Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Greetings from Ms. CC

I am not usually much for sending Holiday Greetings in SL, but this year the passing of an SL friend (Mr. Whybrow) reminded me how much my SL friends mean to me.

As much as I love (and am known for) SL fashion and shopping, it wouldn't be enough to keep me in SL without all the People and Friends I have met over the years.

Fashionistas, Steampunks, everyone.   You've made my SL far far more enjoyable.

To you and yours, I wish the best this Holiday Season.

Ms. CC

Gratuitous pictures, it's what I do.

Taken at my home in St. John with my utterly primmy Fabulous fashionista christmas tree.  Dress is from Twelfth Night.

 Taken at my other home near what I call Beebo-land.  This dress is "The Perfect Gift" from Boudoir.  (I usually pick up a couple of their sexy holiday party dresses each year.)  Same tree in the corner of the picture, except it's larger..... large enough you can see the Star on top of it from the Duchess which is in the next sim south

 Whee!  Have a great Holiday Season everyone

Sunday, December 21, 2014

In Memory of Mr. Whybrow and his Shopgirl Valerie

Mr. Alastair Whybrow's of Caledon typist, has passed away in RL, of my most hated enemy.... cancer.  He and his shopgirl were amongst my friends.  We talked fairly often about numerous topics: music, art, Caledon, jewelry, building, shopping with shopgirls.  He made my Second Life a better place.

One time, Mr. Whybrow had made a formal parure and wanted my advice on "formal hair" for the necessary displays that the shopgirl would model for.  So I took the shopgirl shopping.

More pictures after the break

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Expo: True North Designs, Cozy Chat Corner set

True North Designs has this "wintery but not too Christmas-y" Cozy Chat corner set at the Christmas Expo:

To me, this would work well in Victorian/Edwardian/old-timey decorated houses, with it's gold and burgundy and rich browns.  It comes with everything pictured. Divan, table, teapot with rolls, lamp, carpet.

LI is only 10 total, 15 prims by the old system. The Teddy bear carpet is the most "Christmas-y" part of the set, but as shown it's separate. Cost is 350L$ which is a fair price for this set, considering some divans would cost that alone.  Well worth picking it up, even if you don't use it all together.  Without the carpet, it would even work well as a boudoir set.  Heck, I'd have probably picked it up for just the screen and hexagon table.  Had a table like that in RL a few years back, lost it in a flood sad to say.

True North at the Christmas Expo

True North's Christmas Kiosk

True North Designs Main Store

Christmas Expo: True North's, Puddy Tat's Joyride.

I have a serious weakness for kitschy decorations at Christmas.... it's a family thing, inherited it from my late mother.  She preferred kitschy snowmen, which is why we get a new snowman ornament in honor of her every year, but she would have loved True North's Puddy Tat's Joyride:

What more can you say other than it's cute cats in New Years party hats and scarves going for a joyride while drinking Milka-Cola. Now that's how Cats party.

Which my cat would so totally do if she could drive. 

True North at the Christmas Expo

True North's Christmas Kiosk

True North Designs Main Store

Chrismas Expo: Wood Works, Away in a Manger set

If you're a person of a certain age, then your family might have had a set like this one from Wood Works:

A simple console table (console tables are designed to be put against a wall), that you put decorations on this time of year.  My family had a table like this when I was young, it had our record player on it, and it was large enough for the player and decorations.  It wasn't as tall as this one and was black, but was very similar.  This set comes with all seen here, including the wreath and the doily, which is a separate object so you can use it under other things.  The star on the manger twinkles and the candle lights at a touch.  The set is Mesh, and 12LI, which isn't bad at all.  and when the Holiday is over, you can remove the manger and wreath and leave the table, candle, and rug out.  Can't beat a table like this for versatility.

Acquire at Wood Works at the Expo 1 region

As an aside, our record player when I was a child looked like the one in this blog post

RFL Xmas Expo

As is known, Cancer is on my Naughty List.  Considering how many people I know in RL and SL who are survivors or are dealing with cancer.... I really don't like cancer and try to do what I can to support the fight against it.

It's been a week since it opened (Yes I'm late, RL got in the way), but the American Cancer Society's winter fundraiser in SL, the 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables fair is open.  It is the ONLY offseason fundraising event the Relay For Life does in SL.

And trust me, they have a ton of stuff.  Personally, I'd go for the decorations, rather than the clothing, but they have that too.  They've got everything, tree lot, wreaths, snowglobes, snowmen.  You want it, they got it.  Except perhaps 200 shot range model air rifles with compasses in the stock, but you can't even get those in RL.

SLURL to the Tree Lot in Expo 1

You've got 4 days left! So get your decorations quick.