Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Big Trope! My entry into Harper Ganesvoort's Oscar Contest 2015.

Hi folks I'm "Jean Eberhardt", everyone's favorite non-existent SL reviewer of non-existent SL films.  Today I'm going to be talking about that talk of the grid, the low budget homage to B-Movie Noir and Adventure Films... The Big Trope.

The Story of the Big Trope starts with a Science Exhibition where a somewhat Mad Scientist unveils his newest invention:  The Macguffin Device.  We're not exactly told what it does, but apparently it does something because Millionaire Philantropist Kradox Durxok seems to be very interested in it, and with a name like that...he probably isn't a philanthropist.  This is when we first meet his lovely assistant Radclyffe Beaverton who steals the scene by flirting shamelessly with the Mad Scientist's Beautiful, but Hollywood Homely Daughter. (She wears glasses and librarian clothes and looks delicious.) And then when the Beautiful Daughter's Boyfriend Protagonist protests, tells him to lighten up and points out HER comradette-in-arms and Innamorata, Brinksy Corgi, as played by the inestimable Charlemagne Allen.  I'm glad the screenwriter didn't Hide Your Lesbians.

Cue a gloomy scene at the Lynden Lab building, where the Macguffin is housed, and we see Radclyffe and Brinksy fly up in a hover car that is made of the Rule of Cool.  They then proceed to steal the Macguffin, putting the sole human guard, a woman, to sleep with a drug laced kiss, and then having a waif-fu and gun-kata firefight with Lynden Lab's Mekka-Mole security robots on the way out after intentionally tripping the alarm...just so they could have a little fun. And they did all this in short skirts, stockings and stiletto heels with a sort of Sky Captain meets Stewardess meets Elvgren slash Vargas pinup sort of look.

Outfits from R2, Stockings from Blacklace, Heels from Hucci, Hair from Wasabi Pills.

As you can see, the film was shot in black and white in the classic Academy 1.375:1 ratio as an homage to the old days.

We then see Radclyffe and Brinksy hand over the Macguffin to the Big Bad.  They are then berated for not killing the guard, which causes them both to frown, and then are sent to acquire the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter...they're told she has the secret to actually activating it. After they leave, The Big Bad tells his snivelling weasely junior lackey Peter Leech that she actually knows nothing and will be a hostage to secure her Mad Scientist father's cooperation in unleashing the Macguffin's full power, and that he believes that Radclyffe and Brinksy will do a High Heel/Face turn the moment they realize this since they believe he's a Well Intentioned Extremist whose goal is to Save the World from Itself, and that Leech is to kill them and take their place as his Dragon when he.... Kradox Durxok, rules the World as it's God-King with the Power of the Macguffin.

They then capture her at the University Library, where she puts up quite a fight before they subdue her.  They're so impressed with her spunk that they fly her to Paris for the sole purpose of getting her a glamourous makeover before they take her to the Big Bad.  They get her cooperation by telling her that they work for Kradox Durxok, whom she only knows as a philanthropist, and that on their honor no harm will come to her.  After the makeover, where they turn her into a Taylor Swift meets Mamie Van Doren Blonde Bombshell, they take her to the Big Bad.

Once they deliver her, the Big Bad desires her for her own and declares that the Beautiful Daughter will be his Queen.  She says "never" and then the Big Bad strikes her with the power of the Macguffin, brainwashing her into obedience and give the command to Leech and the Daughter to kill Radclyffe and Brinksy.  This, of course, crosses Radclyffe's and Brinksy's Moral Event Horizon and they do an immediate High Heel/Face Turn.

It turns out they are also Genre Savvy and immediately flee in a jet powered airship and rendezvous with the Boyfriend Protagonist who is on his own airship coming to rescue the Beautiful Daughter.  They tell him of her brainwashing and provide cover fire to the Boyfriend Protagonist in the air while he rescues the Beautiful Daughter, retrieves the Macguffin, defeats the Big Bad and Saves the World.  Their airship is sadly shot down by Leech's just before The Boyfriend Protagonist shoots down Leech's airship.

At first I thought the screenwriter had fallen into a Bury Your Gays trap, but then we cut to first a Medals for Everyone ceremony for the Boyfriend Protagonist and Mad Scientist, followed by a wedding between the Boyfriend Protagonist and the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter.  There, as her bridesmaids, are Radclyffe and Brinksy who jointly catch the bouquet at the end.

