Thursday, September 03, 2015

Erratic Delice lingerie, co-starring the Maitreya Lara Body, guest starring the Lelutka Karin Head.

First some windlighty, depth of field-y cheesecake on my Dutchie Gustavian Lesbian edition sex be--, I mean my Dutchie Gustavian Lesbian "photoprop" bed! (/me waves to Miss DME and Charlemagne amongst the admirers of CC Cheesecake)

Yes, I forgot to use the ankle lock!  Facepalm moment on my part.

Now for the actual pose stand pictures, still cheesecake though.  I think I resemble my friend LDO in this one:

 Right then, Erratic Delice set, Bra, thong, suspender belt (garter belt for us Yanks), and suspender brief (brief with built in garters), and stockings (with appliers for Maitreya bodies and Slink feet)  Make sure you have the most recent OmniHud 6.1 version of the feet, the stockings require them.  I really can't say more about the lingerie other than it's Erratic, which the glamorous sexpot fashionista types at the Chamber seem to wear.  The fit is good (erratic lingerie also works on non-mesh bodies if you're close to the standard sizes), and it looks REALLY good.  It's frickin shmexy for sure.  You can probably guess I have the fatpack.

I wore it with Truth's new Heloisa hair, a shmexy "windblown supermodel" hair and Hucci's Jacmel pumps

But this post isn't really about the lingerie, it's about the body.  I've been wearing the Maitreya Lara Body for two months now, and can state that I can recommend the body, with a caveat.  That caveat being the lack of fine grained control over the alpha, meaning I can't wear it with some of my mesh items sad to say.  One example being the Steffen Garcia Blair.

Otherwise it works well, is relatively easy to use, and has good support amongst third parties.

 As you can see, I'm also wearing the Karin head, with League Luna head appliers.

Perhaps I shouldn't have picked it up, since I was iffy about the demo. But a couple of friends had been urging me to go ALL mesh with a mesh head, and I wanted to see how it looked with actual League appliers on it so I held my nose at the price (L$2500, I consider it a bit overpriced at that level, I think a 1200 to 1500 price would be more reasonable), and bought the thing, and both sets of the Luna appliers.

Sadly the Luna makeup works much better with blonde hair than red. And you know how I am about my red hair. The lipsticks need a little more work to be more flattering to a redhead.  (As do the Erin makeups) And I'm not sure I like the head, there's something about it when I look at it in profile (from the side) that bothers me.  From the front it's gorgeous, but the side....I have mixed feelings.

Also the head had fewer functions than some other ones I have heard of.  For example there are only two settings for the mouth, closed and slightly open.  Some other heads have animated mouths.  Also lash tinting uses a color picker than some standard presets.  Another caveat involves the included hairbase applier, there aren't enough colors in it and I don't think my favorite hair makers make a hairbase applier for the head yet.

Sadly because of my mixed feelings on this head, I cannot categorically recommend this head, or the other Lelutka heads....yet.  My feelings may change as further updates are made to the head, I hope.

Also, besides LDO, it makes me look like my bacon-loving friend RachelAlivia, who also uses this head, especially with the blonde hair.


League skin



Hucci Main store


Truth Hair

A Girl Genius/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Fashion Fan-Fic: Report from Vulgarian Agent #1138

This is a fan-fic-y fashion post involving Jägers from Girl Genius, of which I am rather fond.  I recently picked up one of the hardbound compilations of the historical documents (that's what I call them around KlausWulfenbach Outlander in SL), aka the first Omnibus volume, though I had read some online at the Official Girl Genius website.

From Agent #1138, Steamlands Operations Desk
Hallo Mein Baron Bombi.

Forgive me for responding in English, I've spent so much time amongst the Steamlanders that it is easier to report in that Language, Ja?  As you may know I was assigned to follow various and sundry Steamlanders to gather intelligence for our Great Nation of Vulgaria. 

Well then I was assigned to the Steamlander known as Ms. CC Creeggan.  I spent many Jahre studying her, und I know EVERYTING about her.  The clothes she wears, her obsession with redheads, und her obsession with hats. Ms. CC Creeggan is a fashionista.  She shops, it's what she does.  At first glance it would seem she is just some flighty brainless shopping addict, but first glance would be wrong, Mein Baron.   Apparently she was drafted into the Caledon Militia and was promoted to Sergeant.  So how does some fashionista get promoted to non-commisioned officer?  She likes guns, big ones, especially gatlings.  She is Very good with gatlings.

So we have a fashionista who likes guns.  You might think that this is rather common, after all Fashionistas are noted for hunting down those who disrupt their shopping rituals with swords, katanas, guns, und weapons of mass BEWM.  That is verstehe, Mein Baron.

