Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Greetings from Ms. CC

I am not usually much for sending Holiday Greetings in SL, but this year the passing of an SL friend (Mr. Whybrow) reminded me how much my SL friends mean to me.

As much as I love (and am known for) SL fashion and shopping, it wouldn't be enough to keep me in SL without all the People and Friends I have met over the years.

Fashionistas, Steampunks, everyone.   You've made my SL far far more enjoyable.

To you and yours, I wish the best this Holiday Season.

Ms. CC

Gratuitous pictures, it's what I do.

Taken at my home in St. John with my utterly primmy Fabulous fashionista christmas tree.  Dress is from Twelfth Night.

 Taken at my other home near what I call Beebo-land.  This dress is "The Perfect Gift" from Boudoir.  (I usually pick up a couple of their sexy holiday party dresses each year.)  Same tree in the corner of the picture, except it's larger..... large enough you can see the Star on top of it from the Duchess which is in the next sim south

 Whee!  Have a great Holiday Season everyone

Sunday, December 21, 2014

In Memory of Mr. Whybrow and his Shopgirl Valerie

Mr. Alastair Whybrow's of Caledon typist, has passed away in RL, of my most hated enemy.... cancer.  He and his shopgirl were amongst my friends.  We talked fairly often about numerous topics: music, art, Caledon, jewelry, building, shopping with shopgirls.  He made my Second Life a better place.

One time, Mr. Whybrow had made a formal parure and wanted my advice on "formal hair" for the necessary displays that the shopgirl would model for.  So I took the shopgirl shopping.

More pictures after the break

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Expo: True North Designs, Cozy Chat Corner set

True North Designs has this "wintery but not too Christmas-y" Cozy Chat corner set at the Christmas Expo:

To me, this would work well in Victorian/Edwardian/old-timey decorated houses, with it's gold and burgundy and rich browns.  It comes with everything pictured. Divan, table, teapot with rolls, lamp, carpet.

LI is only 10 total, 15 prims by the old system. The Teddy bear carpet is the most "Christmas-y" part of the set, but as shown it's separate. Cost is 350L$ which is a fair price for this set, considering some divans would cost that alone.  Well worth picking it up, even if you don't use it all together.  Without the carpet, it would even work well as a boudoir set.  Heck, I'd have probably picked it up for just the screen and hexagon table.  Had a table like that in RL a few years back, lost it in a flood sad to say.

True North at the Christmas Expo

True North's Christmas Kiosk

True North Designs Main Store

Christmas Expo: True North's, Puddy Tat's Joyride.

I have a serious weakness for kitschy decorations at Christmas.... it's a family thing, inherited it from my late mother.  She preferred kitschy snowmen, which is why we get a new snowman ornament in honor of her every year, but she would have loved True North's Puddy Tat's Joyride:

What more can you say other than it's cute cats in New Years party hats and scarves going for a joyride while drinking Milka-Cola. Now that's how Cats party.

Which my cat would so totally do if she could drive. 

True North at the Christmas Expo

True North's Christmas Kiosk

True North Designs Main Store

Chrismas Expo: Wood Works, Away in a Manger set

If you're a person of a certain age, then your family might have had a set like this one from Wood Works:

A simple console table (console tables are designed to be put against a wall), that you put decorations on this time of year.  My family had a table like this when I was young, it had our record player on it, and it was large enough for the player and decorations.  It wasn't as tall as this one and was black, but was very similar.  This set comes with all seen here, including the wreath and the doily, which is a separate object so you can use it under other things.  The star on the manger twinkles and the candle lights at a touch.  The set is Mesh, and 12LI, which isn't bad at all.  and when the Holiday is over, you can remove the manger and wreath and leave the table, candle, and rug out.  Can't beat a table like this for versatility.

Acquire at Wood Works at the Expo 1 region

As an aside, our record player when I was a child looked like the one in this blog post

RFL Xmas Expo

As is known, Cancer is on my Naughty List.  Considering how many people I know in RL and SL who are survivors or are dealing with cancer.... I really don't like cancer and try to do what I can to support the fight against it.