As it is, CC and Charlemagne were, in an  unprecedented move, nominated for joint award for Best Supporting Actresses in a Non-Existant Virtual Film.  Which makes perfect sense, since they're the best thing in the film. It's why I've been focusing on them and not everything else in this modern-day B-picture. The Boyfriend's actor is dull, the Ingenue they got playing the Beautiful Daughter can't even pronounce Tesla properly, and the Big Bad hams it up more than Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldham and BRIAN a ham canning facility...which is just too much ham

Late breaking news...we have a paparazzi shot of CC and Charlemagne's Award show outfits for Harper Ganesvoorts Oscar Fashion contest 2015:

Ms. CC's Gown by PurpleMoon, Eclair Hair from Amacci. Ms. Charlemagne's gown by Metatheodora

Monday, February 23, 2015

Freedom Wars. Abductor Hunting and Character Customization...For the Greater Good!

Amongst the games I've been playing is Freedom Wars on the Vita.  I kept seeing mention of it on the various nerdy sites so I picked up the physical release...For the Greater Good.  I am surprised that Iris Ophelia hasn't mentioned it on New World Notes, since it's Japanese and has plenty of character customization.  I googled and she actually does own the game.  I didn't even know she had a Vita since she seems to focus her portable game attention on cutesy-kawaii games for the 3DS.

The Basic plot is:

It's the future and the world is a Crapsack Dystopia where everyone lives in city states/prisons called Panopticons and the Panopticons compete for scarce resources. (Panopticons are a style of prison in RL, the more you know!) You, are a "sinner" a prisoner born into servitude to your Panopticon and The Greater Good!  Apparently you weren't just a rank 1 sinner at one time, but you lost your memory and got reduced in rank and  your full sentence returned to you. Your sentence... 1 million years.   You're going to die in your cell "sinner" unless you agree to take on missions.... For The Greater Good.   You'd better, because without taking on missions,  you won't even have the right to lie down in your cell, doing so without earning the Entitlement gets 10 years added to your sentence.  Of course, if you refuse to lie down your cute but creepy anime-style Mean Robot Overseer will add on 10 years for refusing the gift of leisure.   He or get your choice, will also add years for walking more than 5 steps at a time, talking to Sinners of the opposite sex, and talking to actual Citizens among the many many things you can be penalized for.

Once you go on missions, you fight other Sinners and  giant robot enemies called Abductors who have captured valuable Panopticon Citizens...Monster Hunter style.  Yes, it's a Japanese game and has many of the "quirks" Japanese games have these days.  UI that needs work, grindy gameplay, japanese only voices and control quirks.  To be honest, the controls only suck until you become able to change the controls a bit into the game.  They're actually MUCH better than Monster Hunter...once you can change them into something REASONABLE for a 3rd person action game with guns and melee. They did leave in the option for that silly impractical "Monster Hunter Claw" for the Japanese gamers.   If you're not at least a little bit of a Japanophile, you probably won't like it.  Personally, I find it more fun than Monster Hunter for darn sure. And it actually has proper online play instead of just being limited to ad-hoc wifi.

Here am I in my cell with my Mean Robot Overseer, aka my Accessory.  Behind me on the viewscreen is the mascot of the Dystopia, Percy Propa (Propa-kun in Japan)  Those two things with blue glowy dots at the top left and center of the screen are monitoring cameras...they don't watch you even though the Accessory watches you 24/7!

There's a ton of character customization. You have to earn most of the clothing with entitlements, but you get to choose your characters body, face, eyes, hair at the start from quite a few options.  More than I expected from a Japanese game.  That also applies to your Accessory.  Male or female, tall or short, hairstyle, cutesy girlish or slightly more mature like mine.

You have to earn color palettes too!

My Mean Robot's outfit is cuter than mine. You know, as much as everyone complains about lack of resources and how people are a drain on society...all the Sinners have their very own Mean Robot.

Yep, I'm a redhead with green eyes in Freedom Wars too.

My Mean Robot has a sort of "Village of the Damned" thing going on there.  I've just earned the right to customize the orders I can give her.

Yep, I'm CeeCee Creeggan in the game.

