Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deja vu 2008 era Copyright Sillyness from LL

You may have heard that LL hit Strawberry Singh with a Copyright strike for a tutorial she did on how to start an SL account and become a resident.

Yes THAT Strawberry Singh.

I noticed right away that LL's "inSL" branding was mentioned by the LL employee, one Tia Linden, and had a flashback to 2008.

The whole policy was silly and counterproductive to Residents doing their thing and promoting SL BETTER than LL ever did, which is why it was never actually enforced.

What I guess happened is that LL has some relatively new people in their IP enforcement crew who have no knowledge of the SL history around this, and got all hyped up about enforcing the already existing silly policy. I figure that in a few days word will come down from LL's senior employees who know that FIC, near-fic and oldbie residents are more important to LL for promoting SL and being the people who actually make LL money, than their IP crew and the IP crew's knuckles will get rapped and they'll get told to return to the previous status quo without actually changing the policy.

In the Mean Girls Vernacular, some of LL's employees went all Gretchen Weiner and are trying to make "inSL" happen...again. Stop trying to make inSL happen!

Friday, August 18, 2017

St. John: Hurricane Gabrielle

In the St. John regions of SL, there is a Hurricane event every August. I usually do a fiction post about it, more info on  Gabrielle Riel's Songs of the Nightingale blog.

Thank the Goddess and Powers that Be that I don't drink, not that it would affect me because of my {REDACTED BY ORDER OF MAMMA GKIKA, EUROPA WULFENBACH} nature.

But DAMN did I want to start.

First it was St. John Beach destroyed by EROSION of all things, sure the tides were high and the water warmer than usual and there was that big summer storm that I though might turn into a Hurricane but I thought the beach would survive...but it didn't.  Residents fled to other realms or the rest of St. was gone in almost an instant.

Then there was...The Breakup.  I swear I am going to vet any prospective innamorata for Gabi from now on....Kitty will help, he's been working on a Questionaire for them.  It did not end well, it involved much Demon Alcohol, though strangely no Absinthe or Whisky.  Must remember to actually HAVE Absinthe and some good Single-malt Glenlivet on hand next time.  I may be a teetotaler of the St John and Steamlands Temperance in Moderation League, but if one is going to drink Demon Rum one should drink the Good Stuff.  And I had to have a "Talk" with the fellow, this would be much easier if I had remembered to have the "Talk" with him at the beginning...especially if I'd morphed into {REDACTED BY ORDER OF MAMMA GKIKA, EUROPA WULFENBACH. BAD GURLIE, HYU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ONDERCOVER, REMEMBER} form.  That ALWAYS got attention, especially with the 54 caliber revolver.

Then came the NEWS from the Weather Bureau, which was not good.

Luckily, I did have that newfangled orangeade, which Gabi preferred as her hangover remedy. Selena, Emma and Pru had brought her home, and Kitty was resting with them after he brought me,  they were sleeping while I made up tea, and the orangeade.  I had been planning on bringing the news when Kitty mentioned her incapacitation.

She asked for the VERY BAD NEWS first which meant the Hurricane.

Hurricane Gabrielle!

Now when I told Gabi about it, I smirked since that was one of Gabi's nicknames.  In fact when the Weather Bureau contacted me:

Weather Bureau:  Ah Miss CC of St. John?

Moi:  that's Ms.!  I'm too old to be a Miss!

Weather Bureau: Ah yes, that's right, I'm sorry, I forgot, won't happen again, just don't come into the office again... one of our Meterologists still has nightmares about what you did when one of our people called you "Girl"

Moi: Continue

Weather Bureau: Ah yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad knews but there's a Hurricane heading your way.

Moi: Gabi hasn't mentioned any vibes, that's unusual, she's a better forecaster than YOU are about Hurricanes.

Weather Bureau: Ah yes, we do try and we are improving our technology.

Moi:  My Apologies, you do your best, no offense intended.

Weather Bureau: None Taken, the name of the Hurricane this year is Gabrielle


Weather Bureau: Yes, it is, we believed you'd have this reaction but we didn't expect you to blow out our Eardrums with profanity.  Your voice is very...strong. And what kind of funny phonetic accent was that last sentence?

Moi: Hy don' hef an accent schmot guy!  I mean, I don't have an accent, what do you mean by that?