I learned much about her in St. John and Caledon.
One of the things that struck me as interesting was that she seemed to have an affinity for Baron Klaus Wulfenbach.  That might be expected considering Gabrielle Riel is close to him, but with Ms. Creeggan it was different.  She seemed to be "minding" him, watching over him, and always seemed well armed around him.  Not only that, but she was known for clicking her heels und saluting him.

I also discovered that Ms. Creeggan seemed to be FAR stronger und tougher than any fashionista I had seen before.  It was rumored that she had stopped a runaway cargo truck, a Daimler Vehicle No. 42 powered by an internal combustion engine by holding out her hand against it's front fender.  It was also rumored that she could stop potential ruffians by just looking at them, raising her voice, und gesturing towards a VERY LARGE .54 bore handgun that would appear at her waist. 

I managed to bribe a wandering down-on-his-luck seaman in St. John with some rum und he told me of an incident at a dockside pub:

"Now that Miz CC, she aint normal-like.  Hells Bells, she might not even be human.  Maybe she's a demon or some kind of spellcaster, I don't know.  But I saw her toss Baraboo Jack across the entire pub when he got uppity with her after the barkeep called her in to break up a bar fight. And when he came after her with a knife, she disarmed him and BROKE the knife with one hand, and said, and I quote:  " Hyu hain't a very schmot guy, hyu know "  And then she decked him, with one punch.  Lifted him off the floor and carried him back to his ship like he was a purse.  That aint natural.  And she gets shipments labeled "Genuine Fresh Europan Bogz", "Bogz Puree" and "Chocolate Covered Bogz" from someplace called Europa Wulfenbach."

That seemed VERY suspicious so I decided to take a trip to Winterfell, where Europa has an embassy and where the Europan Jägermonsters have a hut. You know of Jägermonsters, Mein Baron, those altered-human warriors who, for the most part, serve the Baron Wulfenbach. Known for their great strength, affinity for big guns and bug eating.

I have managed to sneak into the der Hut des Jäger and found their roster.  In it there is a listing for an "Infiltration agent, Ms. CC" with the description:
"Hyu know, dat redheaded Jäger gurlie vo likes schoes almost as much as hets?  De vun vith de kolor change hepidermoose, retractable fangs, und morpho-chango ears?  Yah her, she makes a goot infiltration agent. Let's send her to de schteamlunds to find schparks und vatch over de Baron und schtuff.  She vill need zum schpeech trainink to schpeak like de non-Jager pipples, but dat kan done viddout too much trubbel.  She's a schmot gurl. It iz a goot plan vith low probability for loss uf hets for everyone.  Authorization: Mamma Gkika"
This changes everything.  instead of just being some wandering shoe-obsessed fashionista, she's a wandering shoe-obsessed, hat-obsessed, utterly dangerous Jäger! Well I suppose there's not really THAT much difference, Fashionistas are known for being rather scary drama filled creatures of avarice und violence.

That said, I do believe this information will require continuing surveillance, und also a promotion.  After all...she's a Jäger.  

Agent #1138

As Agent #1138 was preparing to leave the Hut with his missive, the double doors opened and he saw the familiar face of Ms. CC the Fashionista, but this time her face was green, she was wearing a nice hat, and she was carrying a portable gatling.

"Vere do hyu tink hyu're gun, schmot guy?", said she,  "Hy tink hyu vill need to be hendink over everyddink hyu are karryink, includink you missiff to Vulgaria und hyu schould tink about defectink und retirink... to Zindra vith hall de pretty gurlies on de beaches, yah?  De Baron Bombi von' take kindly to a failure on you part."

Agent #1138 handed over everything without complaint. What could he do, facing a gatling armed Jäger.

She then said, "Dat's a schmot guy, Hy tink hyu vill enjoy you retirement hennyvay, much more fun ten servink dat jerk Baron Bombi"

The Agent thought, "Oh well, alls fair in espionage, and love.  Perhaps he could find a large bosomed oiled up vixen for his very own in Zindra." As he left, he turned and watched the Jager head into the Hut.

I saw this Nikita Military dress when Charlemagne Allen TP'd me over to Valentina E. one day.  She didn't know I was a fan of "V.E."and I didn't know she was a fan of V.E. either.  Anyway, I saw it first and told her she had to have it because it was so Charlemagne-y.  I eventually caved in and got it too.  There's also an all-black/grey, olive green and navy blue versions.

I'm wearing it with the  Lumae Orsimer Adore skin with the included Leevi ears. 

