Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm a Feminist, and I play games.

When the various "controversies" started in regards to gaming, women and feminism started, I basically just read the various articles and kept my mouth shut, except on Slashdot, where I got the usual SJW/faggot/pussy epithets applied to me.   I eventually set up one of my little TV-tray style tables  (which I use while gaming for books/notes/printouts) and put a few things on there that show how I feel about these issues.

Look, there's Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, and a Creeper from Minecraft, and the Dual-Shock 4 for my PS4.  And there's a copy of "The Beauty Myth" and Fire Against Fire" by Naomi Wolf, and Julia Serano's "Whipping Girl"  All sitting on my Hello Kitty throw blankie.

So let's just say I am not overly fond of the GamerGate types. In otherwords, I'm a feminist, I game, and I have utter disdain for them.  What I think about them has been said better by others, Salome (SalStrange) in the GamerGate thread on SLUJesse Singal on Reddit and The Boston Globe

Monday, October 20, 2014

Casa del Shai, Chantel

It had been a long meeting, the fundraising was going well, but the caterer for the end-of-fundraiser soiree had canceled on short notice. She had took it on herself to go to the caterer's office and persuade them to pay for a new one themselves.   Now she was home and looking forward to tonight as she headed for the stairs.

Of course, showing up in one of her "elegant socialite" black suits with a sleek and tight updo had helped with the "intensive negotiations", especially when she used that aristocratic tone she had practiced so well and used so effectively  The caterer just needed to do what she told them to do.   They, like many others, just needed to Obey.

Upstairs, she changed for the evenings fun with pride and care.  Shortly after finishing her sartorial preparations, She saw her lady at the boudoir door, pointed to the chair standing beside her, gestured with her crop and said a single word in a tone that was definitely not just a request, "Sit".

There WILL be Pleasure at Her Command tonight.

A blurb in a Fall 2012 boot guide on Harper's Bazaar says:

Thigh High needle heels conjure up a superheroine-esque power, the taller the better.

Damn right, for a thigh high boot anyway.   These are the Casa del Shai Chantel's, part of the Chantel collection featuring corset/bodysuit and masks. Pretty Domme-y gear for the Fashionista set.  The sets come in blacks/silvers/laces/greys, the fatpacks have huds to change them.  I'm showing the Black and white textures.   Harper Beresford showed them off in black.  As Harper the blogger and Harper's the magazine says, it's all about Power.

The corset fits well, the boots...I had to play with my leg muscle and drop it by "1" to get the S to fit.  I noticed a bit of skin peeking through at the top of the boot when I moved  It's not a major negative in my book, it can't really be helped and I probably should be wearing the M size anyway.   I like the texturing on the corsets, I'm not quite sure, but they may be materials enabled.  The seaming looks materials-ish in my eyes.

The tight sophisticated hair bun is from Amacci, and the Shakespeare Cameo Choker and earrings are from Caroline Apollo.

When I first saw them I wasn't sure if I wanted them or not, because I thought wouldn't get much use out of them.   I mean, I'm not a Domme, even if I sometimes joke about how I need to be "Obeyed in all things Fashion".  Then I saw this Ralph Lauren print ad in Vanity Fair''s September Style issue. This is the reason I went all "slick and tight updo" with the hair

There I saw that freaking Ralph Lauren had done fetishy thigh high boots for the Equestrian Socialite set. That model there looks so damn sophisticated and aristocratic, and like she knows how to use a riding crop in both the bedroom and while on her horse.

I showed those Ralph Lauren boots to Shai, and said how the ad reminded me of her boots which I hadn't decided on yet, and she dropped the boots on me.  That's Shai Delacroix for you.  Then I just had to get the corsets and masks on my own.  I had been leaning on getting a black set anyway.

Edit: wanted to add the picture Barely took of me in the black version:

I also mentioned to Shai, that we need a mesh version of her old cow dress, so we can cow-dance in mesh.


