Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tete a Pied Vivant Review.

The new Tete a Pied Vivant line has been released and here is a review from Tete a Pied's #1 groupie, Roslin and CJ's *****, me!

Here's the ad:

The new skins use different shades from the Tap Deux line. In fact if you want lots of variations of Tan, Faux Tan, Dark Tan, Dark, etc. TaP is not for you. The new shades are from lightest to darkest: Cream, Blush, Almond, Buff, Bronze and Chestnut. Cream is very light, Jackal Ennui style goth light I would say.

These are the makeup types: Basic red, Basic pink, Basic nude, Just Lips, Pinup, Biba, Bebelle, Kyoko, Candy, Sultry, Natural, Feline, Freckle, Horus, Glam, Cercle. I got the same preview pack others got, ie one skin in Pinup, basic nude, and Candy. I also purchased a three pack in Buff in both Just Lips and Red Lips.

The Vivant skins, unlike the previous TaP skins are hybrids. They have some photosourcing, but not too much photosourcing in my opinion. That makes them look a bit more modern than TaP Deux, which might appeal to more skin buyers, as well for those looking for more realism. But since they are not heavily photosourced, they won't turn-off TaP's loyal markets of certain fashionistas, redheads, and Caledonian ladies.

Here I am in the Buff Pinup 1, which was the first of the Vivants I put on. It was love at first sight. This skin reminds me a bit of some of the old TaP Une series in a way, which I like.

Here I am wearing the Bronze basic nude 1. This one said to me that TaP is trying to reach outside the traditional TaP market. This one is very modern and more like a traditional SL skin than older TaP's were.

And in the Blush Candy 3. You'll notice that the lips are slightly different on all the makeups. If one makeups lips don't look good on you then try another.

That's ETD Roslin hair worn in the photos above, I just had to wear it.

In the vendors in the store you'll find demos of every makeup in every skin shade. That surprised me because that's a lot of work doing that, and Roslin said that they weren't likely to do it again after doing it for TaP Deux. But they did, and I appreciate it greatly. I do have one complaint about the build, because of the way the stairs are set up the walkway in front of the skins is a bit narrow, but there's space at each end of the store for hobnobbing and kibbitzing, not including the roof.

Also, the pricing is different than the TaP Deux skins. Singles are L$500, three packs are 1200. That's right, they're a steal! Roslin and CJ want people to think of skin as an acessory that one changes with clothing and the new prices reflect that. Here's another important thing, brows and kitty's are mod.

That's right redheads, with TaP Vivant you can have every skin match your gorgeous red tresses. Just pick up the mod brow bases, and put it on. That goes for blondes too. That makes me ecstatic in joy and tribulation. See the results in this collage using the Just Lips 1 skin.

ETD Maaliyah hair

Pubic hair works similarly, just put on what kitty hair options you want, they're on the underwear layer. For those interested, the traditional TaP heart shaped kitty hair is included.

Here's some comparisons of Tap Vivant Red Lips 2 skin with the TaP Deux Sophisticate 1 skin (custom redhead version) I compared these two because of the similar lipcolors:

Full body front, notice the changes in the torso shading.:

Full body back, notice the new butt! I love the new butt!:

Torso. You can see the torso shading changes better. The cleavage enhancement is still evident, but my boobehs look a bit more realistic in the Vivant:

And the face. There's subtle changes in the facial highlighting, a sort of glow. There's some changes in the lip texture too.:

Again, ETD Roslin hair

If you're wondering how the skins might look on everybody's favourite missing Redheaded Shameless Hussy (Sabrina Doolittle) and Patootie Head (Salome Strangelove), here is yet another homage to my bosses at Linden Lifestyles If any skin has a chance to steal Sabrina's Whoring Heart(tm) from her Gala's it's TaP Vivant. This is the Just Lips 1 skin.

Armidi Bombshell hair in Ginger III on my faux Sabrina self, and ETD Patootie in Chestnut on my faux Salome self.

And here I am crying and pouting because I want them ALL! Yep, I LOVE them, but of course, I AM Roslin and CJ's ***** (Inspired a bit by Ida Keen's New World Notes Uncanny Valley contest entry last year.)

ETD Patootie in Crimson, facial emote from my Mystitool.

Tete a Pied is located in the Nouveau sim.

Monday, August 20, 2007

15000! and other trifles

I hit 15000 items in my inventory today, thanks to all the Tete a Pied Vivant skin demos. Thanks Roslin and CJ! There will be a TaP Vivant review in the near future once I take some more pics.

I'll be showcasing some of the newer OPIUM skins eventually, as well.

I still haven't decided on what to do with the RealSKINS.

I was playing with my AO today inspired by this post by Alaska Metropolitan

There's another MODA fashion show coming up, it's a PM show so I can't attend. Will post details later.

There's a change in the Caledon Covenant to allow subleasing, and the new Caledon Stormhold skin opens up soon. There also may be some more watery duchies for sale, a la Primverness, Lionsgate, etc. I haven't mentioned it on the blog but congrats to Lapin Paris for her Knighthood, received in honor of her efforts with the SL Relay for Life. Huzzah to Cap'n Paris.

And finally I have found that my IM's cap on ocassion so send notecards with IM's if you really want to make certain you've contacted me. Email is also good (it's here on the blog for a reason)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A response to Anonymous

A few weeks ago I commented on another SL fashion blog, and eventually my comment got this response that I've decided to respond to.

LMAO @ cronocloud. I can only imagine that Starley takes your rejection as a ringing endorsement.

