Monday, December 16, 2013

Carroll Cabinet from Sweet Romance Furniture.

I don't usually showcase furniture, in part because I'm all about pixel vanity, but that doesn't mean I don't like furniture.  I just don't write about it often.

For my sake, I like simplicity, low prim counts and all round "looks nice-ness".  It's also a plus if I'd like it in RL or have something similar in RL

My Friend LaDonna Upshaw, of Sweet Romance Furniture made this just last night. I guess, you'd call it a "media cabinet".  A lot of folks have things like this in the living room in RL to store books, photo albums, Blu-Rays, and controllers for the video game machines and whatnot because it's just so darn useful

Yes, all the drawers and doors open, which makes me just squee.

The assorted books are a nice touch.  The Land Impact is only 9 and the cost is L$350.  So far it only comes in this black.

LaDonna said she could get the land impact lower...but then the LOD would be shorter.  It still looks good at long range, that is always a good thing.

As of right now it's not in her store (but will be), but it WILL be on Marketplace shortly.  Until it is, If you want one you can contact LaDonna Upshaw directly.


Sweet Romance Furniture

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Coldlogic, Hucci and some Fashion Annoyances.

Yes, I know, it's been a while.

As has practically every other fashionista on the grid, I've quantum-packed/fatpacked/Willow Packed, several of Coldlogic's fall releases.  I'm going to show off the coats today.  Which will lead to one of the Annoyances.

Here is the Golding coat in  Blue, which I'm wearing with the addons that makes it look like you're wearing a dress underneath.  I thought the blue would look nicer with me being pale blonde haired "Lutefisk" me.

And here is the Davis coat in Onyx......

Yes, they're the same coat...but different colors of it have different names.

So the 16 different color variations of the SAME coat come in 4 separate fatpacks with different names.  There's Golding, Davis, Berner and Tilton.   Which I find annoying because it's the SAME coat....but Coldlogic is constantly doing their naming like that.  Instead giving variants different names they should just use more adjectives like say "Hathaway solids red" or "Hathaway prints red" instead of the current practice.

It's a nice coat, though I do wish there was an actual dress one could wear underneath rather than just the addon bits.

That's Pink Fuel Harley skin, Truth Felicity Hair, IKON Lucid eyes in Floe and the "second" Light blonde color that looks like the "Swedish/LightBlonde02".  Yummy "Michelle" pearl set

My standard Belleza Betty, also with Truth Felicity in whatever the equivalent to the old "Red05/Blood" color is in the new system without names is, IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.  Earthstones "Tennis set" in platinum

So yes, the lack of color names with the Truth hair is VERY annoying for me.

My spider guest if Harriet the Lady Spider from Caledon, courtesy of Alistair Whybrow. Mon Tissu "Sophomore" bag which is called "Sophmore" in inventory.  That is why designers need a second pair of eyes to double check simple things like that.

I also picked up the Hucci Glynco pump addons to the Slink feet...both the Classic and Nude color fatpacks....because it's the closest thing to the Christian Louboutin Pigalle I've seen in SL.

HUD changeable colors which I find annoying because you can't make outfits with specific colors.  Personally I'd rather just  have every option in the fatpack though I know that would get complicated if the shoe has lots of options.  This one has multiple sole colors...but I stick with the proper red.

With the included foot shape, my feet sunk in the floor, so I had to edit it to add more "height" and "Platform"...this is also why Designers need a second pair of catch stuff like that.  Field testing is helpful.  Hosiery is by Luxuria, who has appliers for the Slink Feet....though the term should actually be "applicators"....sighs.



Pink Fuel skins

Belleza skins

IKON eyes

Truth Hair

Yummy Accessories

Earthstones Jewellery

Mon Tissu at Mayfair

Luxuria Lingerie, Hosiery and makeup


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still Roslin's #1 fan. Yes..the Luxuria Relaunch makes me happy.

Oldbies in SL know who Roslin Petion is, one half of the duo behind Tete a Pied/Fleur/5th and Oxford brands.  They did skin, mostly, and then ventured out into clothing.  And if you check my oldest blog posts, I've been a fan since pretty much the week I joined.   As I say, "I'm Roslin's #1 Fan, in a totally fangirlish non-stalker way of course."

But eventually the partners parted ways, and there was no more Roslin and CJ skin, and I was deprived and had to change skin brands which took me for-e-ver.

