Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ordinal wearing a SilentSparrow dress, oh so pretty

I was in Caledon, some days back to admire the fall foliage ( they change their trees and ground based on the season) and the decorations and to check out Ordinal Malaprop's. fine emporium of gadgetry. I finally got to meet Madame Ordinal Malaprop herself. She was wearing a lovely green dress from Hyasynth Tiramisu's SilentSparrow shop. Her clothes are popular in Caledon.

We discussed weaponry, gadgetry, bee firing weaponry, mice wearing hats, weaponized jewelry for fashionistas and the Slurlblogger, which as far as I know is the only free tool that can post directly from the Grid to a Blogger APi blog. It also puts a Slurl in the post. It's new logo image is, of course. a mouse weaing a hat.

Oh so pretty. :-)

If you're in Ordinal's shop be sure to try shooting at the windows and do watch her videos.

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