It's been a week since it opened (Yes I'm late, RL got in the way), but the American Cancer Society's winter fundraiser in SL, the 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables fair is open.  It is the ONLY offseason fundraising event the Relay For Life does in SL.

And trust me, they have a ton of stuff.  Personally, I'd go for the decorations, rather than the clothing, but they have that too.  They've got everything, tree lot, wreaths, snowglobes, snowmen.  You want it, they got it.  Except perhaps 200 shot range model air rifles with compasses in the stock, but you can't even get those in RL.

SLURL to the Tree Lot in Expo 1

You've got 4 days left! So get your decorations quick.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mutresse Nina coat and Vafla booties, with Lutefisk

It was a warm day after a short and bitter cold snap, and Lutefisk decided to go window shopping.  Even though it was fall, Lutefisk was in one of her "pink moods".  She looked good in pink.  She decided to wear a pink and white coat over a white top and pink miniskirt with very cute pink booties.  She felt very pink, and very cute. It was a brisk day, but to a girl like her used to yard high snowdrifts and 20 below 0 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures back in Minnesnowta, it might as well be tropical.

But that didn't mean she wouldn't partake of hot chocolate.  She'd never turn down that, oh gosh no.

Sitting on a bench and people watching as the leaves fell was always fun, ja.

As soon as I saw the Mutresse Nina, available at Fameshed, mentioned somewhere, my first thought was.  "Oh, I like that, the underskirt is short, but that is a very cute urban-fashionista look.  The booties are cute too, I'd better check it out."  And then I saw it on a hostess at the Blarney Stone in Dublin.  And so I did check it out, and so I bought, as it was foretold in Scrolls of Fashionista Wisdom.

Yes, the skirt is short, but really, it's really freaking adorable when worn as an outfit AND the jacket is flared enough that you CAN wear it with pants/jeans when you disable the skirt option.  Yes, you can wear it without the skirt and top parts, it's right in the HUD, which as is usual for Mutresse has multiple color options.   My one complaint is about the color choices....I wish there were even more besides the plethora of options in the HUD. (I want a darker brown/blue/purple/green.  Maybe a winter white/cream, and a lavender)   You can change the color of the buttons, top trip, coat, shirt and skirt all separately.  There are schoolgirl plaid options for the skirt as well.

This "Harlow" hair is from Chemistry, a new brand for me. Saw this on a friend, Rod Urquan-Mayako (a Demon-girl of my acquaintance) in blonde and liked it.  Don't worry, I have it my color.  I had to tint the brown to get it close though, none of the reds are dark enough.   Yes, this is Pink Fuel Harley skin, with the pink gloss and shimmer eyeshadow options and extra blush, and Redgrave lashes.

And here are the Vafla ankle booties, you can change the colors of various parts of them in the HUD. I wouldn't mind having a bootie like this in RL, in fact, this bootie has just earned Mutresse entry into the CC list. One caveat, sole color is for the "entire" sole, including the heel tip.  So you can't have a black "side" of sole, with a red bottom of sole, and black heel tip.  Also it doesn't come in enough colors. I know, I know, I always say they need more colors. (Needs more browns, maybe a camel and cream too.)  Otherwise, this is a capsule wardrobe bootie that will serve you well.

Just to show everyone a more "normal" for me look, here it is in black and red, I added some Izzie's heart tights to "fall it up" a bit.  I think I look a bit Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl-ish this way.

And here's the Chemistry "Harlow" in a more "normal" for me color.  Still a Pink Fuel Harley skin though.  Sax Shepherd Poetry set in Red and Black lacquer.




Pink Fuel

Sax Shepherd Designs

Izzie's Mainstore

Chemistry on Marketplace

Junbug Naomi gown, guest starring Charlemagne.

Charlemagne and I dance together, quite a bit.  Well, actually the avatars do the dancing, we spend the time chatting. That means I need pretty formal gowns and lots of dresses for dancing with the Charl.  Mostly, we wear red and black, a LOT of red and black.  If I'm wearing black, she's probably in red, if I'm in red, she's probably in black.  The one constant seems to be corsets and cleavage.

