Friday, September 19, 2014

Ran into Barely Texan...put on a Kunglers dress.

Ran into Barely Texan, the male fashionista who had guested on Harper Beresford's blog, and noted DJ, at a social venue.   Just for fun I wore an dress and hair that Harper had blogged and took a picture next to him.  I then realized I had never blogged this dress myself.

Details on the dress and hair in this post by Harper Beresford

This simply pretty and classic dress is the "Ariana" mesh sleeveless sheath from Kunglers.  Note that the hemline is slightly below the knee, some don't prefer that hemline, though it's one of my preferred hemlines along side mid-knee and slightly above the knee. This a great desk-to-dinner dress, perfect for standing beside an AFK hipster-ish male fashionista with oversized glasses,  and having him make me look good.  Which is his job, making whatever lady fashionista he's standing near look good, not the other way around.  That would go against the natural order of all things Fashionista.  Then there would be chaos, we can't have that.

The hair is "Alicia" from Wasabi pills.  I am wearing it with my usual Belleza "Betty" skin, and Celoe's "Zoe" pumps.

Jewelry is the Bijou Othello set from Sax Shepherd, which is one of my go-to sets and I have the Bijou in all the colors.  With this set you have your choice of two earring colors, black or white and it comes with matinee and princess necklaces.  I'm wearing the matinee length in the photo.



Wasabi Pills

Celoe at Mayfair

Belleza Skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepare for Glamour, Like Anna Wintour, inspired by Berry.

It's not a meme, but Strawberry Singh asked in a post where she writes about how she gets inspiration from Vogue and Vogue India:

So what inspires you? Do you get inspired by fashion magazines?

Yes, yes I do.  I generally read Marie Claire, Glamour and Allure, though I let my Allure subscription lapse and I should renew it.  I read Vogue now and again, especially the September issue.  So yes, I do get inspired by fashion magazines, websites, pictures, books, name it.

The CC decides to channel Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, with a short bob, sheath dress, and dark sunglasses.

The dress is the "Caroun", a simple colorblock and lace sleeveless sheath from Doc Eldritch.  The skirt has the flattering and proper slightly-above-the-knee hemline that is my favorite hem length.  DE has several similar sheath sets, this one does has a fitted mesh option.  It's well worth picking up as a nice addition to a capsule wardrobe.

My sunglasses are the old Heiress sunglasses from Paper Couture, I think I have some modern ones, but just grabbed these because they're quick to find.

The short bobbed hair is "Looking" from Elikatira (which is no longer available, of course),tinted to a proper dark red. The shoes are "Diana" from  As is usual for shoes, they are worth adding to a capsule wardrobe.  The skin is my usual Belleza.

The jewelry set is the platinum-diamond tennis set from Earthstones which is a touch overpriced by my standards.  But again, it's a tennis set, which isn't common in SL.

The clutch is the HUD controlled Muci clutch from Mutresse with 13 color options, plus options for chain and studs.

I have been known to say the following, with apologies to Team Rocket of the Pokemon series:

Prepare for Glamour
like Anna Wintour

To protect the Grid from devastation
to unite all Fashionistas into one nation
to denounce the evils of Lola's and bling.
to shop incessantly and acquire EVERYTHING.


Team Fashionista goes shopping at the speed of light.
Stay out of our way or prepare to fight

Nyan!  Dat's right!


DE Designs shoes

Paper Couture




Monday, September 15, 2014

That u.f.o Luna dress you've seen on everyone

You remember that Grecian myth themed C88 a couple of rounds back, and that u.f.o ( Luna dress?  Well  like everyone else on the grid, Ihave it, in the long and short versions.  It is such a pretty ethereal goddessy thing, to me it looks more like a negligee than a dress and I've worn it as such.  You have to put up with gaussed and glowed blonde me since I wanted to go all angelic looking.

Hair is Truth Dasha, a simply pretty half-up/down girl-next-door hair.  Skin is my usual Belleza Betty, believe it or not, with blonde brows.  Eyes from IKON, in Floe.  Jewelry is the Sax Shepherd Pearl version of the Spirit of Giving set.  (Yes I have them all)

The shoes are the Opium mules from  Lassitude and Ennui and are a "Must Fatpack" since they're easily the best and prettiest "boudoir" mule for wearing with lingerie in SL.  And yes, they come both with and without marabou pompom


Truth Hair

Belleza Skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs

u.f.o (

Lassitude & Ennui

Cup of Goodness and The New Social Club.

Oldbies in SL will remember the Old Mill Pond social venue, a favorite of those wanting a pleasant place to chat about virtually anything. 

Others will remember the Cup of Goodness, a similar venue that was a favorite of foodies in SL, which sadly went defunct. It, along side the Duchess were among my favorite venues in SL. Then the CoG was gone and there was a lack of such venues.  Sure, the Blarney Stone in Dublin is great and busy, but it's DJ centric and very quiet when there isn't a DJ around.  There's a few similar venues in the steamlands, but not everyone likes the steamlands.  And of course, the Duchess is sapphic, and not everyone wants sapphic.

