Monday, December 26, 2011

Donna Flora Bon Bon

Donna Flora just released "Bon Bon" A cute cocktail dress with a lovely bubble skirt meets 18th century sort of look to it. L$350, four colors, this black that I have, a sort of cream, a pale lavender and a sort of fuchsia pink.

Yes, the skirt is a rigid sculpty, which means it's not the prettiest skirt to sit in or do the more athletic dances in, but it really can't be helped with a bubble skirt.

SLURL to Donna Flora in Bonin

The hair is an Amacci, Jessica, a nice sweet lil updo with a sort of side swept short bang thing
going on.

SLURL to Amacci

Shoes are G Field "Eve"

SLURL to G Field

Jewellery is a "Princess Christina set, from a merchant I found via marketplace Rhiannon Nitely:

Link to her store on Marketplace

Skin is, of course, a 5th & Oxford:

SLURL to 5th & Oxford in Nouveau

And yes, I have my GT220 back in my box, I have a new power supply, Yay!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Going to be RL busy

So you won't see me so much in upcoming RL move so packing and stuff.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Tier costs, the sim deathwatch: Why I don't think it's a big problem.

ADDENDUM added at bottom.

Every so often on New World Notes or other SL related forums, you get some oldbie crank complaining about Tier. I usually want to be an oldbie crank myself and tell them off. Why?

1. The majority of the people complaining about tier prices are mostly members of what I call the "furry builder and scripter gang". (Yes, I know they're not all furries, it just seems like furrydom seems to go with being a hardcore builder/scripter) All they want is a cheap vanity sim to basically be their own personal sandbox. If they get one, all they'll do is spend time there building and puttering around and not really doing anything with it with other people (other than projects with other furry builder and scripters} involved.

2. The other group that complains about tier are the RPers. Almost all RP sims are vanity projects that survive on donations or a well heeled Angel or groups of Angels, which really isn't practical, long term. These folks, I understand.

But I doubt tier prices will go down soon, and in fact, think it might be a bad idea if they did so at the current time. Now you're thinking: "But CC, don't you want the furry scripters to have their sims, and the RPers to be able to keep their RP sims going" Yes, but:

1. There's a content glut on the grid. one of the reasons some regions aren't making it financialy is that there's too much stuff out there so the money is spread around. More stuff, with the same amount of people spending means the money gets spread thinner like too little butter over too much bread. Cheap sims would lead to a land glut and encourage even more newbie designers to flood the grid with 2006-era quality level stuffs. That would be a bad thing and LL knows it. LL wants to reduce content glut so every store sim that's selling low quality crappe that gets shut down is a good thing.

2. LL doesn't want to deal with the "Waaaaah...whining". I personally believe that sims are priced the way they are with the setup fees to help keep the "riff raff" out of sim ownership. LL doesn't want people who can barely afford it to get a region, then have them cancel two months later when their car needs fixed, and then beg LL to restore their sim as it was when they have a bit more money again. They want people with stable incomes who can keep paying even if their cat needs to go to the vet, or they have doctor bills or need to replace their furnace. In other words they want the upper class to own sims, but the rest of us to rent what space we can afford. Think about it, in RL, not everyone owns a big mansion with thousands of acres of property. You got a few people who do, and then more people who own a 1200sq ft home, and some who live in a cramped 500sq ft apartment. I know, everyone wants a mansion and a sim of their own, but LL is encouraging people to live within their SL means. Personally, I really wouldn't need anything bigger than a double prim 1024, really. Even if I had a sim...I wouldn't be doing much with it, it would lead to empty space which leads to:

3. One of the big things the masses and newbies complain about is how empty SL feels. LL knows it's an issue and probably likes that there's less of a sim glut so that SL feels less empty. If LL dropped tier, a bunch of people would buy their own sim and sit idle in it while they IM. Thus increasing the problem.

You want tier prices to drop? Probably not going to happen, but if you REALLY want it to happen. Get the masses spending money...including the second worlders. SL is a trickle up economy, more people shopping means more people with money for regions.


Hey! I just had an idea...what might work is if LL priced tier based on purpose of the region, Commercial one-owner sims one rate, residential single owned vanity puttering sim another, RP group sims another. sims for commercial rentals another. They could then enable and disable various features and capabilities, like say..transactions...based on that. Might not work or be feasible but it is an idea to throw out there.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

#define Fashionista

To me, I define it thusly (I'm going to use female pronouns but there are male avatar fashionistas in SL):

A fashionista doesn't need to spend a lot of money...she doesn't even have to have the latest and greatest...but what she does have...she pulls together. She gets the little details right and everything just "works". She has her style defined...but can play around with it. She has stuff for practically any occasion, from casual to ball gowns. In other words, she always looks "nice", like she made an effort. She may even be a fashionista in RL, with an interest in makeup and fashion, or she just may read a LOT of magazines....but she knows her stuff.

