can add more poses as usual.

I slapped my 3-axis rotation script that lets me rotate a pose stand at any angle I want with a chat command without having to manually turn it via the edit window.  For example "/7 z 180" rotates the stand 180 degrees for quick pictures of the back of outfits.

All in all the SecondSnaps is the "best selling full-featured entry-level studio since 2011," for very good reasons.  It just "works", doesn't have a high LI, is easy to use, and is inexpensive.  I highly recommend it.

Acquire the SecondSnaps Studio via Marketplace  or via the SecondSnaps in-world store, for only L$350 for studio and pose stand.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Wild Wife lingerie from United Colors, more lingerie Cheescake with props to Connie Arida

Connie Arida made me buy this "Wild Wife" Lingerie because of a pic she did that the CC Liked. Thankfully, unlike Erratic lingerie, United Colors lingerie is more "reasonably" priced. It's less than HALF the price of an Erratic set, which is a good fair price for lingerie.  Sadly, stockings are not included, but I consider this lingerie to be a better buy than the Erratic Eden set.  There's a Hud that you can change the colors of the trim/straps as well.

League Erin skin, Clawtooth "Audrey H" hair that I have tinted to my proper color (good ole 128/65/0 to the rescue).  I bought the EnVogue hair that Connie was wearing in the picture, but sad to say it is NOT tintable to my proper color.

I'm not sure what shoes these are. Dirty Princess I think.

I think I look like a redheaded Scarlett Johanssen with RBF (Resting Bitch Face)  But I'm ARISTOCRATIC, not angry.  I really need to find a different skin that makes me look less "angry" and more "approachable".  I do think I look good, just in a severe way.

Gaussed and glowed this one up.Thought about picking up some violet eyes for a "Liz Taylor-esque" look, but I didn't get around to doing it.  The "Audrey H" hair reminds me more of her, than the Blessed Audrey.


League skin


United Colors

Clawtooth Hair

Dirty Princess

No Romance Today, starring the Erratic Allure Robe

Imagine a little story starring a fictionalized Avatar me: 

The Lady had prepared for a special evening with her innamorata and had picked up some luscious lingerie and a robe to wear over it. Now to wait:

 The Allure robe has a closed option, Shoes from KC.

And more waiting.....where was she?
 Truth Polilla hair and League Erin Skin

 Really, what was taking her.  I've gone to a lot of expense to look pretty!

 Now I'm a little ticked off and getting a bit steamed, so I opened the robe to cool off a bit.  She had BETTER like this look when she arrived or there would be CONSEQUENCES with All Capital Letters.

 The Allure robe has a hud that lets you have it closed, open, or take if off from the hud.

I tapped my high heeled foot on the floor.  My patience is growing thin. And I'm just one of those people who liked being...obeyed.

She's still not here.  Boy was she going to GET IT!  She'd get the Resting Bitch Face for sure...even though some said I always looked Bitchface-y.  But I'm not really angry all the time.... I'm ARISTOCRATIC. Yeah, that's the ticket. Maybe I should pull out the Riding crop, that would show her.

FINE, BORED NOW!  I'm Going to bed, her loss, because I look FABULOUS!


League skin


Truth Hair


KC Couture shoes

Unseelie Cheesecake, April 2016 edition, starring Erratic lingerie

As I mentioned before, Connie Arida and Strawberry Singh made me buy lingerie.  Well they didn't hold a gun to my head, they just take pretty pictures that make me want to buy stuff.

I picked up the Erratic Eden set, and thought that the white version would look good worn over my Lumae Hecate skin, Unseelie style.  Gotta have my cheesecake for my favorite Steamlands Unseelie couple, Darlingmonster Ember (nicknamed DME) and Solace Fairlady, AKA The Ember-Fairlady's.  When I go Unseelie, I tend to look DME-ish anyway.