Makeup used is a red gloss from Roslin Petion's Luxuria brand , with Schadenfreude fangs.   I paired it with Lassitude & Ennui's "Flutter" boots.  I had to size them up to M to wear them over the Maitreya body.  Coincidentally, Luxuria, Lassitude & Ennui and Schadenfreude are all located in the Nouveau region.

The dress isn't quite perfect with the body, sadly we don't have enough fine grained control over the alpha, but it's not too bad.  The hair is Magika Honest with the Paulette hat from Pure Poison.

The portable Gatling is one of my cherished SL posessions, being made by the late Nix Sands for his XNT brand. He was a True Gentleman in my book and I still miss him. It is no longer available.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference is Vulgaria and Baron Bombi (Bomburst in the film and book), who are often used as "generic steampunk villains" in fiction-y blog posts and stories in the Steamlands.


Lumae skin





Magika hair

Valentina E

Lassitude & Ennui

Pure Poison

Hell Freezes Over, I switch to Firestorm

This SL screenshot taken in my house, may look fairly ordinary, but to me it isn't. 

Check the full size version, it's 3840x2114 in size.  No, I'm not running a 4K monitor, I'm using the double size screenshot feature built into SL viewers that actually works on Linux in Firestorm.  Yes, Firestorm  Long time readers may know that almost always used one of LL's Beta builds, though I've sometimes tested older Firestorm builds on my alt.  

I've complained about the double size screenshot feature not working on Linux intermittently before.  At first it didn't work, then it did, then it stopped working...again.  Then came THIS BUG!  Which causes any LL SL build AFTER 3.7.28 to fail to start on a 64-bit Linux.  ANY 64-bit Linux, not just Fedora.  Not only that, but the last build that works on 64-bit Linux has some regressions in regards to textures blurring in and out, and obvious RAM issues.  It is seriously crap, even compared to previous SL viewers in the 3.x.x series.  Why oh why LL doesn't do a proper 64-bit build is beyond me, Linux users have been complaining about it for years. 

I got so fed up, I grabbed the 64-bit Havok-less Firestorm build and tried that.  In the past when I  used Firestorm there were typeface issues, for some reason Firestorm didn't use the same ones that LL's builds do and it had legibility issues.  But now it used what I considered the proper typeface and everything was hunky dory for the most part, once I put the thing in Viewer 3 mode.  Sure there's a few qurks I don't like.  For example, sidebar buttons don't work like they do on LL's viewers where a single click brings them to front (Probably a configuration thing), and the "Stand" button is not where it should be (but they know about that one).

But all that is minor stuff compared to having a build that works, and crashes less often in it's 64-bit form.  (The 32 bit Firestorm version has some of the same memory issues the 32-bit LL clients do.)

Wicked Witch of the Woods, Once Upon a Time inspired SL cosplay

The Witch of the Woods had faced her haughty rival of the raven hair and the porcelain skin and had been defeated through treachery.

 She was now cursed and exiled.

As the curse took effect she thought one thing:  If Wicked was was they thought she was, then Wicked she would be.

Hundreds of years later, curse or no, she was ready to end her exile.  After outfitting herself in modern accoutrements, she would now achieve her vengeance.

"Wait till they get a load of ME!", she thought with a laugh in her mind.

Another gratuitous cleavage shot.

Why yes, I WAS inspired by Zelena of the television show, Once Upon a Time, so the cleavage isn't really all that gratuitous.   My Friend Gabi immediately recognized I was doing a version of Zelena when I showed her the pictures.

I cam across this inspiration by lucky chance.  I just happened to run across a Zelena video in a search I did some weeks back, I haven't actually watched the show yet, haven't had the time, and well...bandwidth cap.

After seeing that, I was like, "OH MY GOD! Just look at HER!" And then I started Googling her. Her famous fairytail black gown with the cleavage reminded me of the Black Arts Flora which I'd demo'd but not bought because of alpha issues with my non-mesh body.

Zelena image from Rumbelle! Forever.

Back to the SL fashion, I'm wearing the League Erin skin, when I'm non-green.  It's my standard skin now, even though It's not quite the perfect skin for me.

The green skin is the Lumae Orsimer Adore skin with a Luxuria Red Gloss layered over it.  "Orsimer" being a reference to the Orcs of the Elder Scrolls game series.  The skin DOES come with Maitreya body appliers AND Lelutka head appliers (as well as appliers for other bodies and heads)  It also comes with a set of ears as well!  I'm also planning on using this skin when I go Jagermonster from Girl Genius.

The old time-y neo-victorian look comprises the Black arts flora jacket and skirt, which as I said, couldn't actually wear before I started using the Maitreya body.  The default alpha when used with my non-mesh body has issues and needs some more work.  But with the Lara on the other hand it works very well.  This outfit is template based, there ARE other versions of it on the grid.  I picked two other colors of it, the red and pinstripe version.