But there's one other thing I want to say, In my view the term should be INclusive, not EXclusive.

How do YOU define fashionista?

Twins, ICING Shimmy and a hair Lament...also starring LaDonna Upshaw!

Fashionistas are insane...I've said that before...or maybe it's just me...anyway it goes with the territory.

It all started with someone looking for a veiled hat...and then mentioning Icing Joan which has a VERY nice hat..and Icing Shimmy which is also nice and matches the Joan colors. So I ended up at Icing hoping to run into other fashionistas and hang out and ran into LaDonna Upshaw. She wore Joan, I wore Joan. Which has been seen on this blog before...I love it so. LaDonna makes VERY nice furniture...her dining room sets are to die for so check out her store Sweet Romance Furniture on South Sea Isle! (and yes, she knows I'm blogging pictures with her)

Twins we were...after I decided to go tan and put on ETD Tyra...which leads to our hair lament.

Neither LaDonna or I have found a good replacement for ETD Tyra in the "low sophisticated updo you can wear with a hat" niche. Not Truth, not Damselfly, not Analog Dog, not even Elikatira has one and I expected her to redo it!

That opinion was shared by both of us, but the following opinion is mine alone. It gets worse....I was wearing Tyra in Mahogany....which Elikatira does not have a replacement color for. None of the Elikatira reds are that dark, and they're all dusty and muddy like her browns as well. and not...shiny. I like shiny clean hair! The only reason I haven't returned to Elika as my hair crack dealer of choice is that her reds are sub par. There, I said it, and I've been wanting to say it for ages. I cannot buy several Elikatira styles that I LOVE the styles of, because of that. I want Elikatira Rhythm soooooo bad. If you like blondes or black's or blues or pinks or a few other colors you're good...and I do recommend ETD (I mean Elikatira) to people. But for me..I can't buy her hair.

This is the new Icing Shimmy, square neck, puff sleeves (which might need adjusting depending on shoulders, slim skirt. You can take it cocktail, or you can wear it as vampy office wear with a pen necklace and updo. It nicely shows off teh boobehs without being slutty. The Joan hats work well with it. LaDonna and I look sooooo goood in it. And Yes, I have the fatpack. Miko owns me and my L$ balance.

Shimmy dress is available at ICING

My skin was a A 5th & Oxford Tan Kitty skin

Shoes were G Field Eve Pumps,

1-800-Betties, Shimmer Sequins

I think I first mentioned "Betties" back in 2006. they're still around and recently had a VERY large sale...everything in the store was 10L$. So you know what I did..... One of the dresses I found was the one called Shimmer Sequins which is a very nice strapless dress with included choker and earrings. I saw a friend, Kelsi Ember, wearing it at one of my favorite hangouts and put on a contrasting color of it and we danced together...and I took pictures with her permission.

I'm in the Red, Kelsi is in the green. It's a lovely dress ans swirls quite prettily. it comes in several other colors as well. Kelsi is a curvy what some might call "plus size" avatar and it flatters her VERY well. The gloves are included and it really is very pretty and shimmery and lacey...Just a simply pretty cocktail dress.

Shimmer Sequins Cocktail dress from 1-800-Bettie's

Hair on Both of us is from Truth, Seraphina on Kelsi and Amelie on me.

The skin on myself is a 5th & Oxford

Kelsi's skin is a lovely Alyson from Belleza

My shoes are "Eve's" from G Field

Kelsi's shoes are the Tribute pumps from N-Core.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Snooki-ized CC

I was in a group chat and someone mentioned an internet meme showing Carl Sagan and Snooki (yes that snooki from Jersey Shore), where if you didn't know who Carl is, you are what's wrong with the world.

So I got the harebrained idea to Snooki-ize myself a bit:

That's a Vero Modero Dream dress. They have a ton of cute n' sexay dresses like their casuals's quality stuffs in my opinion.

Shoes are G Field Eve's of course.

Hair is Truth Bonnie, for that poofed up big hair snooki- look.

The skin is a 5th & Oxford Tan Rebel Rebel 1 with M.O.C.K Cosmetics L'Eau lip gloss Alchemist and Mile High Eyeliner layered over it.

I have an alt

I finally created my first alt, to test out Firestorm and for utility/group purposes if ever necessary. And of course one of the first things I did was make her look properly like me:

My alt is the one on the left. :-)

From top to bottom:

That's Amacci Adena hair, a freebie

A 5th & Oxford Fair Kitty 6 skin, L$50

ICING Black Princess Pearls, L$195

ICING Night Mist dress, a freebie

Insolence Carmen grey collection pantyhose, L$299

G Field Eve Pumps, L$220

Oracul Math Teacher AO, which is off, L$150

And of course, my own shapes.

The one thing I really miss are my Miriel Enfield Eyes...sigh...I know they're old and that there are plenty of good eyes on the grid, it's just don't look like me without them.

