Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 League Boots from Cattiva

CC NEEDED boots. Versatile Suede Boots, with not too many straps n buckles, but not too plain, not too high of a heel but high enough. A little bit of Victorian aesthetic wouldn't be bad either. Platform would be okay as long as it was a hidden platform and not too high. You know, victorian tinged fashionista window shopping boots. Boots that were "Just Right for CC" CC's friend Lissa Maertens at Cattiva made boots, not just for CC but all the grid to buy!

This is the brown, and there will be a dark brown eventually. I also have them in a luscious black suede as well. I love these boots enough that if I was a young fashionista in RL that could handle the heel, I'd want these boots. And I've already received positive comments on them on flickr from a Caledonian. And yes, the name of the boots was inspired by the famed Seven League Boots of folklore.

They're available for L$500 a pair at the Cattiva e Cattivo Main Store in Zhao, 103,129,26

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ivalde Seremin

I'd been wanting a pink lady-who-lunches suit and found one at Ivalde, via Marketplace. Surprised I hadn't seen it or found it before.

Turns out it's an older release, 2008 vintage, but still pretty nice. It's not a work suit, this is what you wear to your charity luncheons and whatnot. The damask is rather subtle, I can barely see it with my bad eyes, and it has satin lapels. The skirt would probably be a touch more flattering on me if it was a touch shorter, but it's the "right" length for it's actual purpose. You'll notice the sleeve attachments have that shading/lighting issue, but it's not as noticeable in the black version, which I also have.

SLURL to Ivalde
Ivalde and L'Abel website

Truth Joceln hair in Blood
5th and Oxford Fair Kitty skin #3
Antique Pearls from Paper Couture
Carmen pantyhose in shiny light white
Delphine mary janes in blush from Shiny Things

IBizarre Mara Sweater/Jumper

This was a pleasant surprise in my inventory. I received a blogger package of a "Mara Jumper" from Ibizarre, which I hadn't heard of before.

It's just a simply cute ribbed turtleneck sweater with a little pouch in front. I'm pairing it with a pencil skirt with Whippet & Buck to show it's "dress it up" potential. I love how the turtleneck isn't snug, I loathe snug turtlenecks in RL. It hit my inventory at a good time too, since I was jonesing for a cute sweater. The slightly pushed up sleeves are a nice touch. It comes in several nice fall-ish colors, this is the graphite. And it's only L$150.

So thank you for dropping it on me, Anyusha.

SLURL to Anyusha Lilienthal's IBizarre Main Store

Anyusha Lilienthal's IBizarre blog

Hair: Truth Nadia in Blood
Skin 5th & Oxford Fair Kitty #4
Skirt: Victoria High Waisted Pencil Skirt from Whippet & Buck
Hosiery: Carmen pantyhose from Insolence
Shoes: Delphine's from Shiny Things

Friday, October 29, 2010

Elika's back.

Yep, she's baaaaack with hair stuffs. The question is...can she take back the mindshare and customers she lost (mostly to Truth, Analog Dog, and Damselfly) by being away/shut down for so long? We'll see. Personally, I think she'll get back some customers but not be as dominant as she was in the old days.

Here's the gist, new textures, more modern primwork. There are fairly nice browns...but....the reds need more work. She simply doesn't have a dark enough red to replace the old ETD Mahogany, the color I based my entire look around.

The good things:

Color numbers: This could let her add new colors, say she could do a dark brown with red highlights and simply call it 10RH. She could do colors inbetween colors and call it say 9.5. It also helps the customer, knowing a 5 is darker than a 1. Pop quiz, which is darker...sienna or chocolate. :-)

The prices: L$200 for 5 colors. Brilliant, a fair good price at the sweet spot in pricing. Most sales of stuffs in SL are of items L$200 or below. More hair makers should adopt the pricing.

The Bad:

The textures...welllllll....she could use more colors, and the reds could use more work I think, or some darker chocolatey reds. A la Clawtooth Hot Chocolate or Truth Blood. The browns seem a touch mousey and faded and not as vibrant and rich as I expected them to be, but she does have a color that could replace the old ETD Chestnut.

