Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mayfair, Mon Tissu and Celoe and my Boycott.

LDO told me about new shoes at Celoe, and said CC would love shoes.

CC always want new shoes so CC want TP, but only the region is listed in search, not the Celoe store.  So I TP to the region, which I've been to before, because of the Mon Tissue move.

The Mayfair region and the Mon Tissu and Celoe stores within, are badly designed.  They're trying to go for that "looks like a RL store look",  with alpha hanger items and whatnot and all that does is slow the loading down.  It's one of the reasons why shopping at the Mon Tissu location in Lula was so annoying.

If we've learned anything from SL it's that simple is better when it comes to store designs, if I can't buy something within 30 seconds of a TP, your store is badly designed.

Bad designers, BAD BAD.  Why do you not learn from others, and your own previous mistakes?  You want shoppers to have a pleasant experience, not a bad one.  This is one reason why some are heavy Marketplace users.  If you want me to shop in your in-world store don't make it a laggy mess for sake of appearances.

Want to know why there are no pics?  28 minutes and I STILL can't see anything to buy!  It's why I get any Mon Tissu from marketplace now...because I can't shop there in-world.

Look, Mon Tissu and Celoe owners, you are so clueless about the reality of an effectrive store design, that you don't deserve my L$.  It's that simple.

And guess, what, trying to TP out of Mayfair caused the client to logout!  That's it, I'm boycotting, Mon Tissu and Celoe until their designers get a clue.  And I'm going to start encouraging others to do the same.