I freely acknowledge my alt's name, since she's just for utility purposes: CeciliaCreeggan. Makes it easier for folks to realize it's me if I'm puttering in it. Don't intend to shop for it....I just needed a pretty outfit for it because no ALT of mine is NOT going to look properly like me and duck waddle.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Viewer Drama, or why CC recommends Snowstorm.

I use Viewer 3, there, I said it. Specifically the Snowstorm releases Wouldn't use anything else as my primary viewer. Readers are probably thinking...."But CC, you're a 64-bit Linux using nerd, I expected you to use Imprudence!". I don't. There's reasons for that, I NEED the outfits feature and multiple items on one point...Imprudence doesn't do that, and Firestorm doesn't have the "outfits" feature.

Personally I think viewer 2/3 gets "some" unfair vitriol aimed at it, for several reasons. And you'll notice I said "some"

1. Viewer 2 was developed mostly in secret, while viewer 1.xx languished. Because 1.xx wasn't getting new features, some power-users jumped to third party viewers. That was a bad thing, because it fragmented the SL userbase. It also meant that:

2. Viewer 2's UI was obviously developed to resemble other "normal" applications. It resembles web browsers the most, specifically it resembles Firefox on Linux, at least to me it does. Thusly it was intended to ease newbies into SL. However to oldbies familiar with the old "strange" UI, it was totally different and worked in unexpected ways.

3. If LL had gradually introduced the UI changes over time into the 1.xx viewer branch there might not have been as much resistance....but they had to dump that old creaky codebase so it was a big jump or nothing.

4. LL also overestimated the users wilingness to experiment and play with UI. They also reduced the viewers "discoverability"...some users take a while to realize that those "plus sign" and "gear" things in the inventory window are UI! Using those (and putting them at the bottoms) was a bad design decision I think. But let me tell you something that's been publicized in the geek press: Most of the requests for features for Microsoft Word are for features that are already in it. Most people aren't nerds and don't "play" with UI, so if they don't see a feature right off, it might as well be absent to them..and they often think that the feature isn't there. That applies especially to Viewer 2! And because they UI is so different, people often assume "everything" is different, and don't even try to explore/play with the UI.

I had a conversation recently:

Them: "How do you take screenshots in Viewer 2"

Me: "The same way as you do in Viewer 1"

Them: "Where is it in the menus"

Me: "You don't need the menus, the shorcuts are the same, Shift+Ctrl+S and Ctrl+~"

Them: "I use the shortcuts"...

The next thought on my mind was, if you use the shortcuts then what's the problem, it works the exact same way! I suspect that they told a fib and don't use the shortcuts and use the screenshot widget and didn't want to admit it. By the way, it's in "World>Snapshot"

I've also seen:

"How do you pay someone L$ in Viewer 2?"

"the same way you do in viewer 1? Right click and pay?"

"Oh, it's so different I figured they changed it."

People also don't realize that many UI elements in Viewer 2/3 are right clickable! The bar at the bottom, you can right-click and add buttons. the favorites bar, you can make go away. the address bar, you can right click and add info to it. Alls sorts of things that aren't immediately obvious unless one "plays" with the UI.

5. UI decisions:

I freely admit that early viewer 2 was a mess that wasn't ready for prime time. They rushed it to compete with TPV's I think. I only seriously began using 2.x with the 2.1 releases. Here's why I think they released it when it wasn't ready.....profiles.

You remember how in early Viewer 2 when you opened a profile it opened in the sidebar, like groups continue to do? And the UI was vertical and not horizontal tabs, and you could only have one profile open at once? Which as we know, sucked. Then they made a web profile which was weirdly sized for the default profile window and took up too much screen space. Then later on ( came web profiles with social features...with horizontal tabs, that take up less space (but still more than style profiles did.) When it comes to profiles...only recently has viewer 2/3 become tolerable by my standards, and I'm pretty darn tolerant of UI quirks, being nerdy.

There are also notifications....which is the ONE thing I truly and dearly hate about viewer 2/3....they don't show enough text and are in the WRONG PLACE. Look I wouldn't mind them so much if I could configure them to show more 1.xx notifications..and if I could have them in the upper right...and if I could make them a nice cheery shade of dark blue with black text on white background within the blue frame...but keep the other viewer 2/3 UI colors the default.

You'll notice how I mentioned screen space? Well to me it seems that Viewer 2/3 UI was designed with high resolution widescreen monitors in mind, but LL forgot about the hardware issues I'll talk bout later. but for now it seems there's still plenty of people not running widescreen or running lower resolution widescreen like me. (1440x900 ) Early Viewer 2 did a sort of strange view shift thing with the sidebar in early drove many people batty and they refused to use Viewer 2 because of that. Now they did fix it...reasonably soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't people who don't know they fixed it.