And really nice hairdos and jewelry.  Lets just say, we were the best dressed couple at this ballroom.  Which is as it should be.

This is Truth Devinna hair, a very grand updo.  The jewelry is the Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired "Audrey" necklace from Caroline Apollo, which suits this gown well.   Skin is my usual Belleza Betty.  Charl provided this style card:

Belleza Mya 5
Slink hands and feet
Junbug Rosamarie Corset and Skirt Crimson-- Gacha
Emo-tions Cecile necklace and earrings
Wasabi Pills Momo
Lassitude and Ennui's Bound Sandals

Smooching Charlemagne's hand.  And admiring the corset bodice on that red gown.   Mmmm, paleness.  Charl actually makes me look a touch "tanned" in comparison. Her gown is so delectable it makes me think naughty thoughts...about actually using a Gacha.  Why are you looking at me like that, what other naughty thoughts could I be thinking of. 

I was wearing THIS junbug gown, Naomi.  When I saw this, at November Fameshed.  I said to myself "I need that for dancing with Charl, but it's Junbug so it might not work well for me."  I've had issues with Junbug fitting before, but this one worked fairly well for me. This one has ruffles on the bodice and front clasps on the corset bodice.  Mmmm, corset.   As an aside, I find Fameshed and Uber to be more tolerable shopping experiences than most other monthly events. (Cough, C88.)   Wasabi pills Jamie hair.

As well as tight lacing and a bit of a bustle effect in the back.  Baby got Bustle.  Yeah the thing is mesh so it doesn't "move" like the old flexi's did, which is sad, but what can we do other than buy the few hybrid gowns out there.  It IS a nice gown, or I wouldn't have bought it.  Well worth picking up if it's your style.

I also have it Red.  Which is probably more gorgeous than the black is, it comes in more colors, but I only have the red and black...so far.  You know how I am about that sort of thing.



Junbug, Fantasy-Vintage

Truth Hair

Wasabi Pills

Lassitude & Ennui

Emo-tions Mainstore

Belleza skins

Caroline Apollo Jewelry

Charlemagne and I

Charlemagne Allen and I made a visit to Caledon's Harvest Festival, she got to dunk me in a dunk tank.  After a while we relaxed and chatted on a nearby bench.

Who is Charlemagne Allen?  My Gothy Fashionista Steamlander Corgi-lovin Innamorata, that's who. She who makes me buy stuff.  Black and red gowns in particular..and lingerie.  Yes  yes, everyone makes me buy stuff, but Charl is special.

I probably chat with her more often than anyone else in SL these days. Yes, even more than Gabi, and that's saying something.  I am very very fond of Charl.

Minecraft on the Vita, the best Minecraft experience On-the-Go.

If you want portable Minecraft On-the-Go, you've basically got 2 choices.  The Pocket edition for Android/iOS or the PS Vita edition.  Personally, I think the the Vita version is the better game.  Screenshots were taken directly on the Vita.  Yes, it can do that.  Press the Playstation button and Start at the same time.

That's my PS3 world, imported into the Vita.  they're Cross-save compatible.  Here's the Cubedon flag on my house.

While the Pocket edition does have infinite worlds, the Vita version has many features the Pocket edition doesn't.  The easiest to see right away is the Hunger and experience bars.

And you can see the netherwort.  Pocket edition doesn't have the nether, so no nethwort.

Here is my nether portal and redstone based cobblestone generator.  You can't build such a generator in the Pocket edition, no redstone functionality.  It doesn't even have buttons or pressure plates to open doors.

Neither can you brew potions or enchant items.

Also the Pocket Edition's UI and controls are not optimal, the Vita edition having the same control as the PS3/PS4 version.  And if you already have the PS3 version, the Vita version is cross-buy, meaning you don't have to pay for it.

I used qcma to transfer the photos.  You start it up, and then use Content Manager on the Vita to actually do the transfer.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

What CC is wearing to go with the Baby Monkey Marie shoes.

Took a picture of what I'm currently wearing.  Wanted something to show off some shoooooes.