The Branding: Elika had a perfectly good brand...ETD. It was simple, it was easy to remember and referenced her name, Elikapeka Tiramisu Designs. It was also fast to find with an inventory search. Why she went with "[e]" and Elikatira is beyond me. Everyone is just going to call it ETD anyway, and slap her new hair in their ETD folder. Never rebrand unless you absolutely have to! (I was opposed to Dazzle rebranding as Last Call too! The name Dazzle had cachet and flair!) And if you do, the new name should be snappier and easier to remember. Frankly...IMHO she should just go back to using ETD.

That said, it's Elika hair, at good prices, and you really can't go wrong with it. She's also going to be doing other stuffs like shoes again, that'll be good. I can't tell if it's Willow modelling the hair in the displays, but she doesn't call the Willow Packs, Willow Packs anymore. :-(

SLURL to ETD Main Store...I mean Elikatira

Oldbie stories

There's a bittersweet post about Oldbie Stories on New World Notes
SL is very ephemeral, there is much that has been lost of beauty, wonder and fun. That's one reason I don't delete much in my inventory and started this remember.

I came into SL on July 19th of 2006 via a secondlife protocol link to join a vodcast releated chat, so I missed out on newbie island and landed at CC Chapman's Podcast Palace in Shatgogae. It's no longer there, of course.

My home point was in Waterhead welcome area, which is still around and still much the same.

A lot of the older stores aren't around or have changed locations, but my August 2006 LM to Adam n Eve is still quite functional because they're still in Genesis. SLURL to Adam n Eve in Genesis

My oldest Caledon LM dating to late July of 2006 is still quite functional since Caledon On Sea is a hubbed sim

I'm wearing the Spring Flowers dress from Torridwear which I bought about a week in SL. Torridwear is gone....the last thing to go was her poses I think.

My skin is a 2006 era skin from Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot of Tete a Pied (New York shade, Paris makeup, red brows), Fleur and Currently 5th & Oxford They're still around and I still wear their skins SLURL to 5th & Oxford The Tete a Pied makeup box, that you could buy skin from, sits on my vanity table in my apartment in Caledon.

The pearls are by Raven Rosebud of Raven's Creations, who is still in SL, but her store is now Sub Rosa SLURL to Sub Rosa

The hair is "Audrey" from Six Kennedy's Gurl 6. It is still in GurlyWood: SLURL to Gurl 6

And just for fun...I cow danced in Lalique: SLURL to Lalique, home of Luth Brodie's Reel Expression

Sigh, not even Elika calls her "Willow Packs", "Willow Packs" these days. For you newbies, "Willow Packs" were what you call "Fatpacks" they were so named after hardcore SL shopper and blogger Willow Zander

In the old days...things were different, with fewer people logged in at one time (5000 to 7000) it was easier to make a name for oneself. Heck, marketing fashion stuff was easy, you could drop review copies on about 4 people (Willow Zander, Celebrity Trollop, Sabrina Doolittle and Salome Strangelove) and be done! The fashion market is bigger, but more fragmented due to the huge number of stores and amount of stuffage on the grid.

Oh yeah: IIRC "stuffs" and "stuffage" as terms related to SL fashion started on PXP I think, as did "kyoot" What's PXP? Pixel Pinup Online, one of the old big 3 fashion blogs: PXP (Willow, Canimal Zephyr, Arbel Vogel and others, Second Style (Celebrity Trollop and eventually others) and Linden Lifestyles (Sabrina and Salome with assistants) I think the squint-eyed junk in the trunk tattood and pierced grungy look was popularized via PXP (in response to the pretty sparkly party dress look of Dazzle and other places)

I've been seeing more "Tableau Girls" lately, you know what I'm talking about. The cutesy oracul AO, the hand drawn casuals, the "touch of anime" look to their skin, the hair with the headband, the petite cutesy girly shape. For a while there, they seemed to have disappeared, but now they're back.

It would be fun to have an oldbie fashionista gathering of some sort.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Viewer 2.2 Awesome

Now normally when I change clothes in SL, I use the Add to feature, so I can change wherever I'm at and not be nekkid. Well last night I was changing and adding some jewellery....and it didn't replace my old jewellery like it normally went on the same attachment point.