If you think the game is your sort of game, buy it at retail, or buy it on PSN for $29.99,  For the Greater Good!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Berry's Movie Character Meme

Another week, another cool Berry Meme.

Meme instructions: Dress up your avatar as a character from a movie. 

Which I did.  One of the characters my readers probably expect, Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's in her Iconic Little Black Dress.

That dress being the Maitreya Audrey.  Hair is Elikatira Arabella, Angsa hat from Schadenfreude, Hucci Glynco pumps, Maitreya Jackie-O sunglasses.

But here's a character one might not expect from me, Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This is the maid outfit from Provocation Berry showed off some time ago, Hair is Truth Magenta, Frock-Be-Gone raygun from Doctor Obolensky, Hucci Jacmel pumps, Blacklace stockings.

Berry said that someone requested a Mean Girls meme in plurk, and Berry figured this would give us the opportunity, so I did Cady Heron a la the Jingle Bell Rock scene. Sexy Santa dress from Tuty, Hair is Truth Esperanza, boots from GOS.

I did another classic teen movie with Big Red from Bring It On.  This one didn't turn out quite so well.  Cheerleader costume from Meli Imako

Since I'm old, I just had to do two characters from the classic Heathers.  First up is my interpretation of Queen Bee Heather Chandler's Croquet outfit.   "My School Look" from Monso, Hair is Truth Dasha, Tights from Izzie's, Esme flats from Ingenue.  The croquet decorations were already rezzed at my house.

I did two Heather Duke shots, in an outfit inspired by her end-of-movie look. First up a shot inspired by her lounging at the window scene.

And near the lockers.  Diaz jacket with dress by Coldlogic, Tights from Izzies, Shoes from, Hair is Truth Vixen.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Knockers gertie dress.

After doing my entry into Berry's school yearbook meme, I began looking around the other entries and saw a vintage inspired photo by one Georgia Florence Sipe (lilaskyheart Resident), who was a redhead.  As I do like vintage and vintage loving redheads in particular, I checked out her flickr and saw a dress...THIS DRESS, from a store I had not heard of before called KnocKeRs.  I just had to have it.

It has cleavage, it is vintage, and it's so "me". This, like most 50's styles, is a descendant of Dior's famous New Look silhouette from 1947, wasp waisted and full skirted.  You can see hints of the common 50's shirt dress especially in the sleeve, though this is no June Cleaver style shirt dress, not with this much va-va-voom.  Those are the classic Yummy Michelle single strand pearl necklace and earrings you see, and Wasabi Pills Veronica hair.  I just love the little cherry bodice inset and the cute little buttons.

Here we see the full skirt and the cute cherry panel. The easiest way to tell this is a 50's dress and not an actual New Look dress is by the hemline.  New Look dresses have longer hems to the lower calf.  You can also see the Essenz Zurich pumps, which were perfect for this dress.

I happened to get a very good shot while sitting in one of the Duchess booth's.  This is one of the prettiest shots I've ever taken of my avatar. I'm pretty, whee!

The dress is VERY inexpensive, L$150...I bought two, red and black. I'll probably get the green too.



Belleza skin

Yummy Jewelry

Wasabi Pills hair

Essenz Footwear

Erratic Trisha and Sax Shepherd Aphrodite Jewelry and Shoes.

I wanted to show off the Erratic Trisha dress and the Sax Shepherd Aphrodite jewelry and shoes.  I decided to wear the white version of the Trisha and bring Pink Fuel skin wearing, "Lutefisk" me up to bat.  I was playing around with windlight, graphics settings and whatnot on location.  Didn't quite get the lighting right, probably needed a bit of warmth in the lighting, even if the hair shadows turned out well.  Yes, yes, these two pictures are gaussed and glowed, glamour blog style.

These two pictures were taken at one of the pavilion builds the Boudoir girls have for sale.

Now for normal pictures where you can actually get a better look at the clothing. Trisha is a short supermodel-y party dress with a folded-ruffle bodice.  I liked the various colors enough to fatpack it, it's the sort of dress I'll get enough use out of to justify that, and the 13 color fatpack was only 995L$ when the singles are 295L$ each.  With that much differential, I just threw my L$ at the fatpack.

These pictures came across as a sort of "Daenerys from Game of Thrones crossed with 90's supermodel Claudia Schiffer".  Partly because I chose this Truth Thalia hair, which also comes with a crown, which I am not wearing.

