Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lutefisk and Haggis, in SySy Bodowa Mesh colorblock dress.

I saw this mesh colorblock dress on an acquaintance of mine and I just had to have it.  I eventually got it in 3 colors...so far.  For this post I decided to play around with image, especially after I picked up Truth's London hair from the sale after seeing it on Gogo on Juicybomb.

Imagine if you will two models working for a fashion retailer with a website and catalog.  They're friends and they sometimes get posed together in shoots, wearing different colors of items.  They nicknamed their pairing Lutefisk and Haggis. (Those are cultural foods of Norwegians and Scots respectively.)

Lutefisk is from a small town in Minnesnowta, where lutefisk and cough syrup for cats  are made by Norwegian Bachelor Farmers and she was named Lutefisk Queen of St. Olaf county before she got scouted while shopping in Minneapolis.   When she says "yeah" it sounds like she's saying "Ja".  She is, of course a tall pale blonde of Scandinavian descent.

"So all I have to do is sit on this plastic mushroom and look pretty?  Oh Ja, I can do that you're darn tootin."

This is the nude version of the Bodowa dress, worn with G Field Eve Pumps in cream.  (It's actually the 18-color fatpack)

"I think I kinda disappear against the background here, ja?  Oh, you're going for an ethereal glowy look? Alrighty then.  Oh this place has the Flagship store of the dress designer?  That's nice."

Can I please have a closeup of my face?  I want to send it to my Ma back in St. Olaf county. we sometimes get asked if we're sisters.  She did some modeling too for a farm catalog.  Jeans and Carhardt coats ya know.   You don't know about Carhardt?  Well gosh I thought everyone did, them winters get cold up there for darn sure.  This beach shopping venue sure aint like Minnesnowta."

Hair is Truth London in Swedish, Skin is Belleza Shyla Pale #14 with Shyla lip 9 layered over it, IKON Lucid eyes in Floe.

Then there's Haggis, who is also from the midwest bu from a bit further south from a far west suburb near Chicago  She is a scion of Ullans immgrants who arrived in America in the 1630's.  While she doesn't drink herself, she thinks the only proper drink is proper uisge beathe brewed by proper Celts and has actually attended a "Burns Supper" and enjoyed it immensely.

"Look....you're not going to catch me in an awkward pose are you, like the last time?  I have a claymore and I know how to use it.  At least I get to wear this dress in a flattering color in a nice Victorian style home.  What is this chair thing named anyway?

That's the red/black version of the Bodowa with the G Field Eve's in black

"A stool is it now?  Don't look a stool to me.  Ah, you want me to stand here, like I just came down the stairs from the boudoir?   Oooookay, if you say so.  At least my pale skin gives some contrast here. "

Could I have a face closeup to send to my Mother back in Dundee?  People ask us if we're sisters...though I'm taller.   She did some modeling too, Farm & Fleet catalog...still buy a new Carhardt coat every now and then..it can get damnable cold in Illinois.  What, you don't know about Carhardt? At least my brows are perfect today.  Don't you look at me that way, my brows must be perfect!"

Truth London hair in Blood, Belleza Betty Pale skin in #8, IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.  These eyes have become my new "standard eyes" finally replacing my old well-loved, but dated Miriel eyes.

And more "normal shots" without the blur and glow so you can see things  better as they actually look in SL.  The dress is mesh and the M size fit fine when I used my "smaller boobeh" shape.  I have the black and white version as well which can be seen on my flickr.


Dress: SySy Main Store at The Deck 
Hair: Truth Hair 
Skin: Belleza Skin HQ 
Eyes: IKON eyes 
Shoes: G Field Shoes