I'm carrying the  Inanna staff from Tekeli-li, which I've had for a while and has a ton of color change options that you change via chat commands, not menus.

The Empyrean Forge Heritage statement jewelry set I picked up specifically for these looks, but it's the sort of glamorous statement set I'll get good use out of.  It is also color change for the gems.

I'm also wearing Ingenue Laura pumps, which you can't see.  The Victorian hat in all black I got with the Chantilly Victorian Gown by Boudoir, just a simply lovely and sexy victorian hat, not even taking into account how great the gown is.

The modern dress is the Kastle Rock Hilary dress, with Izzies Sheer tights basics, the versatile Hucci Glynco pumps, the same jewelry set and Amacci Amelie hair for both modern and old-timey looks.

More Zelena!  (From Reddit) These two looks are what inspired my modern "wicked witch" look.


 The show apparently runs on The Rule of Cool, Ridiculously Cool Clothes, and The Rule of Cleavage. When Cosmopolitan of all things does an article about the cleavage, there's a lot of cleavage on the show...and it is glorious.  As Everyone Knows, the CC is All About the Cleavage.  It is one of my many "CC Rules #1"

But All of the fashion on the show is fabulous!  Modern and Fairytale, which may be why I like the fashion so, since I need both Modern and Old-timey looks in SL.  Just look at Regina!  (you could easily come close to this with the red jacket version of the Black arts Flora)

And the hats!  The HATS with the CLEAVAGE and the GLAM makeup  Squeeeeeee!  I need everything Regina wears on the show in please.  Just look at these two modern dresses Regina wears, they are so me.  She also reminds me a bit of Megan Mullally's Karen Walker in "Will & Grace", whose style I also adored.

 Though it isn't actually just Regina's and Zelena's outfits I love, ALL the female characters have such delicious wardrobes in both modern and fairytale settings.  The Gowns!  THE FABULOUS GOWNS!


Amacci Hair

League skin

Lumae skin


Black Arts

Kastle Rock

Empyrean Forge Heritage set on Marketplace

Tekeli-li Inanna staff on Marketplace


Ingenue, Fashion with a Past

Hucci Main store


Sunday, August 09, 2015

Preparedness, a phone call and a warning to look to the skies. Hurricane Éric approaches.

After last year's hurricane hit St. John, I had sworn that  I'd be prepared for the next hurricane season.  I had put off the upgrades to the Wireless transmitter and generator and we had paid for my laxity with much damage.

 Not this year.  I looked over my new equipment in the attic with much joy.  It had been late to arrive, some of the components being shipped from far away Caledon with some additional apparatus that was originally of Seraph City origin. I only had just finished the final installations, though it had been ready at half power (still more than last year) last week.  But it was worth the expense and time.  This hybridized transmitter ought to be able to reach such far away lands as Cala Mondrago, Babbage, Caledon, Europa Wulfenbach, Winterfell, perhaps even Bay City, the Blake Sea, or Neufreistadt.

I decided to temporarily put the operator station near my desk with the telegraph key.

That should work well enough, for the time being. As I walked past the clock and barometer, which showed a "change" reading, the telephone rang.


Ah, yes, Miss Creeggan of St. John?  Weather Bureau here, we've received some reports of heavy tropical storm activity reported via Mondrago, and vessels under way to the south of St. John. So do keep an eye on the sky, that's a good girl. 

"Merci, M'sieu, will do." I replied to the obvious dolt who didn't know better than to condescend to me.

As I hung up the phone, the telegraph began chattering away feeding the paper tape and radio began squawking on the St. John Corsairs frequency.

Allo St. John, This is Corsair Capitaine , reporting a très mal storm 'eading Nord.  Navigateur thinks landfall will be . S'il vous plaît préparer, repeating land fall in 4 days estimate.  If my eyes are right, it looks like a ouragan. if you can hear this, but avec la grâce de Dieu, you will.

I rushed to the transmitter and replied:

"Ms. CC at St John here, transmission recieved, bless you Corsair!  4 days warning! Mon DIEU, 4 Days!  Get your ship to safety Capitaine, make port at Cala Mondrago or Half Hitch dock on the Blake."

The Capitaine replied:  Je obéis mon châtelaine

 I headed outside to look at the sky.  It was beautiful, but soon wouldn't be.  4 Days, Blessed Be.

 I headed back inside to the desk to check the list of this years Hurricane names, ah, this one would be "Éric", with the accent mark. Time to send some messages out, THIS time it would do some REAL good... 4 DAYS warning, thank the Goddess.