Here you can see the headpiece, choker and big mesh earrings of the Aphrodite jewelry set.  I set it to pearl for these pictures but it has many more jewel options and four metals.  It also has drop earrings if you don't want these big glamour-girl ones.  The Decadence set with all the options is 1999L$.  Even shopaholic me, said "ouch" when I clicked the pay button for it, but it's a versatile evening set which will serve you well along side SSD's Spirit of Giving sets.

Bracelet options for both left and right wrists and a cocktail ring, all with the same jewel and metal options.   You'll notice the left and right bracelets are slightly  different in style as well so they're not super matchy, you can wear them both if you want.

And these are the Aphrodite evening sandal, same jewel options as the jewelry and many shoe least in the WDP (whole damn pack).  That pack is 1999L$.   That's 9 base shoe colors, 4 metal colors and plenty of jewel colors for a nice elegant evening sandal that will serve  those duties well alongside the SSD Mata Hari's. Yes, I know, I cringed at paying 1999L$ for a jewelry set but don't complain about throwing thousands of L$ at shoes.   But I have a shoe thing, runs in the family.  You can also get singles or Bridal, Decadence or basic packs.   But really, it's shoes, you want all the colors.  As I say, "How many colors do I need of the shoes?"  "All Of Them".  All The Shoes Are Belong To Us.

They're for the Slink High feet, so that's probably the equivalent of a RL 140mm heel at least.  Supermodel shoes in RL.  Of course, in "tekki-wiki" SL, Supermodel is YOU.  Ha, I kill me.

But if you're really smart, and pay close attention to the vendors, what you'll do is get the COMBINED shoe/jewelry Deluxe WDP pack, which will only cost you 2999L$, a much better deal.  If only I had seen that vendor for that deal before I bought the separate packs.  I facepalmed.


Erratic Main Store

Truth Hair

Sax Shepherd Main Store

Pink Fuel Main Store

Ikon eyes


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Berry's #secondlifeproblems Meme

Yes, yes, I could be actually blogging items I've bought, but I'm blogging another Strawberry Singh meme.  Okay, so I did buy the T-shirt, and the Truth Harmony hair, which has both a bun/updo and ponytail version, is a recent purchase, so that's something.  Now these are all jokes, so don't take them seriously:

The funny thing is, I've had a sweater, a dress and a hair color named for me. No skin or hair or gown yet, such shame as a fashionista... #secondlifeproblems  ;-)

 I should have done one that says:  "FATPACKS?  They're WILLOW packs darn it.  #oldbiefashionista"

 That's why I grep my logs, to help me remember things.  Thank goodness for grep and pity on the Windows users that don't have it. #linuxandOSXgoodness

And these meme pictures PROVE I'm crazy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Berry's Sartorialist Challenge Meme

Another Berry meme

 Meme Instructions: Travel the Second Life grid and find a resident whose avatar catches your eye. Ask their permission, take their picture and share the image with your readers. Their style credits are not necessary but you can share them if you like. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

In other words like the Sartorialist does in RL.  I just so happened to run across, fashionista Connie Arida today.  Hey, don't look at me like that.  It's not Meme cheating to use a fashionista!  It really was by chance.  I run into fashionistas all the time, and if I didn't I would have IM'd one to run into, but I didn't...not this time.

Veronica Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills
 Juliard Tee  - Birds by Le Primitif
 SecondSkin Yoga Pants  by Twisted Angels
Sashay Wedgies by Dressed by Lexi

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Berry's SL Yearbook Smile Challenge

As I say, Berry Makes Me Blog, this time with a Yearbook style picture theme for her Monday Meme.   I imagine this is how "Ms. CC" would have looked in High School.  This is the kind of girl I wanted to be like when I was young. Preppy-feminine.  I'd have killed to look like this then.

  Sweater from Fashionably Dead, Skirt from Jane, tights from Izzie's, Flats from Ingenue, Glasses from Seburo, Hair is Sandy from Wasabi Pills, Skin is Pink Fuel Harley with the Rose lipstick (mouth version).  I went with Pink Fuel because I look younger with it.

I'd have preferred a classic black loafer but couldn't find a good one. Here's a full length shot of the outfit.