Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally, engineer boots that are "Just Right"

Do you know how hard it is to find stompy engineer boots that I like in SL? Sure, I could just get Fally's Old Boots, but everyone has those and they're not exactly what I want. Then on the other end of the scale you have boots with a jillion straps that are like a jillion prims. I wanted boots that had were simple, but not too simple. Some straps and buckles but not too many.

So I was in SL and got an IM from a long time designer friend, Lissa Maertens stating her store was back open again. Now at the time I was lamenting ETD being shut down...again....which is another story, so I popped on over and saw that Lissa was wearing some cool boots that weren't Fally's, so I clicked on them to see who made them...she did!

No editing on the pics, this is a quick and dirty blog post.

They come in brown too and are 350L$

SLURL to Cattiva e Cattivo

Monday, January 05, 2009

My inventory frightens me, but look at these cool earrings I forgot to blog.

Oh sure, there's fashionistas with double the inventory (there are people with 60000 items!), but my inventory is ummm very disorganized. I throw stuff away, but it adds up. I also have that shame of the fashionista...unopened bought items. I have all sorts of things in there. I have a house, I think, probably more than one. I know I have a really cute victorian cottage....somewhere. I have fantastic waistcoats that are in my unsorted folder rather than my Caledon folder. I have a couple of VERY nice gowns by a relatively unknown designer that I NEED to blog, once I find my info on the store again.

I've got some unfinished projects in there, like my Steampunk Automaton and things I meant to blog but never got around to doing, some of that dating back to....2006.

Here's some pics of some cool earrings from JUNK by Koge Cleaver. (these are from July I think) Koge makes really cool looking earrings. I think one of the reasons I hadn't posted these is that I was wearing my thin lips shape because I was wearing last years Fleur Relay For Life skins which look better on my thin lips shape and are not available anymore...I think.

Yes, that's HCT hair and I'm wearing blue eyes instead of green, some of the strands get in the way of the jewellery, sorry about that. But they are really nice and well worth purchasing. Lets see if I can find a SLURL to Koge's shop:

Nope, but Koge does have a shop on OnRez and check out Koge's profile for a TP to the shop.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A try at a better ad.

I've complained about ads and store displays before and I've decided to put my money where my mouth is.

Here's an ad, for a a gown that I very much like from Crimson Shadow, that could use a little bit of work. The gown and ad are located at Crimson Shadow Rezzable 229,166,27

Now, that ad isn't as horrible as some I've seen, but it could use a little work. In my opinion the ads major offenses are bad lighting of the avatar, and the text is placed directly over the background causing legibility problems.

Here's my quick and dirty remake of the ad, which still sucks, but is somewhat improved.

Notice how I have my avatar lit a touch better, though I probably should have turned up the contrast a bit on the avatar images compared with background. I've also placed the text, not over the background itself, but over a plain black "information area". Using such areas, separate from the item images themselves increases legibility, though I should have made the text bigger. My ad also shows the included shoes. Since I have that nice space at the side, I could add a store/brand logo which would have been an excellent idea. I might, depending on legibility, even be able to list information on the model's skin/eyes/hair right on the ad/display.

So there you have it, my own example of an ad improvement.