I then realized that I might make good use of that air raid Siren I picked up on the Iron Cloud.  Sandbags, I'm going to need more sandbags.  I returned to the Telephone and key and spread the word to the good people of St. John.  We'll see how tough that Hurricane will be when we can prepare.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Baron and Baronin Wulfenbach 2015 Anniversary party.

Twas the Baron and Baronin's Anniversary, which!  A japanese themed party.  Being the Steamlands, you just know that everyone is going to dress VERY well (which everyone commented on, even though I expect it):

That's the only group picture I took, I crashed a couple of times and textures sometimes went blurry on me.  (stupid 3.7.28 compatibility client, the 3.8.X+ series crashes on start on 64 bit Linuxes)

Wasn't going to miss this.  I decided to go Jager and I'm glad I did, because I was the only Jager there!  And what's a Wulfenbach party without a Jager?  Even bought a new skin with Maitreya appliers (Lumae Orsimer Adore from the We Heart Roleplay event) just for the party!  It even came with EARS.  It's going to be a good skin when I do a Zelena (from once upon a time) look.  I just bought the PERFECT outfit for that.

To my right is in the black/gold is Dean "Double Secret Probation" Phrynne of Caledon Oxbridge.  The couple with the fellow with the white hair dancing with the pretty lady are the Baron and Baronin themselves.  The Gorgeous blonde in Pink is the Lady Skye.  Who quite frankly makes me look like chopped liver fashion wise most of the time.  SHE is the one who should be fashion blogging.  The Eldemars are there in back next to the Tiny Eladrienne Laval.  In blue in front of me is Mari Moonbeam.  Wulfi and Lady Sumoku are in the far right corner, they were the party organizers and hostesses.  The build was VERY nice and several people wanted to steal it.

At the end of the party I just had to take a pic of Babbage Urchins Stormy Stillwater and Satu Moreau, where were freaking adorable.  I just wanted to take them home and give them wuv. Say it with me now....Awwwwwww.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ramadan, Van Salee, and ancestry. Inspired by Strawberry Singh and Helen Boyd.

I'm a member of an online transcommunity run by author Helen Boyd.  I've been a member of that community for 11 years, the only online community I've followed longer is Slashdot.  Yes, I know...Slashdot. /me shakes head sadly at my own nerdosity.

Last week Helen did a post about Ramadan's History in America.  Which is a VERY long history, much longer than most modern American's think.  Upon seeing that post one of my first thoughts was ... "Berry's going to be doing her annual Ramadan post soon."  Which she did, the next day.

It also reminded me of my own small connection to Islam in America. It might be surprising to some, but yes, I do have one.  While as my readers, acquaintances and friends know, I'm mostly of Celtic ancestry on both my mother's and father's side, but that's not all my ancestry.

I'm descended from one of the first Muslim settlers in the New World, in New Amsterdam aka New York City, actually. And his Q'uran is the oldest known Q'uran in America.  To those who know their history those facts alone are enough to identify him, Anthony Janszoon Van Salee.

Yes, that means I have Moroccan ancestry.  And yes, that also means I'm descended from the woman variously described as Manhattans first "lady of the night" or "The Carrie Bradshaw of Colonial America", Grietse Reyniers.

So inspired by Berry, and my ancestry I decided to do a post with some "ethnic" clothing.  First I did some googling about women's clothing and fashion in Morocco, and after seeing some pictures decided to try to find a kaftan, which I did.  Then I was thinking that perhaps I should search Berry's Blog for a "less pale" skin, but while I was looking through more pictures of Moroccan fashion I found a woman that made me go "squee" and say to myself.  "I guess I really don't have to change my skin...or my hair color."

That woman is the Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco:

Who is an awesome redheaded fashionista-princess-engineer with REALLY nice shoes. She knew she had it "goin on" there.  Google her, she's fabulous.  Yes, she's ethnically Moroccan, there are redheads among the Berbers.

The kaftan I found was the Bilo Rani "Sabah", as it turns out, Berry wore it back in 2013.  The girl always has the scoop, she's the Berry!  I wore it in green because there was a famous utterly fabulous green kaftan that Lalla Salma wore and redheads look good in green.  Sadly, this kaftan shows more cleavage than I wanted, but I like it anyway.

Belleza Betty skin, Hucci Jacmel pumps.

 Of course I needed some fabulous jewelry.  (The Princess has some REALLY nice stuff.).  As non-luck would have it, I have the Maharani set from Maxi Gossamer, which I picked up from May's Uber, if I recall correctly.  When I saw the display and the model I thought:  "That model looks like Berry."   "It IS Berry, well who else would you want to model that set?"  The set has two metal choices and several gem colors.  Sadly you have to click on each piece individually, there's no HUD to set them all at once.  Hair is Truth Harmony (Ponytail)

 As you can tell, those are not my usual green eyes, but brown ones.  Ikon "Charm" eyes in Chocolate.

