Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SL economy.(zOMG stipends!) and other matters

Been reading a bit on the Official Linden Blog about the changes in the stipend for new premium accounts. It's dropping from 400$L to 300$L.
zOMG Stipends! (You can get a zOMG stipends t-shirt from Ordinal Malaprops shop in Caledon. Gotta have some fashion content)

I got to thinking that though SL has an entrepreneur and professional class, it doesn't really hwave a working class and I don't think that's a good thing for the SL economy in the long run. But I don't know what to do about it. In RL store owners hire clerks and workers and whatnot but in SL the don't need people to man the cash registers or sweep the floors or clean up the aisles.

Personally I've been trying to find work and it seems that there's not much besides being a stripper or a ho. And though I thought about it I don't want to be a ho. I could tolerate stripper or dancer but I don't really want to do those either. I think my avatar is pretty enough to model but in SL, everyone can be pretty enough to model and content creators just do the modeling themselves most of the time.

I've been trying to start a marketing consultancy in game, to try to help stores reach their customers better and sell more, but I've not had any luck at all with that.

I think it's time for content creators to start hiring, live models (Blaze Columbia does this), customer service representatives, a diverse modeling stable for ads, building assistants, (Here place these ads on that wall, space them pretty evenly, while I'm making more hair), security. Just something to integrate new content creators into the economy besides being consumers.

I also think it's past time the Lindens themselves hired people to serve as guides, police officers, and eyes besides the traditional "Lindens" I've been reading Slashdot threads on SL and so many people have a bad experience when the first join because they don't know where to go besides the places with lots of people in them on the map. They're so used to MMORPG's they need SL equivalents to newbie quest givers. Sure there's places like the Shelter and NCI but LL needs to do it themsevles on a massive scale. live people on the starter islands telling people that there's more than sex clubs and casinos.

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