Weather Bureau: What ever you say Ms. CC. Be safe and be careful

Moi: Will do, and I really do thank you deeply.  I'll be sending messages out to our friends elsewhere.

I passed the info on to Gabi, surprised she didn't ask the name at first.  When she did, she laughed and obviously her hangover caused her to OW

"Well isn't that just...", she said.

"Indeed." I replied.

 At that moment Amelia came in to take over care duties, so I could send out messages, which Gabi does have to authorize first.  She brought Muffins, of which I grabbed one and stuck it in my bag.  I don't always eat Genuine Europan {REDACTED BY ORDER OF MAMMA GKIKA, EUROPA WULFENBACH.  NO MENTIONINK DE BOG EATINK!}

She made a few changes to the form and handed it back to me.

“Thank you CC,” she said. “For everything. Now let’s get that out to the Steamlands immediately.”

“Yes Your Grace,” I replied, automatically reverting to her original style of address.

I headed back home to send the messages via telegraph, wireless and telephone...while the phone lasted.  I swear the St. John Telephone service needs tech upgrades!  In times like these the Telegraph and wireless have actually been more reliable!




As I finished the messages, I had one thought on my mind and headed to the closest warehouse:


 That sky did not look all.

 There's one good thing about being a {REDACTED BY ORDER OF MAMMA GKIKA, EUROPA WULFENBACH}, I'm damn strong.  Lifting these sandbags was like picking up flowers, and I could quickly throw them into place with just one hand.

 Didn't even break a sweat.

 Did get sand on the hands and would have to redo my manicure.

 But I was satisfied at a job well done.

 Though maybe I should add another row on top?

 Still enough light to cast a shadow...but the clouds would be coming tonight.

 Sandbagged up the other entrance as well.  My Poor Calla Lilies will be ruined.

 The Wireless set was fully operational and working perfectly at full transmit power.

 The telegraph was also adjusted and working within parameters

Poor Gabi the KittyCat, the Hurricane Gabrielle is going to scare her tremendously.  I'll have to pen her upstairs with her food and litterbox, or up in the attic.

(look over at the tags for outfit details)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Edwardian Fishtail skirt dress from Zantyago Mannonen, and discussion of devkits.

Zantyago Mannonen's CSR, Miss Charlotte Montmorency here, brought me to his new store in Steelhead to check things out  Had a nice discussion with Zan and I picked up this Edwardian day dress for Steamlands use.  Zan can't get a Maitreya dev kit so he has to guess.  He had a Slink one, but as he has found out, the Maitreya body has become more popular leaving him in a fix.  Here's the thing, some of his things work fine with the Maitreya body...just try them out.  Demos are on marketplace.  If you have a Maitreya body, head upstairs....those tend to work better.  The fit isn't perfect, but it is close and well without a devkit it's all guesses. This is original mesh NOT templates. Well worth taking a look if you're a steampunk who wants something besides the usual corsets and cleavage gear...even I don't always want cleavage 

 I'm wearing Truth Felicity hair, Tesla Ziggy 2 booties, and Lumae Eirta skin in T3

Charlotte is wearing Zan's Stroller dress. Her hair is Slink Constance, which I should pick up.  Her head is a Catwa Amy.  Her eyes are from Inkheart, Winter fantasy eyes in Snow.

I'm going to say this right up front, the Maitreya body developer needs to be more forthcoming with the devkit and more free with it's release.  Even with small niche creators like Zan. Getting it into as many hands as possible makes higher quality items for the body available and INCREASES the desirability of said body even more than it is already, ESPECIALLY in niche communities like the Steamlands.

Zan's Clothing in Steelhead Bay

Zan's Clothing on Marketplace

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Not so fast there on that profile, Ms. CC, try a bit of Miss Rose DeWitt-Bukater cosplay

So, after I had taken those pictures and blogged, I was sitting there zoomed in on my rather kate Winslet as Rose-y self and remembered I had a Rose-ish dress from Entice.  So I found it and put it on and remembered there was a Titanic build  in SL.  I found that easy enough and discovered the ballroom was basically a mall, but I headed to the bow, turned on shadows, Depth of Field, messed with some windlight and ...  Near.....far...wherever you are....


 I showed that to Ava and she said I should make THIS the profile pic, so I did.


