Saturday, September 30, 2006

Meow! I've gone neko!

Ok, you know how it is. Everyone reads PXP Theres peple posting all the time, and well there sure seems to be a lot of neko ears. It seems like everyfashionista has got to have her a pair.

But I've been avoiding the cat-girl phenomenon, as much as I can. Sure they're cute in that neko way, but No Mithra character when I played Final Fantaxy XI, no cat-girl anime, and no neko ears. Until now. I couldn't resist. All the cute neko ears were brainwashing me. "Don't you want to have cute neko ears like everyone else? C'mon it's just a pair of ears, you know you want them. C'mon" So eventually: "zOMG I gotta have some neko ears like Willow's"

They're from Boneflower in Temenos, the striped ones, they come in a set of several colors with matching tails for 300L. And they're cute.

As you can see I've also changed my eyes. The Perfect Peepers #66 would often show through my eyelids and under eye area because they fit over the regular eyes and I couldn't figure out how to fix that. It was annoying to see. So I got me a pair of the transparent peepers that one can use over any eye color you already have. The current ones are from Little Rebel, not as intense of a green and they don't glow in the dark but they're close enough. I'm also wearing the Lynnix prim eyelashes in Thick and Long.

Skin: Tete a Pied Sophisticate 4, Shape: OPIUM, Hair: Maaliyah from ETD in Mahogany


Seen in World: Yes
Review copy: No
Friend List: No


Talon Lardner said...

Now that's a good set of Neko ears!

Celebrity Trollop said...

I see Willow used her mind control rays on you!

Choice said...

Oh no. They've take you, too. just wait, soon your hemline is gonna creep above your knees :-)

CronoCloud said...

The outfit I'm wearing in those pictures is the pinstripe suit from Dazzle which does have a short skirt. :-) Wish it was longer though, the proportions are a little off with it being short.

I am easily mind controlled, you can blame Celebrity for my Maaliyah obsession. Perhaps I should have got the Willow Pack.

Basically I got the neko ears just for fun and don't plan on wearing them all the time. Unless I go "total neko" which is not likely to happen

Anonymous said...

I think they look distractingly kyoot! :P