6. Hardware:

One of the little secrets of SL is that a LOT of people are running SL on very low end hardware that LL would probably recommend not running SL on. Now that's low end hardware by "My" standards. Let me explain, further.

I was chided recently in a group chat when I said that inventory size doesn't seem to affect viewer stability and responsiveness at all....and it doesn't...for me. The person who chided me suggested that for people on low end hardware it could happen. Then I mentioned my hardware, which I consider low end:

2.8GHz dual-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, integrated Nvidia 6150SE running Snowstorm 3.0.6 under Fedora Linux 15 64-bit (I had to go back to it because my upgraded power supply died so no GT220).

Someone then said that they would love to have such high end hardware which would have made me spit a drink....because I consider my machine to be low end crap for SL, affordable crap, but crap nonetheless. Admittedly with that GT220 it's better crap, but the GT220 is still a VERY low end card. Now if I didn't run SL, it would be plenty of hardware for my needs, but I do run SL.

And scuttlebutt says Viewer 2/3 runs worse on low end doesn't for me, it's always been better than Viewer 1 and it seems to look nicer. But some people have issues getting it to run at all. If that happens to you, try renaming your settings.xml so that the viewer starts with the defaults then manually change them back to what you use....that seems to work. Or it did for me in the late 3.0.2 -3.0.3 builds that I was having trouble with.

So, personally I like Viewer 3...for the most part...I can tolerate the things I don't like, easily enough, but I am a nerd. I also heartily recommend running Viewer 3 over any TPV, which have their own quirks and hardware issues. I also trust LL builds more than I do the TPV's. But IMHO if you want to run a TPV, it should be the Firestorm Mesh builds, though they don't do a 64-bit Linux build...course neither does Linden Lab...which I constantly complain about.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mrs. Lanley portrait

I was watching the ISC group chat and reading Mrs. Lanley's words and decided to take a visit. Like most oldbies I know how to find people, figured she was on her home region puttering around and she was. (I've been there before). She welcomed the company and we chatted as she showed me some of her favorite bits like the new dock she put in, which was nice. Well anyway she was just standing there, and there was somthing about her that made me want to take a photo. (I asked Mrs. Lanley's permission to blog and post photos) So I did my thing and got a few nice ones

This was the first, she was just standing there and I thought the water would make a good picture. I did a quick change to sunrise:

The next is of us together. After I showed it to her she laughed about how much taller she was than me. (We also played around with shape settings a bit later, which was fun.)

Now I wanted to get a photo of myself on the dock, so I turned up the settings, this has shadows and depth of field turned on:

And since I know Mrs. Lanley doesn't have good hardware I wanted a lovely portrait style photo to give her so I did this one with the Paris 2 windlight setting, shadows and depth of field on. Very lovely:

And yes, that's the Icing Joan I'm wearing. And yes, I have it in ALL the colors. It's Icing...It references Joan Holloway...what do you expect.

Shopping partner fun.

There was someone in one of the fashion groups that was looking for shopping advice. What she wanted was "French Chic/conservative/Ann Taylor" stuff. So of course I chimed in, considering I've mentioned Ann Taylor in regards to SL Fashion before on this very blog. After she had got some great advice from the group, I met up with her after tossing her some LM's asking if she'd like some shopping company. She eventually gave me a link to the sort of thing she was looking for:

Armani Side stiched Jacket and dress on Saks Website

An image from the Saks site is below.

I laughed in IM, and she wondered why I was laughing and I told her I had given TWO people that very link in the past 24 hours to show them the sort of tailored elegant look I like to portray in SL, when I can find it. Most of the time I have to settle for retro...perhaps with mesh we'll see jackets like that.

So anyway I took her to the usual haunts for classic tailored things. We all know the drill. We hit up Lo Lo sim (Caroline Apollo) for jewellery, good place to hit if you need quality basics at good prices, and saw Caroline there.

I also took her to SF designs, where I had been a few hours before to pick up THIS on recommendation of Cousin Savannah Blindside of Caledon:

It's your typical ladies who lunch suit, though I'm wearing the short skirt which makes it more "20-something little miss junior league junior socialite who likes her skirts a touch shorter and heels a touch higher" (I actually knew of someone like that in USENET, but there's a longer skirt option if you want to go for the mature charity luncheon look. The outfit, with the short skirt anyway, actually reminded me of this dress from Donna Rico:

It really is lovely, comes in three colors too. However, the fabric looks fall-y and "heavy" like a nice thick dressy wool.

Mimi is available at the SF Designs for Women

The lady and myself had fun, we both discovered we had been fans of Ally McBeal and she commented on how some of the tailored skirts she had seen were Ally-short. And she swooned over Donna Flora's version of Audrey's famous Breakfast at Tiffany's dress. I helped her a bit in creating a skirt shape, and wanted her hair. She was wearing Elika's Rhythm style, which resembles the old ETD Roslin...but doesn't come in the dark reds Elika used to have...sigh.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Second Life is like tabletop gaming...or "Why certain virtual world pundits don't get it."