Casa del Shai

Amacci hair

Belleza Skins

Caroline Apollo Jewelry

Friday, October 10, 2014

SG Bonnie mesh dress, On The Floor at DeMortesville

DeMortesville, is a kink-friendly Modern Dark Fantasy RP community founded by a friend of mine.  She had moved the community from it's previous location, to a new location some regions southeast of one of my favorite social venues that we both frequent.  I decided to take a look around again.  It's a goodly sized community build, taking up most of the region.  The Linden Railroad runs right through the middle of it, and there is a pedestrian walkway and narrow road overpasses over the LRR.

I don't do serious RP, so I'm not seriously involved with any RP communities, but I do like wandering and seeing nice builds like DeMortesville.  DeMortesville always had one of my other favorite sapphic friendly social venue builds in the Drunken Clam.  To tell the truth, I prefer the Clam build to the Duchess build appearance wise, but I think it's more of the atmosphere than anything else.  The Clam is a touch more upscale looking, while the Duchess is more blue collar.  There are other "venue" type builds set up for various RP scenarios, a sort of a rustic sailor dive, a modern style club, a "nice dressy" restaurant, a classic diner, biergarten, and a tea parlour.   I can't forget the church, and bakery either.  I had been tempted to set up residence at the old location, but as I said, I don't really do RP so it's not well suited for me.

While visiting the downstairs of the Clam I noticed changes in the stage/runway part of the build (It's much more plush looking)  and noticed the "video wall" which had screen captures from J' Lo's "on the floor" video, where she wears some sexy gold ensembles.  (The song itself is a cover of the 1989 song Lambada by Kaoma)

And I had this nice gold mesh cocktail dress from SG (Saritha Gabardini) , which I have in 5 colors.   I should get the other colors too, it's only L$70.  You can't beat prices like that.  It may be a template, I don't know for sure, but I don't care, because the texturing is very nice. As far as I know, this creator is Marketplace only.

Dale! (Pronounced "Dah-lay", it means "Bring it on")

The dress has a hemline that is short, but not TOO short, lower thigh.  My favorite length for a dress like this.  As I've mentioned before, I do believe.  Shoes are the Mata Hari sandals from Sax Shepherd.

You'll notice the seaming and the strappy "cap" sleeve.  Making it a sort of cross between an off the shoulder dress and a cap sleeve.  Nicely done.  This is the Truth "Grande" glamour/party hair, the version with both sides draped forward, but it still leaves plenty of foof in back.

Had to take the hair off to get a good picture of the back.  Wear an updo or front-draped hair to show off the back. you can also see the sleeves better.

Here's the front, where you can see it's a bandage style in the shape of it.  Just simply a great dress to have.

And  here it is in black, Hucci "Jacmel's" with the black.  This is Truth London hair.  It's actually more similar to the hair J' Lo has in the video.

As I said, great cocktail dress well worth the L$70.  What are you waiting for, buy!


SG Bonnie dress on Marketplace

Truth Hair

Sax Shepherd Jewelry and Shoes

Hucci Main Store

Belleza skins


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sex and the CC, or why I visit The Chamber

Some may have noticed that my Barely Texan shots were taken at The Chamber.  The Chamber is a famous SL sex club. (Though it seems to have more slumming fashionistas than actual sex most of the time.)  I go there for the fashion, not the sex.  Really.  Sex and The CC are oxymoronic.  I fashion watch there.  Great place to play the "I have to make sure I'm very well dressed in comparison to everybody else in SL" It supplements the blogs.  Have to keep up appearance-wise with the Janes'es

But in regards to SL Sex, a friend and I were talking at my favorite non-Chamber social venue, and she assumed that I had plenty of SL relationships, basically saying "You're the CC, you're awesome/funny/kind, you've probably  had a ton of admirers/partners/girlfriends"

I had to tell her that I didn't and that I'm not that special.  Oh sure there's a few people I'm very close to, but actual SL partnering and relationships?  Just doesn't happen for me.

I can count the number of intimate experiences I've had in SL on the fingers of both hands.  I average once a year, but sex is something I don't have much interest in...in either world.  It's why I'm upfront about the tendency towards being asexual.  I can understand Sexy...but I just don't feel the "need" that others do.  Closeness and bonding, I can understand.

