Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laura Leandros's Au Naturel

I had popped over to Casa del Shai, to pick up another animal print dress and I saw a gathering of people on the mini-map. I tend to be a curious person so I walked over and found a store that I had not heard of: Au Naturel at Deimos 199,91,47

They have, hair, skins, shoes, boots and clothes, and according to a sign more items..eventually. Right now they're having a sale due to owner Laura Leandros's RL pregnancy.

I saw an interesting hair called Parisienne in red (a rather muted natural red) which I picked up for 85$L for one shade. I took pictures but SL was acting up (stabbity) so they didn't save. (and I crashed. more stabbity)

After relogging in from the crash I looked through the skins and bought one for 550$L.that I thought looked interesting Tone3 makeup 7. The pictures I took in the skin did save, but the torso never rezzed properly. Maybe it's ETD Belted's fault, whenever I wear that things have problems rezzing, I've never got pictures of it.

Anyway once on, it reminded me some of the Nevermore Hybrid II skins, dramatic brow and shadows with winged eyeliner. Yay. I like the dramatic look of winged eyeliner (for the right outfit ocassion) but am not very good at pulling it off in RL. I did the pictures bald so one could get a better look at the dramatic defined brows, and eyeshadow. The lips play second fiddle to the yes on this skin. As far as I can tell the skins only come with this brow color. You know how us red and reddish hair wearing av's are picky about that.

Eyes open

Eyes shut, just look at that intense shadow, very dramatic.

The whole overall look of this skin reminded me of a certain blogger on hiatus so I pulled out some very red hair and voila! It's Faux Sabrina Doolittle again!

Seen in world: yes
Review copy: no
Friend list: no


Celebrity Trollop said...

I think those are the *greenest* eyes I've ever seen!!

Beautiful makeup though. I will have to go check it out.

CronoCloud said...

I've been playing with eyes since I grabbed a pair of the transparent perfect peepers. (I can't live without the carebare emote and scan ability that they have without using hud space) I used to get comments on the perfect peepers #66 I used to wear because they glow in the dark and they bling.

Now my eyes don't glow, only bling.

I don't remember which eyes these are, I think they may be the DD ones, angel eyes or something.

The Au Naturel eyes are really something. Maybe I'll pop into SL tonight and hope the torso rezzes so I can check out the cleavage shading, coz that's important. :-)