Ah, those Virtual World Pundits. They make CC laugh. They say things like "zOMG, SL isn't popular and Facebook is so SL should be more like Facebook because unless it has double digit growth every month it's a failure". And then you discover that they spend 12 hours or less in-world...a month. No wonder they don't appreciate the in-world communication tools...they're not in-world enough to use them. And as for 12 hours, I can easily exceed less than a week.

See, what those pundits don't understand is that like D&D. Not D&D Online the MMORPG....but D&D the tabletop experience. Let me explain.

D&D requires a TON of time if you want to do it right. A single encounter with multiple enemies can take up the entirety of a single session. That's not counting the paperwork and record keeping involed. Not only that, but the Dungeon Master's workload is even worse, creating a world, creating adventures, it's a major time sink. It's why there's never enough DM's. And there's the scheduling issues...can you find a time that matches a DM's plus other players? That is VERY difficult

Only a small majority of nerds want to go through that hassle these days...and some can't because of time what do the others do? They play WoW, which although grindy, is no where near as complex as D&D. And you can play on your own schedule and STILL play with other people.

D&D is also need your supplements and books.

D&D is not exactly the most newbie friendly game in the world, it's "UI" as it were is very complex and it has it's own vocabulary and a community that has it's own ideas about things.

Not only that, but that community complains every time some new sourcebook with additions is made or when a new version of the "UI" aka the rules is released.

So what does all that remind you of? SL. Like D&D, SL is a niche, it doesn't have to be Facebook. Those people who only log in for three hours or even a dozen hours a month...they're not SL's market. It's the people who spend a hundred hours a month in-world that are. Even if you're a content consumer like me, you still have to "work" for your fun in SL in a way that you don't in other social things. Most people don't want to do that....they want to start their crops, let the cows do whatever...while they're watching American Idol. SL requires immersion in a way that Facebook doesn't.

Here's an sister does her Farmville, while she watches TV. I wouldn't dare do SL while watching TV. There's people in SL who get in a little bit of a tizzy if they even think you're alt tabbed out in a web browser or in multiple IM/group chat sessions. SL requires attention in ways that Facebook doesn' the Facebook crowd isn't SL's audience and it's useless to pursue them in an obession for "Growth".

SL doesn't need rebranding. What it needs is for the pundits to figure out that being a niche product for a niche market is a fine and good thing in and of itself.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

M.O.C.K. Cosmetics

I've not mentioned the new "makeup layers" in Viewer 2 very much since I don't use them very often, relying on my trusty classic 5th & Oxfords....but....if you you to ask me: "Hey CC, where would you go to buy makeup layers?", my first answer would be Mocksoup Graves"MOCK"


Mocksoup, like Roslin Petion of 5th & Oxford, is a makeupista in RL, and it shows in her makeup. And she understands makeupista talk, so when I tell her, "I'm an NC20 and I need a gloss like the Juicy Tubes" she knows EXACTLY what I'm referring to. She also makes a ton of colors in her eyeshadows, lippie formulations and whatnot.

That's the L'Eau Russian Red Lipgloss combined with the Tonal Gold Complements eyeshadow over a 5th & Oxford Fair subtle 1 skin. That's one of the best lip glosses in SL, it really looks like one.

The M.O.C.K Cosmetics flagship store is at Rockhopper City 2 (38, 218, 23)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Low ARC Pretty

Was working on an outfit for "Fairs" even though I don't often go to them since I find most of them annoying. For low-arc I go with system outfits, minimal prims and static non-flexy non-alpha things. It also means no-jewellery either. This is what I have today, though I've used similar outfits in the past:

Hair is an old ETD, Roslin in ETD Mahogany that Elikatira doesn't have an equivalent to. The ensemble are Cinzia jacket and Sonia skirt separates from L'Abel, which is having a sale at the moment.. Pnatyhose are from Insolence, the "Carmen's", and those are the Fri.Day Basic flats.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's my shape digits?

Strawberry Singh started up a challenge/meme/discussion on her blog about the numbers behind our Second Life shapes. Here's mine:

Friday, April 08, 2011

Interesting post by Kanomi Pikajuna

Kanomi is the nice girl who is friend to all and she offers a VERY interesting solution (saw it via New World Notes) to SL's woes....sell it to the Users al la the Green Bay Packers.

Do I agree? I don't know, but it is interesting. Personally I think the real problem is the freebie culture....but another story and another post some other time.

Sax Shepherd Bunny Ears

I logged in today to see an IM from someone who was told to do so by former boss Salome Strangelove of the Late Lamented Linden Lifestyles, currently of Salome Says. Sure surprised me, thank you Salome, your piggie bunned greatness.