This was in regards to my comments on disliking Starley's VOGUE line. It's the brows and the body shading, the makeup is fine. I have said many times that SL redheads are among the pickyest skin customers in SL and that is so hard to please us that skin makers probably shudder every time they see a redhead. If people think their avatars look good in the VOGUES they should buy them and there are plenty of avatars that do even if I still can't stand the way the brows look on others. I have also recommended a visit to Celestial for persons skin shopping. Also I can't recall having met Starley but I don't dislike Starley, or have an anti-Starley agenda I like some of her other products, (Her Annie May piggie buns are my second favorite piggie buns ever)

You're famous only for having bad taste and a big mouth and your nose so far up the ass of fashion bloggers that you can smell their tonsils.

I thought I was not famous at all, or famous for telling others that, "zOMG you're famous." I don't recall having brown nosing fashion bloggers, except perhaps Swirly Cyclone, but that's because she's the most important fashionista on the grid. Though in all seriousness I see the other fashion bloggers as colleagues, though I'm more of a assistant to the editor type. IE, Lackey/Minion. But I thought it was the designers I was sucking up to. Apparently I'm not doing a good enough job of that.

If you say something is bad, I'll be sure to try it on. If she (he? it?) says it's good, I'll be sure to stay as far away from it as possible.

I can't recall saying anything is "Bad", in writing anyway. But if serving as a "Reverse guideline' for you helps you find things you like then that's great. As for pronouns my avatar is female so "she" is polite. In RL one usually uses the pronoun assigned to gender one is presenting as. But the word "it" is one of the most insulting words one can use for a transgendered (or intersexed) person, which I believe the anonymous poster knew very well. Using "it" is a way to to subtly deny a person's personhood and humanity, to portray them as a thing, not a human being.

Keep in mind this "expert" with "discerning" tastes wears Tete a Pied. Which is french for "Cadaver".

Why yes I do wear TaP, most of the time. As I have said more times than I can count, I am Roslin and CJ's ***** I do wear other skins now and again as whim takes me, often OPIUM Skin 2.0 or one of Sachi's skins. More recently it's been Gala and Minnu Model skins. But Tete a Pied are my favourites and it's actually French for "Head to toe". I like TaP, I like them a lot. They're quality had drawn skins with a following among certain fashionistas and certain skin market segments.y go well with the fashions my avatar tends to wear. I freely admit that TaP skins aren't for those who like the heavily photosourced skins. I don't, I can't stand heavily photosourced skins which puts me in a dilemma when I get handed a sample pack. I don't call myself an expert, I have an interest in SL and RL fashion yes, but it's not like I work for Hearst or Conde Nast. As for discerning tastes, I tend to prefer retro and classic styles, if a reader doesn't like that sort of thing, then I'm not the fashion blogger they should be reading.

I'm so sick of you spewing your self pandering bullshit all over linden lifestyles.

Say what? I haven't had that many posts on linden Lifestyles except for the interviews. Only two actually. Now if you're counting comments that's a different story. But my job on LL is to put up the interviews and leave reviewing for the bosses. Of course my job is much easier when designers respond to interview requests.

It's hilarious that you actually mistook this blog as a serious forum and thought anyone cared what you had to say. You need to shut the fuck up. Isn't there a hostage you need to attend to? I think it needs to put the lotion in

Ah a Silence of the Lambs reference, Buffalo Bill to Catherine Martin: It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again." It's a good thriller. But you must have forgotten or not have been paying close attention (as many people obviously didn't), the character of Buffalo Bill aka Jame Gumb as played by Ted Levine was stated to NOT be transgendered in both the film and the book the film was based on.

So Anonymous, I really don't mind that you don't like my style/opinions, that's okay. If you have issues with my identity....well some people just don't "get" people like me. It makes me sad that it happens but it does. Though I would have more respect for you if you had used a name rather than posted anonymously. You couldn't have attacked me for being transgendered without me being honest on this blog and in my SL profile.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Sales!

Simply put: ETD! Adam n Eve! Tete a Pied! Shop, Buy, Consume!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Aspire Miss SL Tropics contest

UPDATE: see below

There's another Aspire modeling contest, details in a post on the Aspire blog

Here are my entries (Skin by Minnu Model Skins, Hair from Analog Dog, swimsuit from OPIUM Everyday, and slipdress from Simone!):

There's another Aspire modeling contest, details in a post on the Aspire blog

Why yes, that is not my usual appearance. By looking at past contests I'm making a guess at the sort of appearance that the judges of the contest will want. I went for the tanned, slightly exotic looking but not too exotic, traditional SL model look. Unlike RL, where if designers or modeling agencies might be looking for Brazilians of primarily European ancestry or 6 ft tall girls from eastern Europe with high cheekbones and if you don't fit what they want you're out of luck, in SL you can be whatever they want. I guess I'm "gaming" the contest in a way.


The contestants have been determined and are listed on Isabella Sampaio's blog

Sale at Reel Movement

Normally I'm not one to cover sales, but Luth Brodie (IMHO one of the best posemakers in SL), as part of her relaunch of her business as Reel Expression is having a sale at her Lalique Square Reel Movement location starting at 5PM SL time today (the 10th) and lasting through the 18th. Verbatim press release follows:


Just dropping you a note that I'm having a sale, changing the name, opening the new store and releasing around 80-100 new poses in the next week and 1/2.

New stuff will include:
Female modeling poses
Mens modeling poses
Couple's poses

Schedule of events:
Friday 10th Aug 5pm SLT - Sale starts with everything at least 25% off.

Friday 17th Aug 5pm SLT - Sale ends and sim closes. A few hours later I will reopen the sim to only my new update group - Reel Expression Udpate.

Saturday 18th Aug 8pm SLT - Opening to the public.


and I just have to have a picture of my favourite Luth pose, Expressions #4 aka the finger horns pose. That's ETD Luth hair, Tete a Pied skin, the new Aout release from Tete a Pied, and the Tete a Pied mary janes.