But that didn't mean Roslin stopped making things, because she did and I was told that eventually her lingerie brand would be making a comeback on it's own, with tattoo makeup.  So we now have the Roslin-made Cherie lingerie set with mesh underbust corsets.  (Alongside other lingerie, check out Gogo's blog, she blogged the florals!

 The stockings are available in 4 styles, well it's basically two styles with two denier types (and shinyness levels as well) Denier is the rating of the sheerness of a stocking...I think of stockings in deniers.  Anyway, choice of sheerness, welts and seams, yadda yadda.

Though readers haven't seen it, I've worn Luxuria undies under the summer dresses I've been wearing in the blog posts.

There is also Luxuria brand makeup. Roslin-made lippies, glosses and matte, as is proper.  She was a makeup artist in RL, you know.  This is Red Gloss 4 over Pink Fuel Harley Vanilla  The Blessed Roslin was wearing her makeup over PF Harley Peach in the Cherie lingerie displays...and yes with the same hair too, Truth Candy.   That's by intent.

I once got mistaken for Roslin back in the early days because we resembled each other enough.  Even got asked if I was one of the models in her 5th and Oxford skin displays....nope it was just Roslin looking like me in a pretty Ingenue dress...that I owned.  One time I saw a photo on a blog, and thought "I don't remember going to that event."...but it was Roslin in a slinky cleavage-y gown that I also owned and with her signature ETD Roslin hair which I also wore often.  Yes, yes, I'm her #1 Fan, but not a stalker!  Don't Ban me, Ros!


Luxuria is still in Nouveau

Pink Fuel Harley skin

Truth Hair: Candy

Sax Shepherd Jewellery Bijou Roulette

IKON eyes: Lucid Moor

G Field Alex shoes

Friday, September 20, 2013

Liv Glam Laurent, the sort of dress I like in RL.

I discovered Liv Glam sometime back after seeing one of their things on an acquaintance.  Most of Liv-glam's styles seem to have a sort of high end department store look to them, which I like for the most part.  To be honest, their stuff can be hit or miss, and some of the texturing is of questionable style on some of their stuff, or could use a little work...but some of it IS worth picking up.  Besides, they have demos.

I picked up this classic "Laurent" wrap dress some months back and was saving a blog post for fall.  It's a simple versatile v-neck mesh dress with a color change hud.  This solid version is only available at the store, but there is also a print version available.  In my opinion, some of the solid colors are questionable choices in a dress like this, but there's enough colors that it does look good in to be worth a look:

Here it is in classic black, desk to dinner, though it is a little cleavagey for desk in RL, but we all know that in SL we tend to show more cleavage...even me.  Shoes are from Elikatira, the Move's.  Skin is my usual Belleza Betty

 Just to show you how classic the dress is, here's a similar RL one from Talbots!  I tend to be classic, so I like to peruse Talbots for Internet Window Shopping.  And yes, I based the styling of my picture on the way the Talbot's dress was styled, just to show that classic style works well in SL...and RL.

And here I have used a dark red color.  The hair I used was Wasabi Pills Jamie, which is fairly close, a touch more controlled than the RL hair of the model, which I think suits the dress better.  Jewellery is Drop Stone Pendant and earrings in Gold by Sax Shepherd.  Bag is the "Lourdes" from Alexandra Sautereau via Marketplace

Which I styled like this styling of the dress. Close, but not quite.  The RL dress comes in several colors and it does come in plus and petite sizes and is $109.  It is unlined though.

Ready for fall window shopping in brown, with a scarf from Miel and GOS Equestrian boots.



Wasabi Pills

Belleza skin HQ


Sax Shepherd Jewellery



Alexandra Satereau Collection

"Flirt"ing Pink Fueled Venus

Yes, I do actually shop now and then in SL.  Sometimes I might even actually blog.  This is more summer style, it's still fairly warm here in the midwest still.  Still warm enough for cute little dresses and slides.

Have a gander.  This is the Miel Peasant Dress, Mesh in muted pastels and neutrals with a color change HUD.  I think it's cute, and youthful, and the lace him is flirty.

Some of you are thinking:  "Lutefisk again?  No blur this time...wait..that's not a Belleza skin and that's one of the Truth Light Blondes the swedish-y one in the new Venus hair with the new vending system... and is that skin a..... Pink Fuel Harley?  zOMG CC!"

