Monday, December 10, 2012

Hemlines and Heel Heights.

It all started with LDO (LaDonna Upshaw), as it often does these days, who told me about a Maitreya VIP dress that was to die for.   So I went to Maitreya, dropped an inactive non-fashion group so I could join the Maitreya group. Bye Byem Caledon Oxbridge Fencing, Fashion takes Precedence as it is Written in CC Rule #1! As an aside I hate it when social locales ask me to to join a group upon teleporting in.  I'm a fashionista, my group slots are valuable because I'm always maxxed out.

So I got the dress...and then I needed different boots than what I had, for the dress... which leads to the heel issue I will speak of in a bit.  Then I needed some hair...and LDO made a suggestion.   So here's the ensemble that fashion enabler LDO "enabled" me to buy:

Maitreya Long Jersey Dress, which is available...for only that color.   CC NEEDS it in more colors.  Onyx describes it as a "cousin" dress to the Nolita, which is a good thing since i just love the Nolita.  Yes, the dress is mesh, and it has a low scoop neckline in back.  It's very "Young Fashionista in Winter doing some upscale shopping, before meeting her girlfriend for dinner" sort of dress.  Or "Macy's/Von Maurde jewellery/purse/makeup department SA dress"  Reminds me of some of the Duchess of Cambridge's Issa dresses too!

LDO suggested that hair for me, while I was looking through my Truth/ETD hair for something to wear.  It's Amanda from DeLa.  It's nice, I like it,  and it's mesh.  However I didn't see much else at DeLa a that appealed to my tastes sad to say, it was mostly long "youthful" hair, like most of Truth's recent stuff.  That's the Poetry necklace for Sax Shepherd's Frills line hiding in there.

For boot choices, it was pretty much between the Bax's and these GOS Boots.  I chose these for two reasons.

1. The Bax's are a little bit too much "Pretty woman BEFORE the makeover" boots.  The heel is too high for my taste in a classic dressy boot.

2. These have equestrian touches, that make them more classic even if the heel is a touch higher than I would want.

Which leads to my heel height rant.   I like the Bax boots, and I would have had them already if they came with a "Stuart Weitzman Sensual" heel, rather than the "even higher than the Stuart Weitzman Fever" heel they have.   As it is these GOS's heel is more of a "Fever" aka the "Nuhyper boot" than the lower heel I wanted or to put it another way, I don't always want a 100mm heel I wanted 85mm.  Yes, I know, I'm one of those people who thinks of heel heights in mm even though I live in America.  And Yes, I also know that for most SL residents the higher the heel the better, but that's not "me".

Which leads into another fall/winter dress I saw some time ago, wanted, but didn't buy.  This one, from Coldlogic.

I like the dress, but as you can see from the fact that I'm wearing the demo, I didn't buy it.  Why not?   The hemline is too short for my taste.  It's not that I want it as long as the Jersey dress....I just want it a touch longer.  You see I have this "internal mindset" of what my avatar would wear...and while that dress's basic style somethinhg I would wear...the hemline isn't.  4 more inches. just a touch longer and I'd have got the fatpack.   The same goes for the other fall/winter Coldlogic dress releases.  That dress as it is now would be a 14 or 16 inch hemline in RL and I want the equivalent of an 18 or 20 inch...which would STILL be above the knee.

I'm no prude no matter what some may think, I just want things a touch more "classic"  I like my sexy a touch more elegant.  A subtler sexy.  It's hard to explain.  This Donna Flora Ester dress has a hemline closer (but a touch longer) than what I want in a short sweaterdress for winter.  It's one of my favorite daytime dresses these days, even with the a-line skirt.





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