Yes, it's that Liv Glam "Trains and Winter Rains" suit again, with Amacci "Betty" hair, Caroline Apollo pearls and the "Sophmore" satchel from Mon Tissu. 

That outfit says:  "Hello, I'm CC.  I'm not a Domme, but why does everyone keep asking that?  Now leave me alone while I work on my blog or I'll rip your testicles off..and then step on them with these heels."

These heels being these beauties:

Baby Monkey Marie D'Orsay with Ankle strap for Slink High Feet.   Va va voomy Sexpot shoes for the Workplace.  And Baby Monkey knows shoes well enough to actually use the term D'Orsay, which makes me squee in a bit of a shoegasm.

They are only L$99 for the all color pack.  You heard me, L$99.  There is no excuse NOT to get them.  Especially if you lean to the classic or vintage in your Va Va Voomy-ness.  Which I most certainly do.  Every burly-girl in SL probably already has them, if they don't they should.


Liv Glam Trains and Winter Rains suit demo on Marketplace

Baby Monkey shoes

Amacci Hair

Belleza skin

Caroline Apollo jewelry

Mon Tissu

Better Red, than Rezzed. My "Fake Boy Toy" Barely, bought me a dress.

I was talking to my "Fake Boy Toy", Barely Texan, yesterday.  No we aren't really a couple, we're a "Fake Couple"!   Every SL Fashionista needs a "Fake Boy Toy" or "Fake Husband" to tell us we look pretty or to do photo shoots with.

I was doing my usual abuse of him, telling him how I didn't like his hipster hair (which was the truth), and fake-complaining he told Harper about that Lindaline disk dress before me.

"She was online.", he said to me.  Well, perhaps she was, but I know where he saw that dress on Ziki Questi!  The Chamber!  I was then complaining about how my L$ balance taunted me because I didn't have L$350 at that time to get the dress.  I was planning on getting it as a lingerie cover up, and mentioned how the Buy L$ button taunts me.  Then my "Fake Boy Toy" bought it for me, which is what he should be doing for the Fashionistas who Taunt him.  Buying us stuff, not us buying him stuff.  There are rules! 

Not that it made me like his hipster hair he was wearing with his nice Steve McQueen-ish outfit.   I told him he needed the right car for that look, and a lady friend with the right outfit...maybe something Ali MacGraw would wear.

I promised him I'd take pictures of it.  He also saw me in it...when I wasn't wearing anything underneath it.  I spoil my "Fake Boy Toy" so much, but only by looking good.  Then he has to flatter me, that's his job.  Well, and flatter Harper too.  He really needs to do that more.  And flatter Berry, I told him to do that too.  Really, he just needs to tell all the Fashionistas how pretty we are, that's his purpose.

Better Red, than Rezzed, I always say.  Really, it's a thing I say referencing my "obsession" with red hair.   The disks are actually coins, which you can see in the close up.  The dress comes with a HUD that lets you change the color (including using RGB to choose one), shinyness levels, link color, etc etc.  A nice dress that would work well worn over lingerie/swimwear.  I can imagine someone using this dress for a "Bo Derek lounging near the resort pool" look.  Yes, that dates me, I'm old.  Hair is Truth Vixen, shoes are Hucci Jacmel's, skin is my usual Belleza. Lingerie by Luxuria.

There are multiple sizes available, that's the small worn with my standard S-size smaller boobeh shape, so you should be able to find a size that works for you.  Sizes for mesh boobehs are included.

This is what he's wearing today, a sort of "James Franco with oversized glasses" look.

He really should get a blog.


Diskdress on Marketplace

Belleza skin

Truth Hair



Dawn on the Lake in St John

Miz Gabi and I were having a chat yesterday morning on the Lake in St John.  She was the one that actually took pictures.

Yes we were doing the "twinsies thing"....again.  Old L'abel prim and system outfit, TRUTH hair, and a Schadenfreude mesh hat.  I'm the one on the left, I can tell by the shoes.  I was wearing Ingenue Lily flats, I think she was in Fri.day flats.

There are more pictures in this album.  Yes, that's really what it looks like.   There's land available in St John right now.   Check Gabrielle Riel's Picks (and Classifieds) for more details on Land in St John.