Yes, yes it is,  but in Vanilla, not Peach.  (This shade is a touch darker than I want but the next lighter shade is too light)  She made me buy them!   She, being Gogo of Juicybomb.  Well she didn't make me, she doesn't know me from Torley.  But she knows where to get cute stuff and she was showing off this youthful pretty hair, which is currently at Fameshed and is L$1000 for the all color pack.  I've also been wondering what Pink Fuel Harley would look like on me and I had tried the Demo and it was fine, so I gave into the desire and picked up a pack.  Nice price, L$1500.

Yes, it makes me look younger than I normally do, maybe 19-20.  The skin meets my standards and is "Acceptable and CC approved.", though I probably won't wear it often.  The fatpack I got came with plenty of shadow, lid, lippie and gloss options.

 Just so you know I haven't been totally brainwashed by cute baby cheeked blondes with REALLY cute stuff in their blog pictures,  here's me in a "normal for me" color.    However, I can't name the color because they aren't named OR all.  Which is a serious flaw in the new system.  I'm a big of fan of "if it's not broke, don't mess with it.", so I actually preferred the actual color names, though it is/was easier to tell which were lighter and darker with the number system.  But this new system does neither, sigh. The hairbases still use the old number system.  I hope Truth fixes it.

That Pink Fuel skin comes with a very nice shiny red gloss, reminds me of the old L'Oreal candy apple red silicone one.   I also picked up Gogo's Juicy Liz shape,  but I didn't like the nose in profile at all, though I did like the body shape.  Didn't see a demo version, I must have overlooked it.

The real reason I'm doing this post is because I'm a child of the 70's/80's.  So that means there's this little part of me that has a weakness for BIG hair, and Candies slides.

Yeah, Sax Shepherd feeds my Squee-powered shoegasm again, though I wish I'd have had these in May.  So it's a Candies style two strap slide for the Slink Medium feet with the traditional Candies style wooden heel/sole with a plethora of HUD options in strap color, sole color insole color, and even Rivet color...really, there are 3 options just for the rivets.

While you can buy some of the colors/options in singles... just get the Whole Damn Pack, really.  Yes the WDP is L$2750, but since the singles are L$399, you save money by just getting the WDP.  You know you want to, and you NEED a plethora of options for your Candies.  Besides, you don't all the options available in the WDP are available in the singles.  I can't imagine how many different singles versions there would be if that was the case... a LOT.   I think these are inspired by the early 80's versions, though my memory is not as good as it was.

Pink with light colored wood!

All black!  But you can mix and match ANY option, so if you wanted pink with black sole and red could do it.

Brown with dark wood

Red gingham, red wood!  There are more gingham options

Leopard print and there are even more prints.  I'm having a squee moment just looking at these right now.

And trust me I'm going to wear the red option with black leather jeans and cleavage-y top, just like Sandy on Grease. "Tell me about it, baby!"

Now if Sax does some fall shoes or boots...I can Squee even more.



Truth Hair


Pink Fuel

Sax Shepherd Designs

Minecraft: Powered Rail!

Minecraft still annoys me, but I play it now and then, and I finally have a powered rail!

I also show why I need more rail tracks.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Playstation Home, what Blue Mars wanted to be.

Sometimes I think that Playstation Home is what Blue Mars wanted to be, with it's "spaces" that you had to download and gamification.

And here's a minigolf game in Home

Sony promotes Home content with a blog and videos, Linden Lab sure couldn't get away with promoting specific creators these days without having someone complain about creating a new "FIC":

Yeah, there is a LOT of stuff in Home.  You know how SL has tons of unlicensed content?  Star Wars, Tardises, Hogwarts stuff, you know the drill....but with Home it's all licensed.

Want your own Potter Owl? it's in there and linked to the J.K. Rowling's Pottermore website.  I'm a Ravenclaw!

Want your own K9?  Yep, you can even have your own Tardis style virtual apartment.

Tons of free games to play?  Yep.  Take your own screenshots? Yep.  Take machinima video? yep.  Watch video as a group on a screen? Yep!  Though you can't stream your own audio into Home...yet, though there are radio's you can buy that use something called RadioIO.

They just added an Inspect feature that shows you where another avatar got their stuff and lets you buy it from the Inspect Screen!  How I often wish SL had something like that. 

In fact I think Home and SL complement each other well, each one does certain things well that the other does not.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strawberry Singh 42 Groups Meme

Yep another Strawberry Singh meme, this one about 42 Second Life Groups

Have you reached the 42 group limit?