Since I was wearing the Maharani set, I went ahead and put on the nose chain, the mang tikka, and the Zaara Chandni Lehenga in Scarlet, to take some pictures of the full set and the Chandni, which I've had for a while.  Might as well go full on Berry-clone, except for the paleness.

I adore the Chandni in this color.  While I adore it, and think it's beautiful, I probably won't pick up the other colors as much as I might want to.  Pale Celtic redheads, even those with Moroccan ancestors, probably shouldn't be wearing lehenga's too often.

Truth Sally hair, which always reminds me of one of the hairstyles of Mad Men's Sally Draper.


Sabah kaftan at Bilo Rani

Chandni Lehenga in Scarlet from Zaara

Maharani Jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer

Belleza Betty skin

Ikon Charm eyes

Truth Hair


Monday, June 22, 2015

CC McCrankypants: Serious issues with the Client.

I'm having serious issues with the current client I'm using, 3.7.28 "Obsolete platforms" viewer even worse than the 3.8.0 series.  I had to switch to that one because somehow LL messed up the most recent builds of other projects so that they don't run on Linux.  I don't know how they were able to get them to build and run on their test system when they don't run on actual Linux systems in the wild.  Maybe because they're STILL USING a 32-bit Linux for building the Linux client in 2015!

Anyway, you might not see me in-world as much, or as long, since I'm crashing more, ESPECIALLY when TPing a lot or trying to attend shopping events.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dead Dollz Persephone, it's Sexuregal

Just a quick post here.  I went shopping for a new dress to wear to that Linden Party for Premium residents, I wanted something summery but fashionista-y and well, I wanted to be the best dressed Fashionista there.  I knew of one dress I thought would be good, but looked around a bit at some others before I bought it.  I would have eventually bought it anyway.

I crashed several times at the party, and eventually gave up returning, but I really liked the dress and wore it to my favorite social venue when I logged back in.  I Danced with Charlemagne, and a friend there described the dress/look as this one word:


 Sexuregal ©®™ Belle Beom

I so loved that neologism that I had to blog the word, and the gown.  This is the Persephone gown from Dead Dollz available at the Secret Affair. An elegant gown with black halter and waist banding, that shows quite a bit of skin at the hip area.  But it's still classy and not so much skin that it makes it non-classy.  Sexuregal!©®™  I also bought the all black version.  Each is L$300.

I paired it with an older Amacci updo, Carol, which works well with the Angsa hat from Schadenfreude.  That hat is currently one of my favorite hats in SL since you have 3 color options for the hat itself and several options for the band and bow.  There's also an option for long flutter tails with the bow and a bowless option.  I love this hat, it appeals to my love of the Blessed Audrey.

That is the Paradigm jewelry set from Amorous, I've worn it before on the blog.  Skin and eyes are my usual Belleza Betty and IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.


The Secret Affair event





IKON eyes

Friday, May 15, 2015

White Armory Andraste, Elf-y style

Imagine if you will, a redhead obsessed fashionista visiting the page of the Blogging Elf Arica Storaro to see what lovely fantasy, roleplay and non-fantasy items repurposed for fantasy roleplay items she is wearing.  Because after all, she is an Adorable Redheaded Elf who Shops... a LOT.

Then imagine you see something like this recreation of a non-redheaded Elf, which while very pretty, is NOT redheaded and your whole worldview of Adorable Redheaded Elves who Shop collapses.

The CC as a Blonde Elf Archer

It made the CC cry......Not really, of course. I'm joking.  The Blogging Elf looks good as a blonde too, has been blonde for months, and as everyone knows even redhead obsessed moi goes blonde now and then.  But there is just ....something... about a redheaded elf, and if the Blogging Elf ever goes back to red.....I will SQUEE.  Until then... well I have ears, and a bow and on rare ocassions do fantasy looks.

The CC as a proper redheaded elf-y archer.

In actual truth this blog post was inspired by seeing the White Armory Andraste set and thinking it was "Blogging Elf-y".  Though with that name it's obviously "Dragon Age-y", meaning Dragon Age the game. (No, I don't have Dragon Age: Inquisition yet)  Anyway, I can't remember where I saw it, but I finally figured out it was from White Armory (which is familiar to me) and picked it up.   My guess is that it's based on a template, since it looks somewhat familiar, and I know that White Armory has other template based items.  That said, they DO skillfully texture their template items, so even if you DO see the same templates somewhere else, you might want to pick up the White Armory versions as well.