Also, some may not know but you can have multiple clothing items on the same spot...just right click "Add" That applies to skin and the new makeup layers as well. That's would now be possible for skin makers to do their own separate lines of eyeshadows, blush, lippies, etc.

I'm actually wearing four sets of earrings in that pic, and two necklaces on the chest point (and another on the spine) Just before I took that pic I was wearing 2 makeup layers over it...just because I could.

Thank you Linden Lab.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shiny Things Delphine

Shiny Things Delphine is a alpha compatible, high heeled, almond-toed, mary jane pump with a slight platform that is very classic but still subtly sexy. The heel is probably equivalent to about a 100mm heel in RL. So far they only come in leathers. We need suedes and satins Fally!
Love them, they are fabulous shoes!

SLURL to Shiny Things

Icing Equestrienne

Have I mentioned Miko Omegamu is back to making retro pretty stuffage in SL? Yes, yes she is. And if you've seen me in world you've probably seen me wearing some of her recent stuffage, like the Mad Men inspired Peggy dress.

This is Equestrienne a very lovely riding habit. You can wear it either with the skirt (with our without the bustle or with the breeches. I paired it with Lassitude & Ennui's very realistic looking Severan riding boots which are now alpha compatible.

SLURL to ICING main Store in Mischief

SLURL to Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wearing purple for GLAAD Spirit Day

GLAAD Spirit Day

What is Spirit Day?

The idea behind Spirit Day, first created by teenager Brittany McMillan earlier this month, is a simple one, not dissimilar to the idea of "Spirit Week" held in many high schools, and can be summed up in three words: Everyone Rally Together.

Spirit Day honors the teenagers who had taken their own lives in recent weeks. But just as importantly, it's also a way to show the hundreds of thousands of LGBT youth who face the same pressures and bullying, that there is a vast community of people who support them.

Purple symbolizes 'spirit' on the rainbow flag, a symbol for LGBT Pride that was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978.

As one of the event's Facebook pages says: "This event is not a seminar nor is it a rally. There is NO meeting place. All you have to do is wear purple."

Wearing purple on October 20 is a simple way to show the world that you stand by these courageous young people and a simple way to stand UP to the bullies. Remember those lives we've tragically lost, and show your solidarity with those who are still fighting. 'Go Purple' today!

At the Cup of Goodness:

Myself, CoG owner Elisabeth Beurling, Icy Rage, Zana Starsider, Dana Starsider, all showing our support. Thank you to everyone there.

Two lovely avatars.

There are blogs out there that Fug SL avatars, but I sometimes like to show lovely ones I run across.

At the "Cup of Goodness" Sami Mohindi, wearing a lovely Pixeldolls dress, Truth hair and what she said was a Rockberry skin, romantically pretty:

Linda Whitehead, who had paired the top and sweater from Icing's Robot Love with some trousers:

And here I am with her, having paired the Robot Love top with a pencil skirt:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food is the new black.

Slurpee's from Callie Cline are Yummy!

Rive Gauche dress from Baiastice
Baiastice store

Thursday, August 26, 2010

BlakOpal Bella Luna

BlakOpal isn't a new store to me, I don't recall ever mentioning them on the blog before. They desbribe themselves best: Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk, and Pirate-wear for Men and women. This is a new Gothy release, Bella Luna

Basically a short crocheted lace minidress with prim bustle lace thingy with red rose accents. Black and red...can't go wrong there...I love the black n red

Moves well too. That's what of my things I look out for, does it look pretty when I'm moving. I'm all about the pretty.

That is very nice work on the bodice, well done indeed.

The stockings, while very squeetastic, are let down by the SL ankles, darn it. I do so love a good patterned stocking (in RL as well).

Those are the Riveted Low ankle boots, a little Western to my taste but not bad at all. Though IMHO it's the pirate-y knee boots to really take the cake in the footwear section at BlakOpal. Mmmm Pirates. In fact, the first time I saw a lady dressed in BlakOpal Pirate gear I immediately thought: "Pretty! CC Want!" And I still haven't got around to comes first.