But...the Cup of Goodness has returned, still owned and operated by Elisabeth Beurling.  As described in the group:

The Social Club @ Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop
A place to gather, chat, laugh, dance and see our best friends.

While the venue itself is different some of the decorations are from the original version of the CoG, recognized them right off even if Lis hadn't mentioned them.

And I got a shot of Lis herself, on the nearby beach boardwalk, wearing Truth "Isle" hair and Maitreya's "Poise" dress.

And as is usual for my CoG visits, I am now thinking about muffins.  Foodies!  They'll get me every time.   Luckily I have muffins.

Strangely, this new CoG reminds me of the "old" "Ookami Ningen" version of the Duchess, which is a good thing.  I still have a soft spot for that version.

Anyway, if you want a place to just chat, hang out, make friends, and perhaps exchange recipes.  (Foodies loved the CoG), then head on over.  Tell 'em CC sent you.


The Cup of Goodness at Crazys cove

Friday, September 12, 2014

PS4 Minecraft

Yes, I've been playing Minecraft on the PS4.  Main difference between it and the PS3 version is the draw distance, world size, and the PS4's ability to take screenshots and video.

That creeper sure did surprise me.  Screenshots after the break.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dance in Defiance of Hurricane Diane in St John

The rain kept a comin down, and the reports said it would keep coming.  The water level was over a half meter higher than it was when it started raining.  But St John remained defiant in the face of Hurricane Diane.

It had become a tradition, for Holocluck Henly to host a rooftop dance.  He'd bring out his victrola and play songs of Rain and storms for us.  That tradition continued in St John:

From left to right, Miss Jilly-Moon, (in background) Aoife and Moon Reverie, (in foreground) Myself and Gabrielle Riel, Kelcyeva, Mr. Henly and Tindalla Soothsayer, and Neville Braveheart.

St John: The Witchy One's protected house.

The water was rising, about 10cm per hour.   I had received a report that one of the witches in St John Woods had the brilliant idea to lift her house in the above any flooding and protect it from any damage with a barrier of wind.  Such a witch must be very skilled.  I knew I should have taken magical studies more seriously, but no, I needed to go shopping.

There I encountered said, witch, Miss Jilly-Moon, her cat Truffle and St John Resident Mr. Grendel, purveyor of goods.  Said house was most well protected from the elements and whatever Hurricane Diane could dish out.  I commended Miss Jilly-Moon on her skill, and wished that she could have protected the entire area, but sadly she could not.

Stormy Weather in St. John (in character)

I awoke to a pounding on my door and the sound of light sprinkling rain.

Rain?  The last weather report didn't mention any rain.

I leaped out of bed and saw how gloomy it looked outside my window.  I rushed downstairs to the front shutter doors and opened it up to see slightly wet Gabi.

"Gabi...what on earth...?, I said.

Gabi interrupted me. "CC, I need you to check your weather instruments *now*! I need you to send a telegram to the U.S. Weather Bureau *now*!"

I looked at Gabi, alarmed. "You don't think....? But it's only sprinkling!"

"No, I don't think, I *know*. I can feel it.", said Gabi.

That was not a good sign, I had learned to trust Gabi's vibes over the  years.  I quickly glanced over at the barometer beside the telephone.  Mon Dieu, that was a very low reading for a light summer storm.

I actually went to the telephone first, but couldn't reach a long distance operator, though local service was still operational.  I had a small experimental Marconi wireless transmitter in the attic, but the range in bad weather for such a low powered transmitter wasn't very good.  I should have installed that transmitter power upgrade I had thought about last month, but I had to have those additional formal gowns.  In situations like this, telegraph tended to be more reliable, trust Gabi to know this instinctively, so I got on the key and we soon had an answer.

"You are right Gabi. It's a tropical storm that is turning in to a hurricane."

"CC, please watch this. Also, ", she said.

She handed me a stack of old telegrams.

"I need you to send these. Some of the addresses have changed but I know you know all the current ones. I have to go. I have to go get Emma.", she said, very quickly.

"I'm on it." said I, as I returned to the key, but before I could send any messages it started clacking away.  New report....the storm had a name...Diane and it was heading our way.

I shouted to Gabi through the window, "Gabi! It's Hurricane Diane. That's what's coming. Diane!"

I started my own keying and heard the rain pick up.  Not good at all.





Once I was finished sending the message, I went out on the bedroom balcony and watched the sky, with an ear towards the telegraph and telephone.

Sandbags, I'm going to need them.

A few hours later, I had finagled some sandbags, and with the help of a few stout young parish-folk had a low barrier around my entrances.  My house was on somewhat higher ground and I hoped it would be enough...but the rain kept falling, harder and harder with time....depending on Diane's landfall point and strength when she might not be enough.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Essenz Sandals at Fashion for Life

Essenz is a new shoe designer to me, and they have several pairs of nicely done sandals for Slink feet, named after various world cities, at Fashion for Life. 