I don't live near the water myself, I'm on higher ground....not that it helped during the hurricane.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm a Feminist, and I play games.

When the various "controversies" started in regards to gaming, women and feminism started, I basically just read the various articles and kept my mouth shut, except on Slashdot, where I got the usual SJW/faggot/pussy epithets applied to me.   I eventually set up one of my little TV-tray style tables  (which I use while gaming for books/notes/printouts) and put a few things on there that show how I feel about these issues.

Look, there's Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, and a Creeper from Minecraft, and the Dual-Shock 4 for my PS4.  And there's a copy of "The Beauty Myth" and Fire Against Fire" by Naomi Wolf, and Julia Serano's "Whipping Girl"  All sitting on my Hello Kitty throw blankie.

So let's just say I am not overly fond of the GamerGate types. In otherwords, I'm a feminist, I game, and I have utter disdain for them.  What I think about them has been said better by others, Salome (SalStrange) in the GamerGate thread on SLUJesse Singal on Reddit and The Boston Globe

Monday, October 20, 2014

Casa del Shai, Chantel

It had been a long meeting, the fundraising was going well, but the caterer for the end-of-fundraiser soiree had canceled on short notice. She had took it on herself to go to the caterer's office and persuade them to pay for a new one themselves.   Now she was home and looking forward to tonight as she headed for the stairs.

Of course, showing up in one of her "elegant socialite" black suits with a sleek and tight updo had helped with the "intensive negotiations", especially when she used that aristocratic tone she had practiced so well and used so effectively  The caterer just needed to do what she told them to do.   They, like many others, just needed to Obey.

Upstairs, she changed for the evenings fun with pride and care.  Shortly after finishing her sartorial preparations, She saw her lady at the boudoir door, pointed to the chair standing beside her, gestured with her crop and said a single word in a tone that was definitely not just a request, "Sit".

There WILL be Pleasure at Her Command tonight.

A blurb in a Fall 2012 boot guide on Harper's Bazaar says:

Thigh High needle heels conjure up a superheroine-esque power, the taller the better.

Damn right, for a thigh high boot anyway.   These are the Casa del Shai Chantel's, part of the Chantel collection featuring corset/bodysuit and masks. Pretty Domme-y gear for the Fashionista set.  The sets come in blacks/silvers/laces/greys, the fatpacks have huds to change them.  I'm showing the Black and white textures.   Harper Beresford showed them off in black.  As Harper the blogger and Harper's the magazine says, it's all about Power.

The corset fits well, the boots...I had to play with my leg muscle and drop it by "1" to get the S to fit.  I noticed a bit of skin peeking through at the top of the boot when I moved  It's not a major negative in my book, it can't really be helped and I probably should be wearing the M size anyway.   I like the texturing on the corsets, I'm not quite sure, but they may be materials enabled.  The seaming looks materials-ish in my eyes.

The tight sophisticated hair bun is from Amacci, and the Shakespeare Cameo Choker and earrings are from Caroline Apollo.

When I first saw them I wasn't sure if I wanted them or not, because I thought wouldn't get much use out of them.   I mean, I'm not a Domme, even if I sometimes joke about how I need to be "Obeyed in all things Fashion".  Then I saw this Ralph Lauren print ad in Vanity Fair''s September Style issue. This is the reason I went all "slick and tight updo" with the hair

There I saw that freaking Ralph Lauren had done fetishy thigh high boots for the Equestrian Socialite set. That model there looks so damn sophisticated and aristocratic, and like she knows how to use a riding crop in both the bedroom and while on her horse.

I showed those Ralph Lauren boots to Shai, and said how the ad reminded me of her boots which I hadn't decided on yet, and she dropped the boots on me.  That's Shai Delacroix for you.  Then I just had to get the corsets and masks on my own.  I had been leaning on getting a black set anyway.

Edit: wanted to add the picture Barely took of me in the black version:

I also mentioned to Shai, that we need a mesh version of her old cow dress, so we can cow-dance in mesh.


Casa del Shai

Amacci hair

Belleza Skins

Caroline Apollo Jewelry