Ava Rage makes me the Queen of Shopping, and inspires my new profile shot.

While I haven't been blogging about SL, I have been doing my usual bit of shopping, socializing, talking about shopping while socializing, thinking about shopping, and perhaps doing some shopping.

One of the ways I do that in SL is groups, the Fashion Emergency, and the Maitreya Lara group in particular.  In these groups I talk with other fashionistas like LaDonna Upshaw, Vivienne Graves, and the maker of posestands, and other photoprops, Ava Rage.

These people have been among my fashion enablers over the past years.  Now recently we were talking skins and Ava mentioned she uses the Lumae Eirtae.  I told her that while I had the Eirtae it wasn't quite me and I mentioned it was the Melusine that I'd picked up at some fantasy event...and then she said something like "CC, that's a special edition version, theres a regular version!."  Then I have my Don Draper moment and say "What?"  Then, relatively quickly, meaning the next day, I go visit Lumae.

Now my readers and flickr followers have seen Lumae's fantasy skins here before, the Dark Elf-ish Hecate, the Devilish Naamah and the Wicked Green Orismer.  I liked them quite a bit and liked them after I picked up my Catwa Tumble head.

Now the important thing about skins and appliers for me is "Does it come in a pale enough shade?  Does it suit a redhead?  Is it fairly priced and of goodly quality?"  Yes, yes they do.  I eventually picked up the Eirtae and Ruby sets in T3/Shell and T4/Fawnshades. The T4's because I discovered the T3's weren't quite perfect for some modern looks.  When I mentioned picking up the T4's to Ava she said something like:  "You tanned Freak!"  Which made me laugh because the T4's are STILL pale.  They come with appliers for various bodies, and heads and also for Lumae's ears!  So yes, you can use these skins if you're an Elf like The Blogging Elf.  I would describe the main difference as the Eirtae's being more romantic and softer and the Ruby being more aristocratic and modern, with cheekbones sharp enough to slice bread!

Here we have the Eirtae in T4 with some Pink Fuel Glossy Pout lips and Smokey Boudoir eyeshadow.  Gives me a Gogo from Juicybomb meets Megan Fox sort of thing especially with the Catwa head's slightly parted lips option. Hair is Exile Bewitched.

Here's the Ruby in T4 with some lippie from the Catwa extras lippie hud.  This is about as low femme as I get.  Rather Mariska Hargitay (short hair version) here.  Rowr.  Truth Gaea hair.

Here I'm wearing some the Ruby in T4 with eyeshadow and metallic lipstick from Alaska Metropolitan, from the Anybody Event.

And here is the one I'm going to use for my profile, a very traditional pale "Celtic Rose CC-ish" look with red lips.  And I think I look Kate Winslet's "Rose" from Titanic!

Thanks to Ava, I'm the Shopping Queen.  This is her Chalkboard set.  There are several phrases (coffee, vodka, family, love, etc) , backgrounds, floors, poses you can use.  I find it fun and mentioned wanting MOAR phrases.  We'll see.  Get it at SecondSnaps.  And yes, with Shopping Queen I had to pull out a Tiara.  Don't look at me that way, I have a Tiara and I know how to use it!  Though in all honest I don't really shop all that much compared to most in SL.


Lumae at Belita

Pink Fuel at Illusory

Exile at Covet





Second Snaps

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

No Man's Sky, First Moments

I pre-ordered No Man's Sky, the disc version, in March Why the disc version? Because thanks to Amazon Prime I could get the Limited Edition for 63.99 which is only $4 more than the digital version. Which gets you a steelbook case, comic, art book, dynamic theme, Bonus In-game DLC - Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Trader Charisma bonus set of valuable resources, and Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint, AND the Alpha Vector ship with upgraded lasers and built in hyperdrive.

Quite frankly, that stuff is worth the $4 and the slight inconvenience of having to put the disc in to play. It arrived about 2pm. I was playing, took some screenshots and a video so I could mention it on a few forums and the blog.

As everyone knows, No Man's Sky is a procedurally generated space survival/exploration/trading game with 18 quintillion planets to explore. Literally!  In scientific notation there are 1.8 x 10^19 planets. Every player starts on their own planet and it is unlikely anyone will see another player.

