Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UPDATED: (zOMG, I'm) Famous.

I have a standard greeting for content creators, famous fashionistas, bloggers etc.

zOMG, you're famous.

The funny thing is, it surprises some, but it shouldn't. One doesn't have to be omnipresent to have a good reputation as a maker/supplier of "foo" Word gets around. :-)

But that also extends to me. I am always surprised that people read my blog. It isn't horrible but it's no PXP or Second Style or Linden Lifestyles. (Sabrina, Salome, where are you? Come back, come back!)

Yesterday I got a surprise from Rita Groshomme:

"don't you write for PXP or Second Style"?

I explained that I had my own blog but did comment now and again on PXP and Second Style.

paraphrasing: "I knew I had seen your name somewhere."

And today, Six Kennedy told me she liked my blog. Which really means a lot to me. In fact I want to thank anyone who reads this blog. Thank you for your time, I hope I make you laugh, and sometimes I even talk about fashion. :-)

UPDATE: I happened to run into former PXPer, Elka Lahane of Boing Fromage today and she hit me with you know what: "zOMG, you're famous." I laughed my head off. I was so glad to meet her and I finally got a picture of her kyoot avatar. There is no better word to describe Elka but kyoot.

She's wearing her own items from her store, which I do recommend a visit for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Well, hey, PXP are looking for writers, you should apply :)

Alaska Metropolitan said...

Seconded! :)

I've already told you to consider it, heh.

CronoCloud said...

I applied pretty quick after the announcement was made. :-)