Then I decided I needed some armor/bracers of some kind and boots.  As not-coincidence would have it, White Armory puts styling info in their packaging so you can easily find what they accessorized it with in the displays.  Which is a GREAT idea with cross-marketing potential that more designers should do.

In this case it was the Lassitude & Ennui Thylacine boots, and the Iktharus Bracers/Cuffs/Collar in Brimstone from Plastik.  I've been a L&E fan for years, and know Jackal Ennui does good work so ran right over to look at the boots and pick them up.   The Iktharus armor set comes in a LOT more colors, but I liked the Brimstone the best and it goes best with the Andraste

The Bow and Quiver are the PFC Black Sorrow, which I've shown before.  I'm rather liking this picture of me relaxing against a large tree root.  Peaceful and Sylvan.

The hair is Wasabi Pills Sandy, a hair that The Blogging Elf  wore in March reminded me of it.  Eyes are the IKON Deadshine eyes in Moor. Skin is my usual Belleza Betty.  Ears are from Siyu Suen's Illusions.


Wasabi Pills Hair

Belleza Skins

Siyu Suen's Illusions

IKON eyes

The White Armory


Lassitude & Ennui at Nouveau est. 2005

PFC, Pucca Firecaster Creations

Sax Shepherd's Jorogumo Jewelry/Accessory/Shoe set, for the Drowgirl in every one of us.


We, the Dark Elves of the Undercaves, approve of the Sax Shepherd Jorogumo Jewelry/Accessory/Shoe set.  It is an attractive homage to all things Spider Queen-y, including our Goddess Denise.  Who strangely prefers business attire instead of nipple covers and jewelry as lingerie, but never mind that.  (Inanna Staff from Tekeli-li)

The one quibble, we the great Dark Elves of the Undercaves, do not like is the fact that this set is currently a Gacha set. There are both common huds with few colors and a Rare Hud with more colors. There are a total of 6 metal/shoe color options and 12 jewel options.  The shoes are for the Slink High feet and you'll use the footshape that comes with the feet.  Any great Dark Elf of the Undercaves would want the Rare HUD.  Because after all, as that pale shiny-faced redheaded fashionista says: How many colors do you need?  All of them.

The ensemble has the following pieces:  Crown, Choker,  Anklets Left and Right, Spider Anklets left and right, Armbands left and right, Belly gem, Belt, Nipple covers, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring, and Shoes.

Those Nipple Covers are Maitreya body compatible, you might have to adjust manually a touch if  you don't use a Maitreya body.  (One of the reasons I don't have a Maitreya body is that I'd have to go skin shopping.....again.)  That is the Pink Fuel Drow skin in Night.  Hair is Truth Thalia.

As I said, the stilettos are for the Slink High feet and are modern in style.  Your traditional supermodel-y stiletto sandal...if said supermodel was a Dark Elf.  The funny thing is, most traditional depictions of dark elves does make them look a touch supermodel-y.  In fact, IIRC Dark Elven Priestesses of Eilistraee (of the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms milieu) wear even LESS than this.

And just so you know, there will be no peace with you Surface-Worlders while that pale Shiny-faced red-haired fashionista named CC lives. She told our Matron Mother of Menace, Tiffany, that she should put on a cover up while shopping.  Yes, Our Goddess Denise said the same thing, but no surface-dweller will comment on our tendency to wear as little as possible!  It's a Dark Elf thing, that you Surface-worlders do not understand.  We will rule you all, and bring representative democracy!  Matriarchal Representative Democracy mind you, we're still The Great Dark Elves of the Undercaves.

 FYI, "jorogumo" is a japanese term for what in western terms would be described as spider-queens.  Half spider, half women.  Practically every video game or tabletop RPG has them.  Llolth, the Spider-Demon Queen Goddess of the Drow in Dungeons and Dragons, Cydaea of Diablo 3, The Spider-witch in Ghostbusters the Video Game are all of the same mythic cloth that inspired this set.


Sax Shepherd Jorogumo available at the Fantasy Gacha Fair



Truth Hair

Pink Fuel

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Big Trope! My entry into Harper Ganesvoort's Oscar Contest 2015.

Hi folks I'm "Jean Eberhardt", everyone's favorite non-existent SL reviewer of non-existent SL films.  Today I'm going to be talking about that talk of the grid, the low budget homage to B-Movie Noir and Adventure Films... The Big Trope.