I started off on a cold foresty planet. Just so you know, you can't change the  units from Metric to Imperial.  While I can deal with meters/kilometers, I still think in Fahrenheit.

I haven't upgraded the ship or my multitool to the LE ones yet, I'll wait till I get a hyperdrive for the starter ship, because if you switch to the LE ship it still bugs you to make a hyperdrive even though the LE ship is equipped with one. There are no pictures of my in-game character because you simply never see yourself and there is no 3rd person mode.

Quick video, 10 minutes:

I did start streaming to YouTube my first moments, up till I had to take a bathroom break, but that isn't available in the archive yet.

Overall, I'm having a positive experience so far.  It's minecrafty, but space-y, with that whole 70's sci-fi novel cover aesthetic.  Quick tip, you can use all the scan beacon options if you make multiple bypass chips and I recommend doing so since it adds points of interest to your "Radar".

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Neverwinter PS4

I'm trying Neverwinter on the PS4 out, since it is free to play.  My first impressions are that it is not quite as pretty or as complex as The Elder Scrolls Online, but more player friendly.  Here is my first character, a Paladin.:

I'm actually Lvl 12 now. And yes, I'm a green-eyed redhead.  Why do you ask?

 Here's a pretty shot of a glowing tree

And you'll never guess who is standing near the Glowing Tree....MINSC!  I've never even played the Bioware Baldur's Gate games and even I know who he is.  I had a fangirl moment and looked for Boo, his hamster, but it looks like he doesn't have it.  What kind of travesty is that?

Go for the eyes Boo!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Foolish Frosts Avatar, The CC version.

You all know about Foolish Frost's "Avatar" song?  The Nickelback parody he did for Rezzable?

I sometimes do this thing where I make up "SL lyrics" for songs. and if there was a "CC Version" of Avatar, it would have lyrics something like this:

 Avatar the CC Version, with apologies to Foolish Frost and Nickelback.

I'm through with living real life Cause nobody cares,
And workin my job That's going nowhere
Ya know Real life ain't Quite the way I want it to be

Tell me what you want.

I want a virtual Duchy In the Caledon sims
And a redheaded harem I can go shopping with
And infinite linden cash for Anything I'm gonna need

Yeah? So tell me what you Need.

I'll need hair fatpacks from Elika and Truth.
And enough pretty shoes To keep my groove
Gettin every outfit That's ever been made you see.

Been there, Done That.

I want a skybox so high I'll live next to Des
And to learn how to build With blender and mesh
So that everybody's gonna Have to come to me

So how you gonna do it?

I'm gonna trade real life For virtual fame
I'll even get a Mesh head And pick a display name.

'Cause we all just Wanna be cool avatars
With the virtual land Driving steampunk cars
And the girls come easy And they put out fast
Course they're all soccer moms But hey who gonna ask?

And we'll all hang out At the Chamber Room
Be slumming fashionistas Playing camera zoom-zoom
Every newbie wannabe, Gonna be there
Every fashion blogger honey, With her swedish blonde hair

And... Hey, hey, I wanna be an avatar
Hey, hey, I wanna be an avatar

I wanna be loved like I'm a part of the FIC
Power like Anshe Chung Without the flying dicks
Have every single newbie Tell me how great I've got to be

Wanna to be my friend?

I'm gonna dress my avi With the latest fashion
Get rezzing rights at the Linden Mansion
Gonna date a fashion Designer who loves to spend her money on me.

So how you gonna do it?

I'm gonna trade real life For virtual fame
I'll even get a mesh head And pick a display name

'Cause we all just Wanna be cool avatars
With the virtual land Driving steampunk cars
Where the girls come easy And they put out fast
Course they're all soccer moms, But hey who gonna ask?

And we'll hang out In the Chamber Room
Be slumming fashionistas Playing camera zoom-zoom
Every newbie wannabe Gonna be there
Every fashion blogger honey With her swedish blonde hair

And we'll all build a place We can take pictures at
Like a big fashion runway With a deluxe posestand
All the girls asking me, with little guile
About my fashion savvy, coz they all know I'm the mistress of style

Hey, hey, I wanna be an avatar

I'm gonna be quite demure On PG land
Coz I'm age verified, will never get myself banned
Gonna stalk Xiola Linden, never crash a sim
Coz I'll rule second life with my benevolent whim

'Cause we all just Wanna be cool avatars
With the virtual land Driving steampunk cars
The girls come easy And they put out fast
Course they're all soccer moms, But hey who gonna ask?