Yes, I have, and did soon after that limit was introduced.  Since then I've either been at or near the limit.  As I've said many times... I really could use 100 group slots...500 would be better.

Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of?

I have done so, at times, I try to not do it much.

What makes you want to join a group?

It varies so much. Sometimes it's wanting to support or be a part of a community, sometimes it's wanting to follow a designer's work, sometimes it's for fun.

A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees?

I consider my group slots to be valuable and finite... they should be paying ME!  That said, I don't mind a small fee, say L$250 or below.  But I would not join that group to just get a group gift and leave.

Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.

Fashion Consolidated... a great way to get notices from lots of stores.

Fashion Emergency.  If you NEED something NOW, that's the place to ask where to get your NEED.  Fairly social too.

Vita's Boudoir, for the costumes and the burlesque gear and the hats.  The sisters are just so nice..and adorable.

Hair Fair Demo Group, for obvious reasons.

I hear Skin Addiction and Menstuff are good too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

SSD Vixen mules with Slink mesh feet...and a CIA Designs summer dress.

It is still summer in my neck of the woods... summer events, summer cocktail parties, summer weddings.  They all need pretty dresses and pretty shoes.  I picked up this CIA Designs summer dress at the Love Donna Flora event, tis a perfect strapless floral "guest of the wedding" dress even if it's a bit slim hipped.  (LaDonna said that stood out to her a bit when she saw it on me.)  I had some fit/alpha  issues until I paired the Medium dress with the XXS/XS alpha which worked best for me.

But this post isn't about the dress... but shoes.   Shoes that made me buy SLINK feet so I could wear them with that dress:  The SSD Vixen Stiletto Sandals

Now personally, I would call that shoe a slide/mule rather than a sandal, but that doesn't matter because THAT is one of the quintessential summer shoes.  You can probably find similar shoes by practically any high end designer in RL because it's a classic shoe.   It's simply pretty, has a high, but not too high heel..just what you need.

The shoe in SL is designed to be worn with SLink "Medium heel" mesh feet.... at first I was a bit disappointed but I checked out the Slink feet and picked them up.  The feet themselves are reasonably priced, relatively easy to use and you can find skin appliers to match many skin brands.

The shoes are mesh, come in plenty of colors and cost L$399 each.  Now I've been spoiled by G Field on shoe prices so I wince at prices over L$350 still.  But... when you buy a single pair, you actually get 2, see that diamond on the vamp also get a version without that.  The shoes are also mod.  You just have to love the detail on these things... you can see the stitching that would be there in RL!  And the footbed looks like it should.

But the best thing is... fatpack is L$999.  No, really... the fatpack is L$999. This is when I laugh maniacally in total shoe avarice after a shoegasm This is the sort of shoe that having the fatpack in will serve you VERY well for your strappy summery shoe needs.  As I say:  "How many colors do you need?  All of them."  So don't waste your time on the singles and just get the fatpack.

And for those who want something a bit more casual or had a girlcrush on Catherine Bach of the Dukes of Hazzard back in the late 70's/early 80's, there are the new "Denim Duke" mules.  Again, fatpack em.


SSD Vixen Stiletto Sandals at Sax Shepherd Designs Mainstore

and at his Marketplace store

Slink Medium Mesh feet at: Slink

CIA Designs Summer Floral dress at: CIA Designs

Monday, August 05, 2013

A Critical Review of Minecraft

Minecraft, is the indie sensation that it seems everyone is playing.  I only jumped on the bandwagon starting last year.  In part after hearing about the Caledon Minecraft Server in ISC chat.  This is my single-player world:

I even have a blender render of my "base", this one was done via mcobj:

And another done using Chunky:

And here's a complete "map" of my world, made using the "minutor" tool.

But this is review and criticism and I'm going to say a couple of things up front:

1. I don't think Mojang should be charging what they are for what is still a Beta product.

2. I don't think nerds should have been going around encouraging non-nerds to pay the full price for a game that is intentionally designed for the hardcore nerd audience.

Now some people might be thinking:

But CC, you find Minecraft enjoyable and play on the Caledon Minecraft server now and again.

Yes, but it is enjoyable despite Minecraft's Very Serious Flaws as a game.

Let me start at the beginning of my Minecraft experience:

I spawned in, saw some trees and tried to harvest them.  I kept failing and was wondering why...then I found out you have to hold the mouse button, not tap it.  By that time it was late in game, monsters spawned and I died.