So this is a new creator...that made Bunny Ears...color changeable animated scripted bunny ears. Considering I was thinking about looking for some nice bunneh ears just 3 days ago, it was rather fortuitous.

You can change color, animation interval, set them to fixed position, set who can touch them, resize them, all useful things. Slightly less than 250L$ too. Now this is a new creator and this is their first item, but it's very nicely done. and worth picking up for easter fun, or if you want to do the playboy bunny look like I did. They're easily the best playboy bunny style ears in my inventory.

SLURL to Sax Shepherd in Seven Veils

Simone vintage bunny outfit, Truth Gabby hair, 5th and Oxford skin

Dear Shoe Designers with Love from CC!

Hello Shoe makers! CC loves shoes! CC Loves shoes in RL! CC Loves shoes in SL. CC bought a shoe tipjar....just because! Look at Awesome tipjar that CC has that CC never actually uses:

Tipjar from Khango

You make shoes...CC happy. But sometimes you not make CC Happy. :-( [frowns]

CC uses viewer 2.+ ...CC no likes invisiprims, CC wants viewer 2.+ viewer alpha shoes! CC no buy non-alpha shoes, though flats without alpha are okay.

CC wants designers to update older shoes....CC wants them to release update kits for the already existing shoes in inventory. It would be good if such packs were available to group members or free..but CC is willing to pay, oh say around 50L$....but not pay full price by buying same shoes all over again.

CC also wants to know when you DO release 2.+ updated shoes and not find out by accident...use your groups! Do some marketing so that CC knows of Happy Thing you have done to make CC Happy!

So please listen to shoe loving CC....please make CC more happy!

Luv, CC

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Image, style and compliments

I've been socializing more, and experimenting with image and appearance in SL. I've also been getting a ton of compliments ever since I've been doing my social thing. I like Salome's take on compliments:

Also, how do you respond to compliments about an avatar being “sexy” or “hot?” I mean, I didn’t work out for this bod or spend hours on my hair and make-up. Do I think my avatar is cute and nummy? Yes — she fits my personal tastes. Do I appreciate other people may or may not feel the same? Of course. Would I take any feedback negative or positive personally? Um. How?

Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate it when someone says they like the sort of style I project, or when they squee over an outfit I put together. To me, that reflects a symbiotic pixel vanity and I do allow a smile here and there when someone compliments my aesthetic choices. But the “sexiness” thing always leaves me wanting to smirk and reply “thanks, your slider settings get me really hot, too.” But, you just know the sarcasm would be lost. To be fair, I don’t handle these sorts of compliments well IRL, either. Basically what someone is saying is they like the lot you drew in the genetic lottery. I suppose, comparing the two, at least I picked my own slider settings.

I often tell people that the content makers deserve all the credit...all I do is shop. I also say that I take the easy way out and keep it simple, classic and mostly real world inspired. Someone said to me that she thought me saying once that if Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn wouldn't wear something in SL...I wouldn't either. That's pretty close to the mark though I'd add a few more names to the list these days.

What do these images say to you:

That one got a compliment of "You remind me of that Black Swan movie", and that I thought of as well. Kind of princessy-ballerina-y. That's a L'Abel dress IIRC, Truth Tanya hair.

That one I nicknamed Zindra Hub CC. Your usual tanned, tattooed and shmexy SL Avatar look.

Tableau Girl, of course. :-) Makes me look like a 12 year old playing dress-up with mommy's clothes and makeup though.

Retro in ICING's Peggy, Clawtooth hair and Shiny thing's shoes. Got asked several times if I was a Joan on Mad Men fan while I was wearing it....which of course...I am.

Yes, that's the pen necklace. Was told I look sexy in that. Which is very funny considering how simple the look is.

Someone asked me if I was a fan of Desperate Housewives Bree when I wore that. Got a tonne of compliments with that. Mostly about how all the little details worked together. I like Bree's style , but that's not Bree inspired but Laura Bennett from the Third Season of Project Runway I have some similar white blouses of varying cleavagey styles that I wear with varying skirts a la Carolina Herrera. I call those my "uniforms".

That's the Coco Broadcloth blouse with the ingenue pencil skirt. Hair is an old ETD, Tyra that I haven't found a more recent replacement for. Sunglasses are the Heiress frames from Paper Couture and the jewellery is also from Paper Couture. That's the old Tete a Pied Heiress handbag. The Belt is from, the shoes from Shiny Things, hosiery from Insolence.

My "issues" with New World Notes

New World Notes is one of the oldest and well respected SL blogs. It's founder, Hamlet Au, was once Hamlet Linden, Linden Lab's own embedded reporter in SL. I heartily recommend it to people and read it myself daily.

However...I have issues with NWN and have apparently have been blocked from commenting there. That disappoints me, though I can understand why.