The Story of the Big Trope starts with a Science Exhibition where a somewhat Mad Scientist unveils his newest invention:  The Macguffin Device.  We're not exactly told what it does, but apparently it does something because Millionaire Philantropist Kradox Durxok seems to be very interested in it, and with a name like that...he probably isn't a philanthropist.  This is when we first meet his lovely assistant Radclyffe Beaverton who steals the scene by flirting shamelessly with the Mad Scientist's Beautiful, but Hollywood Homely Daughter. (She wears glasses and librarian clothes and looks delicious.) And then when the Beautiful Daughter's Boyfriend Protagonist protests, tells him to lighten up and points out HER comradette-in-arms and Innamorata, Brinksy Corgi, as played by the inestimable Charlemagne Allen.  I'm glad the screenwriter didn't Hide Your Lesbians.

Cue a gloomy scene at the Lynden Lab building, where the Macguffin is housed, and we see Radclyffe and Brinksy fly up in a hover car that is made of the Rule of Cool.  They then proceed to steal the Macguffin, putting the sole human guard, a woman, to sleep with a drug laced kiss, and then having a waif-fu and gun-kata firefight with Lynden Lab's Mekka-Mole security robots on the way out after intentionally tripping the alarm...just so they could have a little fun. And they did all this in short skirts, stockings and stiletto heels with a sort of Sky Captain meets Stewardess meets Elvgren slash Vargas pinup sort of look.

Outfits from R2, Stockings from Blacklace, Heels from Hucci, Hair from Wasabi Pills.

As you can see, the film was shot in black and white in the classic Academy 1.375:1 ratio as an homage to the old days.

We then see Radclyffe and Brinksy hand over the Macguffin to the Big Bad.  They are then berated for not killing the guard, which causes them both to frown, and then are sent to acquire the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter...they're told she has the secret to actually activating it. After they leave, The Big Bad tells his snivelling weasely junior lackey Peter Leech that she actually knows nothing and will be a hostage to secure her Mad Scientist father's cooperation in unleashing the Macguffin's full power, and that he believes that Radclyffe and Brinksy will do a High Heel/Face turn the moment they realize this since they believe he's a Well Intentioned Extremist whose goal is to Save the World from Itself, and that Leech is to kill them and take their place as his Dragon when he.... Kradox Durxok, rules the World as it's God-King with the Power of the Macguffin.

They then capture her at the University Library, where she puts up quite a fight before they subdue her.  They're so impressed with her spunk that they fly her to Paris for the sole purpose of getting her a glamourous makeover before they take her to the Big Bad.  They get her cooperation by telling her that they work for Kradox Durxok, whom she only knows as a philanthropist, and that on their honor no harm will come to her.  After the makeover, where they turn her into a Taylor Swift meets Mamie Van Doren Blonde Bombshell, they take her to the Big Bad.

Once they deliver her, the Big Bad desires her for her own and declares that the Beautiful Daughter will be his Queen.  She says "never" and then the Big Bad strikes her with the power of the Macguffin, brainwashing her into obedience and give the command to Leech and the Daughter to kill Radclyffe and Brinksy.  This, of course, crosses Radclyffe's and Brinksy's Moral Event Horizon and they do an immediate High Heel/Face Turn.

It turns out they are also Genre Savvy and immediately flee in a jet powered airship and rendezvous with the Boyfriend Protagonist who is on his own airship coming to rescue the Beautiful Daughter.  They tell him of her brainwashing and provide cover fire to the Boyfriend Protagonist in the air while he rescues the Beautiful Daughter, retrieves the Macguffin, defeats the Big Bad and Saves the World.  Their airship is sadly shot down by Leech's just before The Boyfriend Protagonist shoots down Leech's airship.

At first I thought the screenwriter had fallen into a Bury Your Gays trap, but then we cut to first a Medals for Everyone ceremony for the Boyfriend Protagonist and Mad Scientist, followed by a wedding between the Boyfriend Protagonist and the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter.  There, as her bridesmaids, are Radclyffe and Brinksy who jointly catch the bouquet at the end.

As it is, CC and Charlemagne were, in an  unprecedented move, nominated for joint award for Best Supporting Actresses in a Non-Existant Virtual Film.  Which makes perfect sense, since they're the best thing in the film. It's why I've been focusing on them and not everything else in this modern-day B-picture. The Boyfriend's actor is dull, the Ingenue they got playing the Beautiful Daughter can't even pronounce Tesla properly, and the Big Bad hams it up more than Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldham and BRIAN a ham canning facility...which is just too much ham

Late breaking news...we have a paparazzi shot of CC and Charlemagne's Award show outfits for Harper Ganesvoorts Oscar Fashion contest 2015:

Ms. CC's Gown by PurpleMoon, Eclair Hair from Amacci. Ms. Charlemagne's gown by Metatheodora