The gown was dropped on me by the owner, but I have other blakopal items in my inventory. The skin is a 5th and Oxford Brooke Nightfall. The hair is new, a very "Joan from Mad Men"-ish updo named "Mrs. Kitten 2"from Clawtooth at Tableau

SLURL BlakOpal Main Store

SLURL to 5th and Oxford at Nouveau

SLURL to Clawtooth in Tableau

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Name is CC and I'm a Girloholic. (with props to Salome)

My former Boss at Linden Lifestyles, Salome strangelove has written a very thoughtful post in regards to her feminism and her "Squee" over SL fashion.

I could tell epic stories about my angst in trying to reconcile my feminism, with my love of femme-y things, and my Transgenderedness. And I do mean epic. I have several threads, one of them 18 pages, on a message board I frequent that are basically all about that issue.

It wasn't till relatively recently, May of Last year, that I got over it...mostly. You see, for many years, I thought that because I was a nerd, I couldn't be a woman because I was nothing like a woman. Also for many years, I thought I couldn't be a woman because I was attracted women (I didn't know that lesbian MTF Transsexuals existed). And there were times that I believed that because I'd go squee over some RL pair of shoes like these Christian Louboutin Anemone's (even if I couldn't actually walk or afford them) that I wasn't "really a TS".

Dear readers, did I ever tell you that I'm amazingly low self esteemy? Even in SL! Just last week I was thinking that perhaps my avatar wasn't pretty enough.

What helped me the most was my friends on the Internets, and the Visible: A Femmethology Volumes.

Am I a feminist? Yes, yes I am. I've identified as such for years. Lets see, I think it was before Anita Hill, somewhere between 1988 and 1990. I began identifying more strongly with feminism with the rise of Third Wave feminism. In fact, it was a series of articles and interviews in Glamour magazine about and by Naomi Wolf and Susan Faludi that did so.

I would describe myself as a pro-porn, pro-choice Third Wave feminist. I'm a practical feminist, I don't go for that deconstruction and theorizing, it hurts my head. I like to keep it simple.

I don't refer to myself as a "girl" or "woman" yet, I feel like I haven't "earned it" yet, but when I was young, I played with my sisters dolls, read her YM and Seventeen, played with her makeup. But that doesn't mean I didn't like Dungeons & Dragon's (got my first set in 81), playing with the Brix Blox Lego knockoffs, and playing video games.

I also sometimes sing the chorus of "I Enjoy Being a Girl" from the Musical "Flower Drum Song", sometimes ironically, but sometimes not, and I have done it while shopping in SL:

When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curl,
I float as the clouds on air do,
I enjoy being a girl!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vita's Boudoir

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes mentioned a shop called Boudoir operated by two RL fashionista sisters (SL names: Vitabela Dubrovna & Precious Restless) who own a RL shop of the same name in Croatia. It's all couture and runway inspired stuff, totally impractical, but very fabulous. I only saw one dress that really spoke to me at that particular moment: The Bed of Roses Dress

The laced corset style bodice appears to be leather to me, and the sheer tulle skirt (I think it's tulle) is covered in roses. It's got a sort of badass punk princess look to it. The skirt has the usual alpha issues though, not too bad though and it looks nice while moving.

I also saw these Red open-toed platform stilettos with roses, very couture-y...I know it's not a word. :-)

I was a bit surprised by the store build, I was disappointed, I expected it to look more like their lovely Boutique in Zagreb, which you can see in this Youtube Video of their boutique

Boudoir at Zora 61, 205, 303
There are also websites for both the RL and SL boutiques

RL Boutique store website
SL Boutique blog

ETD Lorraine hair
5th & Oxford Brooke Subtle skin

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rosie's Thingies

Rosemarie Indigo dropped a blogger box on me today, and the name of the shop intrigued me so I opened it right up. Eyes, it contained eyes, Considering how my favourite Eye maker (Miriel Enfield) has left SL, I figured I ought to take a look considering how the eyes were described as a fruit inspired set. One set of the eyes, the Framboise (raspberry) made CC look deranged, but this set...the Kiwi, is nice.

