Monday, January 25, 2016

#BerniePromposal, A Colbert Meme by way of Strawberry Singh

The Setting: 1985

Mom!  Like, I'm going to Prom with Bernie Sanders from 2016, for sure

That's Nice Dear, what dress are you wearing?

The Totally Awesome Zenith Brocade-y Corset-y one, it can pass as one of those "bitchin" short ruffly mid 80's prom dresses.

That's Nice Dear, enjoy the prom.  Hope he doesn't talk your ear off about Income and Wealth Inequality.

But MOM!  Like, Income and Wealth Inequality is an IMPORTANT ISSUE!  Don't tell me you're going Yuppie on me, gag me with a spoon!

No Dear.

That would be so grody to the max. We'll have the prom photographer take a picture.

Yep, I'm doing the Stephen Colbert's #BerniePromposal meme.  I AM planning on voting for Bernie in the primary.

For more information about Stephen’s Challenge, you can check out the following links:

Challenge Blog Post: Ask Bernie Sanders To Prom

Hashtag on Twitter: #BerniePromposal

Stephen Colbert’s video on YouTube: A Modest PromPosal For Bernie Sanders

I decided to give Bernie an 80's blonde prom princess.  The Dress is Brocade Corset Top and Lace skirt from Zenith.  Hair is the Harlow from Chemistry, Skin is the Pink Fuel Harley, Jewelry is the Kinbaku Heart set from Maxi Gossamer.


Zenith Main Store

Chemistry Hair

Pink Fuel Skin


Stockings from Big Beautiful Doll on Marketplace

Maxi Gossamer Jewelry on Marketplace

Commoner Sash (Flawless) it's a gacha item so beware.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

The CC's Holiday Office Party Look

Some time back before the holidays I was thinking to myself as I often do, about fashion.  Wait...stop laughing, I'm not always thinking about fashion or shopping in SL!  Anyway, I was thinking:  "What would the CC wear if she had a holiday office party to attend."  I had an outfit in mind, but didn't take any pictures or anything, being lazy, unmotivated to blog and without a lot of time.

But... I follow a few RL fashion blogs, One in particular is Fashion Apocalypse, which is the blog of my favorite curvy fashion blogger, who calls herself "The Lapsed Victorian".  I tend to like what "Lapsy" likes.  She likes the vintage influences, worships Christina Hendricks, and dresses WELL.

Well anyway, a couple of days ago she posted her Christmas day Outfit of the Day which was, "On Fleek", as the kids say these days on their Facingbooks, Tinterests and Pumblr's.  If you follow that link you can see that it's a lovely red dress with vintage influences, ballet neckline and slightly below the knee hemline.  She accesorized it with a nice bag, patterned hosiery and nice shoes.  I LOVED EET!  It reminded me so much of the outfit I was thinking of for "CC" that I decided to post the outfit.  It also reminded me of an outfit I was thinking of for a character in a story that was writing in my head.

Anyway here's the look, taken with shadows, depth of field and whatnot:

That's the Fame dress from Molichino.  Molichino shut down so it's not available anymore sad to say.  But I love this dress and should have shown it on the blog sooner.  It's in my flickr, but not the blog, but I would have sworn that I blogged it, but I guess I didn't.  But it doesn't matter because you can't get it anymore. Sadface, because it works well over the Maitreya Lara body.  The clutch is from CoCo

The hair is Wasabi Pills Jamie, which I wore because it reminded me of "Lapsy's" hair a nice layered mid-length. Jewelry is the Michelle set from Yummy.  Skin is my usual League Erin and eyes are my usual IKON Charmed Eyes in Moor.

The shoes and hosiery I picked up for the look today. I was going to wear my Izzie's tights, but the patterned tights don't have Maitreya appliers.  So I looked on market place for something like the dotted faux-fishnet Lapsy was wearing and found these Polka Tights from The Secret Store, which are perfect for adding a bit of interest to the leg.

The shoes are the Mutresse Volena Spectator style pumps, worn with the SLink High feet, but I'm wearing them with all black options set.

Here's a studio shot of the look.

It might not be surprising but I thought about doing a "do's and don'ts" of Holiday Party dressing post last year using RL as a basis for the choices.  One of the pictures I took then is also a good holiday party look.  It's a bit more formal.  You wouldn't wear this one to an office party, unless it was held at a hotel ballroom or something.  This is more a "Dressy holiday party where there will be dancing" look:

The dress is the PurpleMoon Maureen from a couple of years ago. It's vintage inspired with a sort of 50's look to it, but it's classic enough one could wear it to a modern party. It's a nice dress but doesn't play well with mesh bodies sad to say.  I'd kill for an updated version.  I wore it with Truth Mayim hair, and Essenz Zurich pumps.  I do believe that's the same Michelle pearl set from Yummy.  I was wearing Belleza skin back then, of course.

Anyway there you have two nice holiday looks.  Which would work rather well for Valentines Day outfits as well!


League skin

Truth Hair


Wasabi Pills

Slink Main store


Essenz shoes


The Secret Store


CoCo Designs