To save time, and because I love these shots, I'm posting the raw shots taken with shadows and DOF and whatnot:

Here you can see the back of the Erratic Allure robe

And here you can see the robe, in open mode over the Eden Lingerie.  And yes, these pictures "might"  have been taken at DME's Factory in Caledon on Sea 

Lumae Hecate skin and Truth Polilla hair, with the Bentbox Faun horns. Heels from KC.  I'm really liking the pricing on KC shoes so I've been recommending them.

Frowny Unseelie says: Take the picture already!

Unseelie CC has nice cleavage.....oh okay, The CC  in general has a metric tonne of cleavage...there I admit it.

 Flying the Silver Ghost airship by DME, she did this one for halloween.  it fades in and out, ghostly style

These pictures "might" have been taken at the airstip above DME's factory.

 The aviatrix posing with her airship.

Cheesecake pinup style near the DME sign. Airships for Sale!

I'm wearing the Milk Motion spy bodysuit in these, Truth Nayeli Hair, Candydoll Arabella boots, IKON Immortal Eyes in Wight

More Airships!

Back in Lake St John, in the water, by Moonlight

Relaxing in St. John

Hey baby, I got your Unseele Cheesecake Cleavage, RIGHT HERE!


Lumae skin


Truth Hair


KC Couture shoes

Milk Motion


Gothy Cheesecake, in ISON

After I saw Connie Arida in that ISON bralette in knickers set on flickr, I said to myself as I often do:  "CC Want Pretty."  Strangely, when the Shopping Desire Monkey hits me with the need for what we used to call a "Lemming run" (those are what happens when something becomes popular amongst the Fashionistas and makeupistas of USENET newsgroup and everyone runs out and gets it), I revert to "Third Person Fashion Hulk Speak."

So I  purchased the pretties and then didn't get around to taking pictures of them....until I bought OTHER lingerie, which I can blame on Connie Arida and Strawberry Singh.  They make me buy stuff.....I'm not a shopping addict...nosirree.

So I took pictures but wanted some Charlemagne focused Cheesecake, because I had done some Unseelie cheesecake intended for the Ember-Fairlady's...which will be blogged...sometime.

Anyway, I had found this Nar Zoe (3) skin that reminded me of Charlemagne, which is a touch paler than my usual League Erin, and took pictures:

 I love this lingerie, it's sexy but vintage-y and classy.  There's a HUD for the bralette which lets you change to a sheer style and a sheer with dots option as well. Shoes are Essenz Marseilles, which are sexay, but a touch overpriced IMHO. Essenz "used" to be a budget offering, but not anymore sad to say.  I recommend KC and BabyMonkey for budget shoes these days.

This is the ISON Ethereal gown, which also comes with an option for a sheer upper bodice addition that makes it more "demure", but I prefer this strapless option without the sheer bit.

The hair I'm wearing is Truth Nayeli, one of the few Truth hairs I have in black/white in addition to LightBlondes and my usual reds.  It is one of my favorite sexy updos on the grid, and I recommend getting it or the similar Truth Mayim, which I also have.



Truth Hair


Essenz shoes

Nar Mattaru skin

Ms. CC does the Strawberry Singh Dancing in Second Life 2016 Challenge!

Yes, another Strawberry Singh Challenge/Meme

Location: Edison Ballroom in St John in Second Life
Dance was Nina 5 from Akeyo
Muted Coven Dress from Zenith
Margot Ballet shoes from Slink
Zoe (3) skin from Nar
Rogue updo from Lelutka (included with their mesh heads) and tinted to my proper dark red color. (I use 128/65/0 to get it close enough to the classic Truth Blood/Reds05 and the old 2007 version of ETD Mahogany.)

I'm also wearing the new Deluxe Slink feet, which have ALL the feet shapes in one attachment.  You use the utilities hud to change feet styles, no more detaching and attaching!  Not only that, but there are TWO new feet styles, a "Ballet" style, that I'm using in the video, and a new KITTEN feet style.  When I first heard of that I went SQUEE, since I adore kitten heels in RL.

Berry has an in-depth review of the feet on her blog.