I probably mentioned Hamlet's indirect financial relationship with Facebook a few too many times when Hamlet kept flogging Facebook as the be all of what SL should be more like. He consults for a company that uses Facebook for game logins and thusly, indirectly financially benefits from it. I was a bit perturbed that he did not mention that connection earlier in his promotion of SL becoming more like Faceook, unlike his Blue Mars thing, which he was quite open about.

My issues with NWN are as follows:

1. Hamlet lives in the tech journalist bubble in California and is thusly disconnected from "average people". This in part led to my disagreement with him about the future of Blue Mars, because while he probably knows people who upgrade their computers often and buy a new iPhone whenever it comes out, that's not the case amongst the SL userbase. He simply didn't understand that Blue Mars had no future as a desktop virtual world with it's Cryengine based graphics when the mass market "Marts" of the US have machines on their shelves with integrated Nvidia 6150SE's in them.

2. Hamlet talks to much to the people behind virtual worlds, when it's the USERS who are the important people...without users, the worlds cannot survive. That also leads to him being a sucker for buzzwords like "the cloud" He thought that "the cloud" would save blue mars, that it wouldn't matter that all those housewives in SL had low end integrated chipsets on their PC's, that BM would be rendered in the cloud and displayed locally.....dumbest thing I ever heard. They didn't have the money! or the number of users to justify doing it. They'd have needed to start on that years ago, and they ran out of time.

3. Hamlet is guilty of the "if it's popular it must be good and anything that wants to become popular should be more like that" fallacy. That's the Facebook thing. Facebook truly does. It's interface, it's privacy tools, the requests for "facebook aps" to do things to your info. But Hamlet thinks that because it's popular SL should be more like it, or become connected to it. That's kind of like the people who say smartphones should be like the iPhone, when the iPhone might not be the best device for someones needs. Facebook is all about real world identities and not. Hamlet says that SL users could use facebook to learn about events in world which tells me that:

4. Hamlet doesn't spend enough time in world talking to "the masses" in world. If he did, he wouldn't say half the stuff he does about SL users. Why use facebook for event listings when there's google calendar and SL's own group system....that he doesn't use effectively. Go on, check the NWN notices...and the group is assigned land that is not covered by Tier:

More Land Credits are needed to support the Land in use."

That picture above was taken at the NWN headquarters location in Waterhead...his building is gone and his furniture and pot plants are just floating in mid air. The man really needs to spend more time in world doing the things that other SL users do, like maintain their land and socialize and stuff. You may not believe it, but in the old days, NWN actually sponsored events in-world!

Another thing that leads me to believe that Hamlet isn't as connected to the masses of SL users as he ought to be is his avatar appearance. Most avatars, even male ones that don't shop much...update their appearance quite a bit. Could you imagine a female SL blogger looking like she just stepped out of 2006? No. Sure, Hamlet's a guy, and a tech journalist and doesn't himself cover SL fashion, leaving that to Iris, but still. DJ's shop, Land Baron's shop, content makers shop. Shopping, especially of things related to avatar appearance, drives the SL economy.

5. He doesn't talk about the SL economy as much as he did in the past. That's hurting SL more than anything. It isn't sim crossings or group chat problems that really hurts SL, but people NOT spending L$.

6. Hamlet doesn't get that SL is a niche product, like hex based strategy games and roguelikes are. The same applies to Minecraft. Sure it's a lot of buzz, but it's coming from hard core nerds who love that sort of crazy complex stuff.

7. The core SL user is probably a 30-50 year old woman...but Hamlet rarely talks to them and would rather talk with Ex-Lindens starting up micro-worlds based on SL code that are going to go nowhere without content that will attract those 30-50 year old women. No pretty shoes, big hair, sexy dresses to make their avatar look kardashiany? They aren't going to be there.

8. Hamlet doesn't realize that NWN is a bubble itself. He's not getting true feedback on
how the masses see and feel about SL via the comments on NWN because NWN's readers are oldbies, FIC and near FIC. Almost all a part of what calls the 100000 That's a problem because the things they care about sometimes don't matter to the "masses" of SL. There's folks in SL who don't give a damn about group chat...and there's plenty of people who simply don't cross sim borders...they d on't need to. In fact, I tend to only cross borders in the steamlands! Everywhere else, I TP.

So that's pretty much it. It's not that I dislike Hamlet or NWN, since it's still a great source of information, it's just that Hamlet needs to be more "grounded" like he used to be.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

SL Client 2.6.4 and the bouncy boobeh physics

I was using the development series builds anyway, because they're the only Linden Lab viewers that have the c-ares glitch on Linux fixed (starting with late 2.6.3) so I've been using those builds and moved to along to 2.6.4 and the bouncy came with it. Here's a video demonstration I did:

The physics for breasts, belly and butt are implemented as a wearable physics layer. If you're running 2.6.4, go to My Appearance and Add Clothing> New Physics. That will give you the layer to play with. Here are the settings I use:

breast bounce max effect: 100 spring: 25 Gain: 15 Damping: 50
breast cleavage, max effect: 20, spring: 10, Gain: 9, Damping: 50
Breast Sway, max effect: 20, spring: 10, gain: 9 Damping: 50

And under Advanced Parameters:
Breast Mass: 10, Breast Gravity: 10 (in the video though I have it at 0 now), Breast Drag: 30

The other settings related to Butt, and Belly are at the defaults. To me, it looks best subtle.

