Sunday, October 22, 2006

Casa del Shai cow dress

No, I am not cow obsessed, really. I mean sure, I love the cow, but I can stop dancing at any time. Really. Please.....don't make me give up the cow.

Shai Delacoix of Casa del Shai has a set of animal print dresses out. The is the cow one but they're all gorgeous.

Yes, I had to get a shot of the cow dress while I was sitting on the dancing cow.

Shai's got some nice stuff, you should see the guys jacket with the suede patches on the elbows, looks good on gals too. And the tintable slip dress, love it. It sort of seems to have a push up effect on my avatar's boobehs.

Seen in world: Yes
Review copy: The cow dress was a freebie but I received it as a member of the Lalique cowgirls and a member of the Zero Drama Llamas, not as a reviewer
Friend list: No.

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