That is one of the games most serious flaws.  It tells you NOTHING.  No explanation of controls and UI, not even a simple one line saying "Try going over to some trees and holding down the mouse button near their trunks."  This is bad game design at it's other game would have discoverabiltiy issues such as this tolerated.  Not Final Fantasy, not World of Warcraft, not Skyrim, not even Second Life.

Now there's some who are thinking:

But CC, part of the fun of the Minecraft Experience is figuring things out.

Oh really?  Did you figure out how to make an enchanting table on your own?  Did you figure out how to make food on your own?  Did you figure out how to tame horses and that horse saddles are only available in stronghold chests on your own?  Did you figure out that the only way to get those special music discs was to have a skeleton shoot and kill a creeper...on your own?

No, you didn't, you used the wiki.  Everyone does.  No one "really" figures this stuff out.  Not even the people who make the wiki figure it out...they use code tools to disassemble the code to figure out what things do!  In fact, it would be almost impossible for anyone to actually figure this stuff out in-game.  Game information that should be supplied in-game isn't.  That's a serious design flaw.

Some are probably thinking right now:

But CC, isn't it nice that there's a Minecraft community that figures this stuff out?  That's one of the great things about Minecraft.

Perhaps, but it's also one of the greatest weaknesses.  The existence of the community let's Mojang, the developer, off the hook to fix the serious UI and discoverability issues.  So Mojang has never given the game the proper "polishing and finishing" it so desperately needs.

The community is a weakness in other ways.  After I died and figured out how to collect wood I did some Googling on how to do stuff in Minecraft and here's a paraphrasing of some info I found that was supposedly aimed at newbies:

You need to protect your home from mobs, you should set up traps using redstone, pressure plates and pistons to dump mobs approaching your door into lava.

Yes I really did see something like that intended as newbie advice which is freaking hil-ar-i-ous.  I STILL haven't seen redstone, and this advice giver is basically expecting new and mostly non-nerd players to do some very advanced stuff!  How many people who aren't already programmers or electrical enginneers or perhaps hardcore nerds of some kind do anything complex with Redstone.  Not many.  Redstone is a feature for the hardcore, not the rest of us.

Besides, the best way to protect one's base is with a simple cobble wall and sufficient lighting, reasonably quick and easy.

 I saw something similar recently when trying to find out how to make a passageway for a rail that monsters couldn't go through.  I was seeing all kinds of advice given involving Redstone, switches, detectors and whatnot until finally someone said:

Geez people don't make things more complex than necessary, just make a 1 wide by 2 high passage and put a glass pane or wood fence piece in the top.
That is one of the weaknesses of the community.  Too many "Stop Having Fun" guys always recommending doing things in an overly complex hardcore way.

Not only that but the game designers themselves are catering to that hardcore community with new features and added complexity.    Jeb said that himself.... and that's another issue.  Prima Donna Programmer Notch says he's easily bored so rather than actually "finishing and polishing" Minecraft he's gone off to something new.... which is also a common happening in the open-source movement.  The Visionary quits because polishing the thing an d fixing bugs isn't as exciting as adding new features so they quit and leave the project to the second stringers.

And then those second stringers start adding features because it's more "fun" than actually polishing what's already in there.

Here's other things I seriously don't like about Minecraft:

While there is an in-game map, it's an item you have to craft and requires redstone to craft.  You actually have to hold it in your hand to have it update and use it.  While realistic, that is most certainly only fun to the Hardcore and the "Stop Having Fun Guys".  Other Modern games implement proper maps into the UI.

Melon seeds, used to grow melons to make healing potions, are only obtainable in strongholds.

The new "Regional difficulty" feature is designed to get players to explore more says Mojang, by increasing mob difficulty if you stay in one area. But...exploring beyond your bases range basically means setting up NEW  full bases every so often, thus making things more time consuming than they already are and punishing new (and more casual) players.

The increased Skeleton fire rate and knockback effect was designed specifically to appease the "hardcore" who were complaining that the game was too the expense of everyone else

The recent change in how health regeneration works was done for the same reason, and punishes new players.   Thank you ever so much, "Stop Having Fun Guys".

Thanks to Regional Difficulty and changes to Zombie spawning, you can lose the first village you find to Zombie infestation... making things even harder for non-hardcore players for whom villagers are sources of harder to acquire materials.  Not only that, but even FINDING a village is extremely hard.  Do you know what I've seen recommended:  Use your seed to create a superflat creative world and then fly around and note locations of villages...then go to those locations in your regular game.   So in other words....cheat...because the game tells you nothing and gives you no hints.

