Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Lalique Cowgirls

It all started so innocently, I just wanted some Luth Brodie poses from Reel Movement to put in my Picture Perfect pose stand and I was then going to head to a sandbox to take some pictures, But as I was about to TP out I saw a couple of dots on my mini-map in the middle of Lalique. I figured they were fashionistas and I always like meeting new fashionistas so I decided to say hi and maybe chat a little. Lo and behold the two dots were Luth Brodie and Francesca Poppy of Poppy Designs. I game them my usual, "OMG, You're famous." greeting I give whenever I meet a content creator, and we started talking.

You know fashionistas,we love showing off our cool new finds, and old favorites and our favoirte silly toys. At one point I put on my Jooky costume from Starley Therian, And then out came Jooky doll, which led to Luth pulling out.... The Cow! Blain Candour's dancing Cow. The cow of joy, All Hail the Cow! There were three of us, then four and then 5 and then I rezzed another cow (It's moddable and copiable!)and made it BIG so we could worship it's greatness in the manner of the Jooky statue at the Pixels in Pink Relay for Life camp.

The cows made us happy, the cow makes us smile, all must love the cow because there is magic in this cow. I am not kidding, this is some cow. Besides the dancing, it moos, and plays music and when you're wearing it you have a funny/cute walk. The content creators were down because the recent bugs caused LL to turn off the save clothing item feature in the Appearance menu. Which prevented them from actually creating content. But the cows made them laugh and forget their troubles for a while.

I of course, being a blogger took screenshots to the hard drive for furture blackmail, I mean informational purposes of course. :-).

Some of the Personages involved:

Luth Brodie
Francesca Poppy
Me, your friendly neighborhood blogger
Callie Cline
Joanna Cramer
Shai Delacroix
Roslin Petion

I invited in a DJ friend of mine, Vent Rust, who likes seeing what interesting outfits I'm wearing. We met while shopping at Panache back in our early days, After commenting on my outfit, a suit from 1-800-Bettie, she got herself a cow.

Someone had a an Octopus that we found we could wear over the cow to make it look like it was dancing

I believe we actually did scare people off, mwah ha ha
Fashionistas are kerazy, but in a good way.


Francesca Poppy said...

HA...ok, three days later, this is STILL making me laugh. Good play-by-play of the action! But don't forget Fallingwater with her giant ice cream cone, you may want to blackmail her one day too. :)

mego said...

Any chance you can share the dancing cow? I am trying to make a cows on parade theme, this would be perfect!!
(SL) Meg Writer