And we'll hang out In the Chamber Room
Be slumming fashionistas Playing camera zoom-zoom
Every newbie wannabe Gonna be there
Every fashion blogger honey With her swedish blonde hair

And we'll all build a place We can take pictures at
Like a big fashion runway With a deluxe posestand
All the girls asking me, with little guile
About my fashion savvy coz they all know I'm the mistress of style

Hey, hey, I wanna be an avatar
Hey, hey, I wanna be an avatar...

Also "Rose Tint my world" from Rocky Horror with apologies to Richard O'Brian:

It was great when it all began, I was a regular Linden fan
but it was over when LL had a plan to hire that M Linden Man.
Now the only thing that gives me hope, is the shopping addiction dope, 
Windlight tint my world keep me safe from the drama and bling.

I'm around 10 years old, truly beautiful to behold
and somebody should be told that my arc hasn't been controlled. 
Now the only thing I've come to trust, is that shopping addiction and rush, Windlight tint my world keep me safe from the drama and bling.

It's Be-yond me help me Torley
I'll be good you'll see keep the gacha away. 
Whats this I see, one pull won't hurt me. 
Woooaaah! What's come over me, Here I pull again!

I feel released, my L$ has decreased. 
My inventory has increased, Mesh Quality is here.
SL will never be disbanded, my friends list has expanded. 
It's great that Ebbe has landed....his statements are so sincere.

Inspired by Marty Robbins "Big Iron" and the zombies that were in Babbage a couple of years ago, and maybe a bit by my thing for gatlings and Coco of Team CFVY in the web animation series RWBY

To the town of New Babbage came a stranger one fine day
 Hardly spoke to folks around her didn't have too much to say
 No one dared to ask her business no one dared to make a slip
 for the stranger there among them had a gatling on her hip
 Gatling on her hip

It was early in the morning when she flew into the town
 She came flying from the south side slowly lookin' all around
 She's a redhead loose and running came the whisper from each lip
 And she's here to do some business with the gatling on her hip
 Gatling on her hip

In this town there were zombies of the kind that are undead
 Many men had tried to destroy them and that many men were dead
 They were vicious and killers and numbered twenty four
 And the brains they had eaten numbered one an nineteen more
 One and nineteen more

Now the stranger started talking made it plain to folks around
 Was a Fashionista redhead wouldn't be too long in town
 She came here to help the people who were living against undead
 And she said it didn't matter she was after the undead
 After the undead

Wasn't long before the story was relayed to the undead
 But the undead didn't worry men that tried before were dead
 Twenty men had tried to take them twenty men had made a slip
 Twenty one would be the redhead with the Gatling on her hip
 Gatling on her hip

The morning passed so quickly it was time for them to meet
 It was twenty past eleven when they shambled out in the street
 Folks were watching from the windows every-body held their breath
 They knew this lovely redhead was about to meet her death
 About to meet her death

There was twelve meters between them when they ran to eat and slay
 And the swiftness of the redhead is still talked about today
 The undead had not cleared a meter fore many bullets fairly ripped
 And the redhead's aim was deadly with the gatling on her hip
 Gatling on her hip

It was over in a moment and the engineers had gathered round
 There before them lay the bodies of the undead on the ground
 Oh they might have stayed un-living but they made one fatal slip
 When they tried to match the redhead with the gatling on her hip
 Gatling on her hip

Coco from RWBY being a badass fashionista:

"You've just destroyed my favorite clothing store....Prepare to die!"


My 10th Rezday Party, July 19th 2016

Unless something unusual pops up, I'll be hosting my 10th Rezday party tomorrow with two timeslots: 12PM to 2PM (Euro-friendly) and 7PM-9PM (US Prime time)  Location is Edison Hall at St John 224/56/23

By the way, I WAS threatened with Sticks and The Squid for playing Rick Astley in 2014.

While I sometimes say I wouldn't be in SL without the Shopping Addiction, that's not the ONLY thing.  If it was "just" shopping I wouldn't have stayed in SL's the people.  All the friends and acquaintances I've met, you're one of the reasons SL is special.  And again, you're all welcome to come to the party!