Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gamine quad from TaP (added picture)

Roxlin and CJ of Tete a Pied have released another skin quad and is this one special. (Just saw the notice on the blog)

Yes, I knew about them, seeing a prototype ad in Roslin's sanctum sanctotum. She hadn't named them then.

Gamine was a good choice for a name. Basically they're glossy lips, like the Tete Une, only better with really nice cats eye eyeliner. Do you know how rare it is to see a skin where the gloss looks like a right and proper MAC lipglass does?

They are so adorable sweet looking. If there's a skin I ever wanted to hug, it's these. Like she says, Audrey Tatou, Audrey Hepburn and who doesn't love Audrey Tatou and Audrey Hepburn.

These are perfect makeups for sweet 16 parties and prom nights to wear with your cotton candy poofy dress. I said to Roslin, "too bad you can't sell these on the teen grid"

drools some more of the gloss. here's the bronzage medium with the pink gloss I was wearing the Paper Couture Junon Gown at the time.

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Choice said...

Wow. You look particularly mesmerizing here.