A very nice kiwi-ish green, and how I love a nice green eye. Now admittedly I'm a smaller iris sort of gal, so these larger irises aren't my thing, but if you do like quirky large irised eyes, you ought to take a look...considering how the designer said she was a Miriel fan herself. They're inexpesive as well, 30L% for the fruit eyes, except for Framboise, which is a dollarbie.

Rosie's Thingies at Fantasy Dreams (181, 109, 801)

And on XstreetSL:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rezday party on the 22n'd

My 4th Rezday is next Monday and I'm Throwing a party next Thursday:

To All and Sundry;

CronoCloud Creeggan, the not entirely tame Fashionista, shall be hosting a Rezday Party to Celebrate her Fourth Rezday at the Ballroom at Coughton Court in Caledon Rothesay (47, 82, 22)

Event will take place on July 22nd at the following times. Times are in SLT (PDT)
12PM to 2PM and 8PM to 10PM

Dress is....wear what you want, you KNOW CC will be changing her outfit during the party at least once.

has it been so long, seems like it was just yesterday that I joined.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Donna Flora

Donna Flora is a new store to me.....mostly retro, seems to favor Edwardian and Roaring 20's to my eyes, but there's a smattering of stuff from most eras. But this is the star of the store to me, the Lorenza Black/white suit:

"But CC", you say, "It's just a boring suit"

Not so boring, it has a very high end ladies who lunch vibe to it, got that Euro-designer feel to it. How can you not love it, it has a hat and a bag!

Isn't it pretty?

There's also a white/black version that's also nice.

Teleport to Donna Flora in Garman 204, 87, 102


Analog Dog Mia hair
AlaskaMetro<3 skin, Rose brow 3, makeup 7
Shinny Things Classics pumps

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Felicia's Designs

Felicia's Designs is a store I haven't mentioned on this blog...quite an oversight on my part. We met some time ago. I saw she had some new releases and went to check them out...and her new store.

I picked up a couple of things that spoke to me.

The first is Sarina, a sort of summery party/cocktail dress with lace trim, the shoes you see are included. This is the "pearl" but it comes in other colors (and black, I have GOT to have my black) Perfect for a concert, or nice event where you want to look dressed up, without going all ballgowny

The second is Eve, sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a long paisley skirt..a style one of my internet acquaintances favors. And yes, the boots shown in the ad in the store are included. It comes in what seems to be a bajillion colors, but this is the black. It has that classic dressy-casual with a touch of Bohemian vibe to it.

The store iteself is VERY nicely laid out and attractive, so the shopping experience there is a good one. The store displays are very good as well, kudos to Felicia on a job well done.

Felicia's Fashions is at Bellatrix 120, 219, 27

other notes>
Skin: 5th and Oxford Brooke 2 in Fair
Hair: ETD Maaliyah
Eva Mary Jane Pumps shown with Eva from Lassitude & Ennui

Friday, April 30, 2010

Been busy and away from SL but I'm sort of back with SL on 64 bit Fedora

Yes, been busy and working and my schedule has reduced SL time. But I got myself a cheap refurb x86 box so I have more access to SL when the laptop is occupied. I'm dual-booting it between Linux (my usual OS that I ran on my PS3) and Windows. I used to use my PS3 for everything except SL, until Sony decided to take away the ability to run Linux with a recent firmware. Without that firmware you don't have access to PSN so it was either run Linux and forgo network play and PSN or update and use Linux. So that's why the x86 box.

I have SL installed in both operating systems...was a bit of a hassle to get it working in Linux (due to 64 bit issues) but it works fine now, even with sound, and voice. Just mess with the secondlife script that starts it to make sure gstreamer doesn't get disabled

#if [ "`uname -m`" = "x86_64" ]; then
# echo '64-bit Linux detected: Disabling GStreamer (streaming video and music) by default; edit ./secondlife to re-enable.'

Don't create that SLVoice script some say to do. Just get all those i686 libs you need.

I'm also in counseling working on getting the "hormone letter".