Barely Blogging, again.

Ran into Barely Texan again.  He had a VERY nice "I just got off work and am picking up some cannoli for dinner tonight" look going.  The tie is a bit narrow and 80's preppy, but overall I think the look works.  The texture on the trousers is very good, and I even like the shoes.  The hair is a bit whatsisname... Bradley Cooper-esque, but it's more foofy on top.

I even got him to get me a style card:

Hair - Damselfly - Tommy Fairplay - Rob in Light Browns
Hairbase - Damselfly - Tommy Fairplay - Hair Base Mens 205 
Eyes - IKON - Ikon Innovia - Eternal Eyes in Heath
Skin - Nivaro - ReishiProphet - Cunov skin in lighttone
Beard - Nivaro - BEARDS in 10. Trimmed Beard 
Shirt - Hoorenbeek - Limerdesigner Flux - Mesh Shirt With Skinny Ties in White.
Pants - Gizza - Giz Seorn - Belted Trousers in Brown
Socks - Pig - Apatia Hammerer - Argyle Sock M. Suspender in Denise S 
Shoes - Kauna - Ross Myhre - Brogues in Brown

My outfit did NOT match his in dressyness level, sad to say.  This is not a "fiancee/boyfriend is bringing home cannoli" sort of dress.  It's from Wild Serenity, a short sequined cocktail/club dress with a sheer high-low overskirt.  Did you know that High-low hemlines originated in Victorian times?  They were called fishtails then. It comes in several colors.  Will I hadn't heard of the creator before I got it, it turned out to be fairly nice as cocktail dresses go.  Well worth a demo even if it's not exactly a "capsule" sort of dress.

The hair is Truth "Grande 2", the version with only one side worn forward with the bang attachment.

Shoes are Hucci "Jacmel"'s worn with the Slink High feet.


Wild Serenity

Truth Hair


Friday, September 19, 2014

Ran into Barely Texan...put on a Kunglers dress.

Ran into Barely Texan, the male fashionista who had guested on Harper Beresford's blog, and noted DJ, at a social venue.   Just for fun I wore an dress and hair that Harper had blogged and took a picture next to him.  I then realized I had never blogged this dress myself.

Details on the dress and hair in this post by Harper Beresford

This simply pretty and classic dress is the "Ariana" mesh sleeveless sheath from Kunglers.  Note that the hemline is slightly below the knee, some don't prefer that hemline, though it's one of my preferred hemlines along side mid-knee and slightly above the knee. This a great desk-to-dinner dress, perfect for standing beside an AFK hipster-ish male fashionista with oversized glasses,  and having him make me look good.  Which is his job, making whatever lady fashionista he's standing near look good, not the other way around.  That would go against the natural order of all things Fashionista.  Then there would be chaos, we can't have that.

The hair is "Alicia" from Wasabi pills.  I am wearing it with my usual Belleza "Betty" skin, and Celoe's "Zoe" pumps.

Jewelry is the Bijou Othello set from Sax Shepherd, which is one of my go-to sets and I have the Bijou in all the colors.  With this set you have your choice of two earring colors, black or white and it comes with matinee and princess necklaces.  I'm wearing the matinee length in the photo.



Wasabi Pills

Celoe at Mayfair

Belleza Skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepare for Glamour, Like Anna Wintour, inspired by Berry.

It's not a meme, but Strawberry Singh asked in a post where she writes about how she gets inspiration from Vogue and Vogue India:

So what inspires you? Do you get inspired by fashion magazines?

Yes, yes I do.  I generally read Marie Claire, Glamour and Allure, though I let my Allure subscription lapse and I should renew it.  I read Vogue now and again, especially the September issue.  So yes, I do get inspired by fashion magazines, websites, pictures, books, catalogs...you name it.

The CC decides to channel Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, with a short bob, sheath dress, and dark sunglasses.

