Sunday, October 22, 2006

Callie Cline's new store...with cows!

Plush Lambda 175,168,22 - Funk's new location at Plush Lambda open next wednesday. It's listed in the search though and you can pop in and take a look, like I did. Which eventually involved cows again. I love the dancing cow.

That's Luth Brodie (of Reel Movement), Callie Cline, Gita (of Shine), Choice Sliter (of the Secondstyle blog, and moi.

She asked our opinion of the store build which we said looked nice. She then said we could tell her if it sucked. (paraphrased) We said it didn't And it doesn't. If I think a build sucks I'm probably not going to say anything at all, but if I like something I'm going to talk. It's a nice build, nice rugs (which can be purchased for 50$L) Almost bought a rug, but I have no place to put it being landless. :-(

Callie also has a free outfit for newbie program, any avatar 2 weeks and younger can have any outfit they want (under 500$L) Very thoughtful considering the huge influx of newbies.

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