The Random Number Generator can simply screw a new player by dumping him in certain zones, like Taiga.  I have seen many recommendations that say:  "If you start in Taiga, delete the world and restart. You want grassland because it will be easier to farm and get animals."

The cult of worship that has sprung around Mojang, Notch and indie games in general.  Think about it, do you refer to any programmer of any of your other games by a cute nickname.  Heck do you even know any of their names at all?  If Bethesda or Squaresoft released a game that was seriously in Alpha form and wasn't ready to play and gave no information to players...what would happen?   There would be holy hell and demanding of refunds....but Mojang and Notch are given a pass because of the "cult of indie worship"   I don't think that's right.  Indie developers should be held to the same quality standards other developers are.  If the players of FFXIV think the game should be Free-to-play until the issues are fixed...then Mojang shouldn't be charging $27 for Minecraft.

So in conclusion:

Minecraft is like Dwarf Fortress or Nethack.  If you don't know what those's not really for you no matter what your nerdy friends say.

And yes, I'm a redhead in Minecraft too.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

CC and Flat Rodvik visit his mansion

Yes it's another Strawberry Singh Meme.

So I had my Flat Rodvik, so where was I going to go on my friendly date with him.... to his own mansion!  I mean after all, can't resist a guy with his own mansion.  I wonder if I could get Rodvik to switch genders for me.

I made my Rodvik smaller and attached him to me since Governor Linden's mansion is no-build.  IIRC it used to allow build but had enough auto-return time to rez some props and take pics.

The chair near the pool has no poses in it, sigh.  That one sign behind me thanks the early content makers.  A big thank you to them from me too! 

After visiting his mansion we went to one of the most popular regions in SL that I had never been to, I figured he had never been there either.  It's name had "Bliss" in it.  (The hard part was finding a spot and angle so that nothing naughty was showing!)


Post 7th Rezday Musings

7 years in SL.  I think I figured out why I'm still in SL, and it's not just the shopping:

It's the people.  The friends, the acquaintances, the interesting people I've only talked to once.   The virtual fashion is fun, but it's MORE fun with people to talk to and hang out with or do things with.  So I want to thank all the people I've met over the years, oh so many people.  The friends I have made.  The People of Caledon, the Fashionistas, everyone. To the Friends that are gone from SL as well, you are missed.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I wouldn't be here without you.

And a shout out to Loken (on the left) and Gabi, who organized my rezday party.  Thank you ever so much, it was fun.  You also get to see the front of my awesome foofy gown from Vitabela Dubrovna's store, Boudoir!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7th Rezday Party at Carntaigh Green

This is just a quick announcement for my 7th Rezday Party, yes I'm actually having a party and I'm away run away.  Actually I'm not that horrible as a DJ...I've heard worse and I like DJing for fun for my Rezday.  And yes, you will hear me speak, even though I hate my voice.  I sound like such a nerd...which I am.  I'll do a retrospective post about my 7 years in the next week or so.

SLURL to CC's 7th Rezday Party location at Carntaigh Green

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Berry's Movie Poster Challenge: I do Breakfast at Tiffany's

Strawberry Sing has a new Movie Poster Challenge.  Well you know me and you know which film poster I just had to do:

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Being Audrey-worshiping me, I have several versions of the Iconic dress, which should come as no surprise to my readers.  This one is from Donna Flora.  While that dress does come with earring and necklace, it has no tiara, which is a shame, so I switched in a B.a.T inpired set from Caroline Apollo.  Hair is a new Truth release called Bobbie, and shoes are the Lola's from Baby Monkey.  Skin is Bellesa and Eyes are from IKON.  "Cat" is from Marketplace and is called Lazy Cat Orange Shoulder.

Friday, June 07, 2013

SSD Dione Diamond Jewelry Set by Sax Shepherd

I freely admit that my all time favorite Jewelry store in SL was Miriel Enfield, who spoiled her customers with low prices, many styles, many gemstone colors and many metal options.  And the choice of permissions was right in the vendors.  How I loved the one I often called "Tar-Miriel". (That's a Silmarillion reference by the way,... which Miriel recognized...of course.  The name is Quenya and means Jewel-daughter.)

But then she was gone and I was sad because I missed my simply pretty diamonds and whatnot that she made.