The dress is the "Caroun", a simple colorblock and lace sleeveless sheath from Doc Eldritch.  The skirt has the flattering and proper slightly-above-the-knee hemline that is my favorite hem length.  DE has several similar sheath sets, this one does has a fitted mesh option.  It's well worth picking up as a nice addition to a capsule wardrobe.

My sunglasses are the old Heiress sunglasses from Paper Couture, I think I have some modern ones, but just grabbed these because they're quick to find.

The short bobbed hair is "Looking" from Elikatira (which is no longer available, of course),tinted to a proper dark red. The shoes are "Diana" from Fri.day.  As is usual for Fri.day shoes, they are worth adding to a capsule wardrobe.  The skin is my usual Belleza.

The jewelry set is the platinum-diamond tennis set from Earthstones which is a touch overpriced by my standards.  But again, it's a tennis set, which isn't common in SL.

The clutch is the HUD controlled Muci clutch from Mutresse with 13 color options, plus options for chain and studs.

I have been known to say the following, with apologies to Team Rocket of the Pokemon series:

Prepare for Glamour
like Anna Wintour

To protect the Grid from devastation
to unite all Fashionistas into one nation
to denounce the evils of Lola's and bling.
to shop incessantly and acquire EVERYTHING.


Team Fashionista goes shopping at the speed of light.
Stay out of our way or prepare to fight

Nyan!  Dat's right!


DE Designs

Fri.day shoes

Paper Couture




Monday, September 15, 2014

That u.f.o Luna dress you've seen on everyone

You remember that Grecian myth themed C88 a couple of rounds back, and that u.f.o (ur.favorite.one) Luna dress?  Well  like everyone else on the grid, Ihave it, in the long and short versions.  It is such a pretty ethereal goddessy thing, to me it looks more like a negligee than a dress and I've worn it as such.  You have to put up with gaussed and glowed blonde me since I wanted to go all angelic looking.

Hair is Truth Dasha, a simply pretty half-up/down girl-next-door hair.  Skin is my usual Belleza Betty, believe it or not, with blonde brows.  Eyes from IKON, in Floe.  Jewelry is the Sax Shepherd Pearl version of the Spirit of Giving set.  (Yes I have them all)

The shoes are the Opium mules from  Lassitude and Ennui and are a "Must Fatpack" since they're easily the best and prettiest "boudoir" mule for wearing with lingerie in SL.  And yes, they come both with and without marabou pompom


Truth Hair

Belleza Skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs

u.f.o (ur.favorite.one)

Lassitude & Ennui

Cup of Goodness and The New Social Club.

Oldbies in SL will remember the Old Mill Pond social venue, a favorite of those wanting a pleasant place to chat about virtually anything. 

Others will remember the Cup of Goodness, a similar venue that was a favorite of foodies in SL, which sadly went defunct. It, along side the Duchess were among my favorite venues in SL. Then the CoG was gone and there was a lack of such venues.  Sure, the Blarney Stone in Dublin is great and busy, but it's DJ centric and very quiet when there isn't a DJ around.  There's a few similar venues in the steamlands, but not everyone likes the steamlands.  And of course, the Duchess is sapphic, and not everyone wants sapphic.

But...the Cup of Goodness has returned, still owned and operated by Elisabeth Beurling.  As described in the group:

The Social Club @ Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop
A place to gather, chat, laugh, dance and see our best friends.

While the venue itself is different some of the decorations are from the original version of the CoG, recognized them right off even if Lis hadn't mentioned them.

And I got a shot of Lis herself, on the nearby beach boardwalk, wearing Truth "Isle" hair and Maitreya's "Poise" dress.

And as is usual for my CoG visits, I am now thinking about muffins.  Foodies!  They'll get me every time.   Luckily I have muffins.

Strangely, this new CoG reminds me of the "old" "Ookami Ningen" version of the Duchess, which is a good thing.  I still have a soft spot for that version.

Anyway, if you want a place to just chat, hang out, make friends, and perhaps exchange recipes.  (Foodies loved the CoG), then head on over.  Tell 'em CC sent you.


The Cup of Goodness at Crazys cove