Thursday, May 06, 2010

Felicia's Designs

Felicia's Designs is a store I haven't mentioned on this blog...quite an oversight on my part. We met some time ago. I saw she had some new releases and went to check them out...and her new store.

I picked up a couple of things that spoke to me.

The first is Sarina, a sort of summery party/cocktail dress with lace trim, the shoes you see are included. This is the "pearl" but it comes in other colors (and black, I have GOT to have my black) Perfect for a concert, or nice event where you want to look dressed up, without going all ballgowny

The second is Eve, sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a long paisley skirt..a style one of my internet acquaintances favors. And yes, the boots shown in the ad in the store are included. It comes in what seems to be a bajillion colors, but this is the black. It has that classic dressy-casual with a touch of Bohemian vibe to it.

The store iteself is VERY nicely laid out and attractive, so the shopping experience there is a good one. The store displays are very good as well, kudos to Felicia on a job well done.

Felicia's Fashions is at Bellatrix 120, 219, 27

other notes>
Skin: 5th and Oxford Brooke 2 in Fair
Hair: ETD Maaliyah
Eva Mary Jane Pumps shown with Eva from Lassitude & Ennui