Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poppy Designs, kyoot!

I had seen posts about Poppy Designs on PXP quite a few times and the thoughs that ran through my head was "That looks "kyoot", I'l have to visit sometime"

So of course, I never got around to doing so.

Yesterday, I met Francesca Poppy during the "Lalique Square Cowgasm Incident" and I knew I would just have to visit to look at the "kyoot" that I knew was there.

Poppy Designs is a collection of stalls that contains "kyoot" lingerie, "kyoot" t-shirts and much much more.

I just had to pick up a few of the fashionista t-shirts (30$L apiece) this one is the "Must Shop" shirt. Yes, it's the Cow again, it makes me happy.

She also has a selection of "kyoot" Halloween shirts that are available for a limited time so go snap em up.

Hair and skin is the usual, I think.the jeans are from OPIUM Everday and the shoes are Hansen Primero's, I'm a bit fuzzy after the "incident" too much milk.

Seen in World: Yes
Review Copy: No
Friends List: No.

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