But as I've said before My friend Salome has told her Jewelry making friend Sax Shepherd about the Blessed Miriel.  Now he's been making a bunch of nice boho, beacy, beachy sets which while VERY nice aren't exactly the things I can wear with some of my things.  As my readers know, I tend to be VERY classic, and love a good formal gown.

But then I was given a preview set of SSD diamonds and was forbidden on pain of death or worse by Salome from writing about them....they were secret.    I put them on and started sighed in delight and waited.

Then came the final release set, the Dione Diamond's.

Damn right I was all over that!  It's.... Miriel-ish... well if Miriel was making Mesh jewelry that is.  This is an elegant luxurious set, for cocktail dresses, formals, fancy lingerie.. This isn't a jeans jewelry set, this is a statement set. This is the Platinum metal.  It also comes in a realistic silver  (silver tarnishes so it isn't so shiny) and gold.   I'm showing off platinum because I just love platinum as a metal.  I also like titanium but you'll pay hell finding THAT in SL.  There is also a set of additional dangle earrings in addition to those teardrop earrings in the set.

A nice look at the necklace there, pretty and feminine isn't it, it's so me.

Now while the set is Miriel-ish... Sax is NOT Miriel and he does do quite a bit of more...exotic influences... Like this Maang Tikka, which makes a nice alternative to a Tiara if you've got good hair for it.

And this Bindi

Also, he throws in a bracelet and cocktail ring.  I need to work more on the ring sizing, that was the hardest piece to adjust.

And a Tennis bracelet with BOTH right and left arm options.

This set is Marketplace only for now.  You can buy the items individually...if you wanted to and are clueless because that will cost you MORE in the long run, than paying L$999 for a single metal set of necklace, bracelet, both head pieces, both sets of earrings and tennis bracelets and ring.   But an even BETTER deal is paying L$1749 for a 3 metal "Whole Damn Set"

I'm kind of jonesing for this set in more jewels.  maybe rubies or garnets, or emeralds, or black diamonds, or sapphires or.....  you get the drill.

Fitting note: The scripts are low lag, and the pieces are copy and mod.. which is what we want.  Since they're on marketplace they're easy to gift.

And if you're a Gentleman or Lady thinking of an SL sweetheart, this would make a very nice gift

Picture Notes:

Belleza Skin
Truth Crys ponytail
Tuty Adorable updo
IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.

SSD by Sax Shepherd store on Marketplace

Monday, May 13, 2013

Truth, Monso, and why my last few blog posts have BAD pictures.

You know I read Gogo's blog, Juicybomb.  Everyone does.  So I saw the Monso jeans she showed off and went to check them out at FaMeshed... at the same time I saw the new Truth corset sets and picked a few of those up... I then thought that they would look good together and took pictures...on May 3rd.  So I check Juicybomb today and see this post showing off the Truth Corsets with Monso jeans.  Decided to go ahead and post mine too...and to make a bit of a point at the end of this post.

Lutefisk is wearing the Antique color corset with the dark blue jeans against a pale background:

Let's get this straight, these corsets are not perfect, the flared peplum on the corset sits closer to the body than it probably should so if you have a bit of a butt, whatever you're wearing on that butt might show through, depending on item and shape.  If I sized up the corset there was a notable gap between the corset and my virtual boobehs... I had to size down the jeans so it wouldn't show..but then my skin in front pokes through the jeans, but the peplum covered it.  Simply put, I really couldn't "effectively" wear these together with my shape though they're fine separately.  So watch the peplum!

The jeans are fantastic, love em. have been mixing and matching with them.  bought 3 pairs, will probably get the others.

Yep it's Truth Kasia hair in Swedish on Lutefisk.  Belleza Shyla skin, IKON Lucid eyes in Floe....standard Lutefisk.

Regular but still gaussed and glowed me is wearing the black corset and jeans...against a dark background:

Regular me, same hair in my proper "Blood", IKON Lucid Eyes in Moor, Belleza Betty Pale skin.

And finally, my recent blog picutures involving Lutefisk have been BAD pictures from a shoppers you know why?  Excessive use of glow and blur and lack of contrast!  These pictures have been intentionally done glamour blog style to make a point.... you can't see detail to judge items on their merits if everyone is going around glowing and gaussing up the wazoo and taking pictures against backgrounds in the same color family as the outfits, as I've discused before.

So yes, while I think the glamour blogs have pretty pictures... they're doing a disservice to shoppers with the excessive photoshop.


TRUTH Hair  
IKON eyes  
G Field