Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some build comments

I visited Lalique square a couple days ago and I really like the build. It's not an island or anything just a sort of shopping center. It's nicely laid out and organized. It's got Reel Movement, Casa del Shai, Shine, Callie Cline and others.

It reminded me of Six Kennedy's Gurlywood sim which is also a very nice sim build. You got a large, mostly empty central area and then stores around the perimeter. Just follow the walkway around and you'll see everything.

Guess what you see when you first pop into GurlywoodL Signs and information! Very smart.

You know what I like about Six? She is always improving things. She pays attention and she learns. She's also one of the better marketeers in Second Life.

Here's to Lalique Square and Gurlywood, hurrah.

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