First up is the Tampa, a simple summer flat sandal, and a good addition to a capsule wardrobe. It's available in six basic colors.

Next is the Detroit, classic high heeled dress sandal. Again, a worthwhile addition to a capsule wardrobe.

There is also a limited edition of the detroit, which turns the loop part of the strap into a "Breast cancer ribbon", a nice little touch.

I'm thinking about purchasing the Geneva sandals (strappy dressy slingback sandal) and one other pair as well.


Fashion for Life

Essenz booth at Fashion for Life

Essenz Main Store

Even.flow Adrift boho dress at Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life officially opened yesterday, I popped in for a bit today.  But I'd recommend holding off on visiting for when the event is less busy (try late nights and early mornings than prime-time US), that will help reduce lag times.  But please do go, and support the Relay for Life.

I'm not usually very boho, but the moment I put this Adrift dress from even.flow on, I said, "This is the sort of boho dress even I can love." I'm going to tell Salome about it too, she adores boho, if she doesn't have it already.   Now I'm not sure, it may be a template, but this dress is very well done.  Fatpack comes with 4 dress color combinations with belt color options.  Yes, you can have it all black if you want it.

It's nicely rigged and textured, the Medium fits me perfectly, moves fairly well too so it "looks" like a boho dress should when you're walking.  This dress fits my definition of a "capsule wardrobe staple".  Pair it with flat sandals, for a pretty summer look.  (There's some nicely done flat sandals at FFL that I will be showing off shortly)


Fashion for Life

even.flow booth at Fashion for Life

even.flow Mainstore

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Poet's Heart Wayfarer Tunic and Solitude gown at Fashion for Life

Poet's Heart is a store I only know of in passing, IIRC via The Blogging Elf.  I was up at the Blogger platform (which is basically "press central" at FFL) and saw someone else wearing this Wayfarer tunic set.  I believe my elf-loving Squee reached the soprano register.  Basically it's a mesh tunic and legwarmers (the pants are texture).  The small size fit well on me, but the fitted mesh variants did not work well with my Slink hands.  Also available is the staff and headpiece.

Yesterday, a friend of mine was looking for a Frozen style cosplay gown for a mutual blonde friend of ours. We found a few on marketplace....but today Poet's Heart had this Solitude gown in this "Arctic" color in the FFL blogger items. Elsa eat your heart out.  This is fairly well fitting mesh and it comes in more colors.


Fashion for Life

Poet's Heart at Fashion for Life

Poet's Heart Main Store

Purple Moon Time Traveller at Fashion for Life.

If you're a lady of the Steamlands, when Fashion for Life opens on June 7th you need to run right on over to the Purple Moon stand and buy this Time Traveller ensemble.  Of course every other Steamlands lady will be buying it too, but that's okay, you want it anyway. It's going to be a lemming run for sure.

It's actually not a dress but a skirt, jacket/top, shoes (which I'm not wearing, issues with the alpha) and the hat.  The jacket has a bit of ruffle at it's bottom, from what I can see it's supposed to show a touch of skin as you move.  So far I've only seen it in this brown but I do believe other colors will be available.

Except for the shoe alpha issues (which is why I'm wearing the new mesh Tesla Ziggy's which are so perfect for it), it's well done mesh, and I'm loving the texturing and shading.   If it comes in black, I will be picking that up on my own for sure.


Fashion for Life

PurpleMoon at Fashion for Life

PurpleMoon Creations Main Store

Moolala at Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life started up what I think of as the press-centric pre-event today.  The regions are open for the Blogger-press, and the designers continue to feverishly work on the regions, their vendors and adding more goodies.  It cannot be said enough, that this year EVERY sale contributes to the Relay because EVERY vendor is an RFL vendor.  So you don't have to make a choice between buying a cute dress from an RFL vendor and one that wasn't like one might in years past, it's ALL good this year.

One of the first blogger pack's I received was from a designer named

"мαηđу мσσ" (amandasue.hallison) with a

store named Moolala that I hadn't heard of before.  Being a former cow-dancer, the store name made me giggle (the mascot is a cow) so I took a look inside and found this Milla Scrunch dress.  At first I thought it wasn't "me" but I changed my hair and decided it was a cute little dress well worth showing off since this sort of thing can be a versatile little beachy party dress.  The fit is good, the texturing is good, and it is well worth demo-ing once FFL is open.

No, I will not be talking about the obviously gacha'd Truth Sakura hair and Ingenue Jolie shoes in this post, that is another long story.

There were other things, but I really want to show off this Rylee jumpsuit ...that strikes me as 70's barbecue party wear.  At first I wasn't fond of the ruffle rigging, they're static, but then I decided, that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  That's because it's just a "happy" outfit.  Comes in black too, but I like this version because it's just so happy. The mesh fits well, like the Milla above.


Fashion for Life event

Moolala at FFL

Moolala store