Here's the caveats:

You need a 2.6.4 viewer to see or use it. If you have a 2.6.4 viewer you will see bounce on anyone who uses the physics layer, even if you don't use the layer yourself. Likewise, if you use the layer, anyone running 2.6.4 will see it no matter what. Prim attachments don't move with the body parts, they stay where they're attached. so if you were wearing prim pasties and have bouncy...your boobehs would probably bouncy beyond the pastie.

Go to the Snowstorm Development wiki page to download the 2.6.4 builds. Even if you don't use the feature, testing out the viewers by as many people as possible with different hardware and whatnot is a good idea.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Adventure Brigade? Protectors of Seraph City?

Wuxtry Wuxtry, read all about it....rumors of Adventure Brigade to protect Seraph City...

Citizens, I Have heard rumors of a group of two-fisted adventurers forming to protect the Beautiful Metropolis of Seraph City from varous sundry forces of mischance and evil. Why do I know this, fashion reporter that I am? I hear things.

Terrible Lizard from Dinosaur Island wreaking Havoc among the spires of the City? They'll be there.

Black Vulture's mooks stealing the Good Professors Applied Phleabotium? They'll get it back.

Cultists of ancient Evil Entities trying to raise tentacled monstrosity from the sewers? Yep, anti Entity gas grenades will do the trick, dropped from their DeHaviland.

Madcap Heiress held for ransom? They'll bring her back safely and engage in witty banter with her every step of the's in the Adventurer's Rulebook.

May the Brigade prosper and grow.

Great Minds Think Alike...perhaps they should join forces

So there I was in Seraph City...was I watching a Burlesque show at the New Champagne Room where you can always find retro-lovin gals and get more ideas on things to buy? maaaaybe. One of the audience members was wearing what looked like Icing's Puma Jie puffy sleeved blouse and pencil skirt combo...but it wasn' was a puffy sleeved dress with a pencil skirt combo named Guro from Ivalde. The lady told me it was a giftie...and turned out...I already had it. So here's a comparison, that's the default red bloused Icing Puma Jie on the left and the Ivalde Guro on the right.

Great minds think blouse/bodice and black high waisted skirt is a classic look and it makes perfect sense that both would do a version of it, so no saying that one stole the "idea" from the other because they did not. That look is a fashion archetype.

So that got me thinking. If one shops at Ivalde, one probably shops at Icing, and vice versa. (and probably Ingenue, Jet Doll and Donna Flora as well) Same people shop at both...they appeal to the same market segment. So...what if they joined forces or merged. It might be an advantage..focused marketing...larger inventory...more frequent releases because they have TWO people doing stuff so if one takes a break the other is still doing stuffs. It might help with customer service as well, if one isn't online, the other might be. Their skill sets might also compliment each other, say if one doesn't do jewellery but the other does or if one does shoes and the other doesn't. You never know...such things with similar businesses/markets might work in SL....or not. I have been told that one reason they don't is that there's the "trust" factor to deal with. SL doesn't have the trust mechanisms that RL has, so people don't do such things. Too might be a great way for smaller or medium sized design houses to compete with the larger super shops.

SLURL to ICING main Store in Mischief
Icing Blog

SLURL to Ivalde
Ivalde and L'Abel website

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donna Flora Andrea and Donna Flora Flickr.

Everyone knows CC loves a good suit or suitish type things in SL, so CC LOVES Donna Flora, who makes the retro pretty, and modernish fashionista suits with that Milan flair.

This is Andrea, a relatively recent release:

That's the Wine but it also comes in black and silver. It's very "I'm the Executive Editor of a Fashion Magazine" -ish....which means...J'adore! The jacket is sculpty so it might require some moving around. and you really need an updo with it because of the collar.

Acquire at: Donna Flora Main Store in Bonin 195, 130, 23

Best way to keep up with her new releases is via her flickr:

Donna Flora Flickr

Sunday, January 02, 2011


I received a new video card for Christmas...a GT220. Yes it's a low end card...but it's still much better than the integrated 6150SE I was running. Shaders went on and sliders went up. It also fixed the double resolution screenshot bug I had with the 6150SE. Yay!


Of note over the holidays there was an ICING release, not of retro pretty pretty, but something a little more modern red-carpet-y. Gala:

Long skirt (either with train or not, with a very high slit and one shoulder bodice. Personally I like the red the best.

Well worth adding to inventory if you want an "Award show gown".

SLURL to ICING main Store in Mischief