Saturday, October 28, 2006

Distracting distractions, oh the things I see.

As a fashionista, I see all sorts of pretty and shiny. Like say Callie Cline's pictures on her new store wall (pretty) or new clothes, or sunrise. I see a lot of sunrise because I'm constantly forcing it for pictures!

Sometimes I log into SL with a goal. There is only 1 SL capable machine in the house (thank goodness I have my PS2 Linux kit or I'd never get online) So I have to make the best of what time I can finagle on it.

Except sometimes, I get distracted. I remember something I saw, or I start chatting with someone or I take screenshots of one thing when I need to take them of another. Or I run out of time.

I'm like a cat that way: What's that, ooooh pretty shiny! oooh over there.

But one of the worst things is other fashionistas. hanging with others of my kind is just so much fun. Things tend to happen, fun things, kerazy things, things that would boggle the mind. Things I take pictures of, that I know I will never post on the blog. They would boggle the mind. I'm not just talking about cows, or talking sock puppets named after Vogue editor Anna Wintour. I don't think I've mentioned my sock puppet before.

Anyway I ummm don't have pictures of things I should and have pictures that would go into ~/second_life/schoolgirl_antics/ or ~/second_life/oops or ~/second_life/personal_embarassment/

I try to be a good, umm, avatar. Be nice and organized, take good shots of stuffs, but y'know things happen.

Fashionistas are kerazy but in a good way. We have the coolest and sometimes rather surprising and unique stuff. Which is what in part makes the Fashion Emergency group such a resource.

Here's to all the fashionistas, who bring fun and kerazyness to my Second Life.

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Choice said...

*giggle* School girl antics. Y'know with so many girl's schools populating SL, makes me wonder who I'm gonna get to ask me to Homecoming. I mean there isn't a boy's school in sight.