Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bloggy Lateness about the Luminosity cords.

Y'know, editing my pictures on my 32 MB Linux box. would be faster if I didn't try to have a dozen layers in the things. :-) Really, GIMP performance isn't that bad on this thing as long as I don't go too complex, and I doubt a recent Photoshop would run on a 32MB Windows box. (I'm running GIMP 2.2.11)

Sol Columbia released these fall cords and wrap tops last week.

The cords are the stars of the show, being utterly great looking. At first I thought they were a touch too shiny and then I realized that instead of being the rough ugly cords of my youth, (ugg Sears Tuffskins turned me off of cords forever in RL) they're the modern pretty velvety sheeny cords.They come in the usual rich fall colors and come in both belted and beltless versions As you can see they mix and match very well with other Luminosity releases, like the Sahara jacket and vest and the Wayfarer oxford. They should also look awesome with Sol's new jacket releases.

Yeah, it's a big image but I wanted to get as many of the wrap tops and cords in it as possible, and closeups of the butt on the cords which even look good on my skinny freakishly skinny butted Linden mesh skirt wearing avatar. Look at the detailing!

The wrap tops are nice too, I can always use more basic layering pieces. They're cut well too, not too low not too high. The colors are really good, I have RL twinsets in colors very similar to the cobalt blue and wine colors.

I would however like to see some not so fitted shirt/jacket meshes from Linden Labs. And fix that damnable system skirt for those of us who don't want to go prim mini's.

I'm wearing my usual hair, ETD Maaliyah in Mahogany, Tete a Pied Sophisticate 4 skin in Rose Dark, Shiny Things Lollies shoes, and the Tete a Pied Heiress bag which I don't think has left my avatars arm for more than a few minutes since I got it. I've also got on my Frameworks Chiq glasses which means no Lynnix Muse prim eyelashes. (Every fashionista should own prim eyelashes!)

Seen in World on my skinny non-influential butted avatar?: Yes.
Review copies: yes
Friends list: No

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