Tuesday, August 09, 2016

No Man's Sky, First Moments

I pre-ordered No Man's Sky, the disc version, in March Why the disc version? Because thanks to Amazon Prime I could get the Limited Edition for 63.99 which is only $4 more than the digital version. Which gets you a steelbook case, comic, art book, dynamic theme, Bonus In-game DLC - Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Trader Charisma bonus set of valuable resources, and Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint, AND the Alpha Vector ship with upgraded lasers and built in hyperdrive.

Quite frankly, that stuff is worth the $4 and the slight inconvenience of having to put the disc in to play. It arrived about 2pm. I was playing, took some screenshots and a video so I could mention it on a few forums and the blog.

As everyone knows, No Man's Sky is a procedurally generated space survival/exploration/trading game with 18 quintillion planets to explore. Literally!  In scientific notation there are 1.8 x 10^19 planets. Every player starts on their own planet and it is unlikely anyone will see another player.

I started off on a cold foresty planet. Just so you know, you can't change the  units from Metric to Imperial.  While I can deal with meters/kilometers, I still think in Fahrenheit.

I haven't upgraded the ship or my multitool to the LE ones yet, I'll wait till I get a hyperdrive for the starter ship, because if you switch to the LE ship it still bugs you to make a hyperdrive even though the LE ship is equipped with one. There are no pictures of my in-game character because you simply never see yourself and there is no 3rd person mode.

Quick video, 10 minutes:

I did start streaming to YouTube my first moments, up till I had to take a bathroom break, but that isn't available in the archive yet.

Overall, I'm having a positive experience so far.  It's minecrafty, but space-y, with that whole 70's sci-fi novel cover aesthetic.  Quick tip, you can use all the scan beacon options if you make multiple bypass chips and I recommend doing so since it adds points of interest to your "Radar".