The CC List

The CC List is a "quick and dirty" informal list of Brands I trust, use and consider a Good Value.  I may do a sort of Shopping HUD that will take you to specific items in these stores...maybe...someday.  This is not a complete list of EVERY creator who has made products I wear.  For example, I have hairstyles by other creators not listed,  but they aren't on this list because they're not quite up to CC List standards yet.  This is Simply good stuff that will serve you well in building a wardrobe.  This list may become more detailed, or not, as time permits.  Feel free to IM, e-mail or drop a notecard with feedback.


  • Truth:  Easily my favorite hair creator.  Some of the hairs might look a little too similar, and I'm not overly fond of the new lack of color names, but the hair IS good quality and fairly priced.  I wear whatever the equivalent to the old Blood/Reds05 color is.
  • Elikatira:  While Elika has a bad habit of redoing her store and removing old but still good inventory from the grid. (Which she has just done...AGAIN!) Her hair is good quality.  She even improved her reds recently, but still doesn't have one quite dark enough for me so I still have to tint her hair.  Her price is higher than Truth, which is somewhat of a negative but she does include plenty of colors in her packs. Her major weakness is the lack of a presence on marketplace, which almost caused me to not include her on the list.
  •  Wasabi Pills: Some of the better Mesh hair on the grid.
  •  Amacci:  Yes, it's sculpts and prims, but they're still some of the better updo's and buns on the grid.


  • Lumae:  Versatile skins, with many fantasy skins available, fairly priced.
  • Pink Fuel:  Youthful-girly, the slighty younger version of a traditional glamour girl skin.  Fairly priced, and bundles contain a LOT of options. Slink Appliers available.
  •  Izzies:  Youthful and cute.  Good redhead and freckle options. Fairly priced.


  • IKON: I wear nothing but Ikon eyes these days, usually in the Moor color in XS.  One of the few eyebrands that has a size that looks good on me.


  • Mock:  Mocksoup Graves does good Makeup, it's that simple.  Fairly priced makeup that works well with most skins.
  • Luxuria:  Roslin Petion used to be my go-to skin creator when she was in  business with CJ Carnot as Tete a Pied/Fleur/5th & Oxford, but now she does makeup on her own.  She was a makeup artist at one time in RL so she really does know makeup.


This is a hard one, because with clothing more than most other items even the best creators have faults or weakness that would prevent me from putting them in this list.  Sometimes it's pricing or hit-or-miss quality, sometimes it's a badly laid out store.

  • Maitreya:  Simply nice stuff.  Dresses, tops, bottoms.  Her Mesh Nolita dress is STILL one of the better rigged Mesh dresses on the grid.
  • Coldlogic:  Hate their packaging and naming, love their stuff.  Sure some of it is a touch twee or a little short in the hemline for my taste but it's good.


  • Sax Shepherd Designs:  He does a lot of boho jewelry and ethnic tinged items, but he has some pretty girly-girl stuff for ladies like me too.
  • Caroline Apollo:  Simply Classic jewelry, the selection is not large though.
  • Lassitude & Ennui:  The closest thing we can get to having Miriel Enfield Jewelry today.
  • Yummy: The pearl sets, especially the Michelle's, are must haves.


  • Sax Shepherd: So far he's only done summery shoes, but I like them.  From what I can tell they're inspired by RL shoes.  The Flirt's being an homage to 80's Candies, and the Mata Hari sandals reminding me of a Manolo Blahnik sandal from a few years back.
  • Friday should be your first stop for go-to classics that you'll wear the heck out of if you're classic.  Yeah, you'll pay for the fatpacks, i'm not fond of the pricing.  Also the shoe "fabric" seems to be a nubuck or fabric, not leather.
  • Hucci:  You want Louboutin Pigalle's in SL and don't want to break your L$ balance.  Go here and pick up the Glynco's.  I wear the heck out of them.  Wish they had more colors though.
  • Ingenue: Simply pretty shoes.  Some of them are retro tinged even though Ingenue clothing isn't very retro anymore.
  • GOS:  Yeah, it's not slink compatible, but it's good quality.  Very fond of the Equestrian boots.
  • Lassitude & Ennui: That's right, some nice boots, especially if you're old-timey Victorian.
  • Mutresse: The Vafla ankle bootie is a great wardrobe staple with many color options
  • G Field: If you're going to wear non-mesh/non-slink shoes/boots that aren't GOS...they should be G Field.  They are still acceptable quality to me, though won't be for much longer.  The big advantage of G Field is the large amounts of colors available so you have more chances of having the perfect color that you need.

Avatar Enhancement attachments (hands and feet):

  • Slink: Slink, it's what everyone is wearing these days.  Recently picked up a fatpack of the hands.

AO HUD (not the actual animations)

  • Huddle 1.3.0: yes it's old, but I haven't found a replacement for it that can do all the things it does.

AO (Animations)

  • Oracul at Kuso:  Yes, a lot of them are a bit fidgety and designed for girls who want anime-style twee cutesypoo in their AO, but there ARE some non twitchy ones, specifically the Pure Lady/Math Teacher.  Yes it's va-va-voom (If Joan of Mad Men was in SL she'd be using it), but it is feminine and pretty.  Oracul is amazingly cheap.
  • TuTy: Known for their prim/sculpt hair, I consider their AO's to be the jewel of their crown.  Not perfect, but lots of AO choices available, even ones that are designed for curvy avatars.  They are also fairly priced.

Animation/photography tools:

  • AnyPose Expressions HUD: Basically I use this to control my eyes in pictures.  You can also use it for hands and facial expressions
  • Animare HUD:  It does an amazing thing, it lets you tweak poses by overriding the pose while you're in it.  You put it on and then choose the joint in the hud and can move it to say..move your hand out of your thigh.
  • A pose stand: Mine is the Picture Perfect made by my former boss Sabrina "The Red-headed Shameless Hussy" Doolittle.  You can use any that you like, you probably already have freebies.  I have modded mine with a script that lets me rotate the stand via chat commands in any of the X Y Z coordinates.  For example if I want to take a picture of a pose in the from behind all I have to do is say in chat:  /7 z 180  and the pose stand rotates 180 degrees.  /7 z 0 and it rotates back.  Very useful in getting the perfect angle without having to manually rotate a background or pose stand.
  • My photo background device is also by Sabrina.  I can add new textures into it and they change by touch.

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