Friday, February 28, 2014

Lelutka Hair: Kate

I'm not for sure I've mentioned liking the Duchess of Cambridge's style on my blog before, but I'm a fan.  In her duties, she tends towards the classic, simple and pretty, skirts around the knee, moderately high but not too high heeled shoes, neutral makeup and long layered hair.  And when she's off duty, she can rock the jeans and ballet flats.  She almost always looks "nice".

As an aside, she has a brain too, graduated from St. Andrews with a Art History degree...with honors mind you.

And how I love her hair.   Thanks be to Lelutka for creating a Kate-ish fluffily wavy-whirly hair.

Normally I'm not a big fan of Lelutka hair because it's "too big" and kind of "there are too many extensions in it for fullness" look.  But this I like.  This is the Jessica color, I had to tint it to get it close to my "proper color".  It's a nice hair, worth demo-ing if you like long layered "girl next door pretty" hair.

Skin is Belleza, Eyes from IKON, Jewellery from Sax Shepherd, and everyone recognizes one of the most recognizable dresses in SL, the Maitreya Nolita.


Lelutka hair

Belleza skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs jewelry


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harper Ganesvoort's 2014 Oscar Contest

Harper Ganesvoort has done an Oscar photo contest for the past, what is it, 5  years?  Anyway I've been hemming and hawing on the photos (and looking at RL Oscar red carpet photos) for a month trying to decide on the look.  I finally settled on this:

The full length picture is my entry into the contest. Gown is an oldie but goodie, Azul Dailey in Champagne. Skin is Belleza Betty Pale 6 with the Shyla/Betty Pale lips 8 over it. Lashes are Redgrave 'Classy'. Hair is Elikatira Found 8 tinted 128/65/0. Jewelry is Sax Shepherd Designs 'Spirit of Giving' pearl edition. Eyes are IKON Lucid Series in Moor, XS size. Background/Posestand is the oOo Studio: Premiere.

Originally I was going to use Elikatira "Early" hair which was "Anne Hathaway Oscar Look 2013-ish", (you can see that look on my flickr) but my good friend LaDonna said the look reminded her of Jennifer Lawrence's 2013 look.  When she said that, I said, "d'oh" and switched to "Found" which worked better.

The lighting turned out fairly good, I think.  Modified one of AnaLu's windlight presets to get the look I wanted.  Not perfect, but close enough.   You'll notice the shadows and depth of field effect more in the close-up below.



Belleza skins

Sax Shepherd Designs




oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov on Marketplace