Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yummy skins, by Robin (Wood) Sojourner

Yet Another online friend that I know from another forum is also involved with SL. She mentioned that she was using Yummy skins, which I hadn't heard of.

So I do the usual search thing and find the location where they're sold and find out about their creator, Robin Sojourner.

who is in RL, fantasy artist Robin Wood.

And that made perfect logical sense to me, that if Robin Wood was in SL that she'd be doing skins.
If you've seen her artwork, like that for Dragon Magazine, you'd realize why.

I tried on the demo skins at her shop,and they are quite obviously "Robin Wood" works. They have the look. Basically they're similar the Tete a Pied skins, similar shading and whatnot, hand painted, demure, sweet. (and popular among the ladies of Victorian/Steampunk Caledon, I gather) The lips are differently shaped though, so if You like the Tete a Pied skins but their lip shape doesn't work for you, you might try a Yummy. They, like the other skins I am fond of, come in various brow shades, and various makeups. One of the night/evening makeups is kind of like a combination of a Tete a Pied look with the look of the wine lipped Celebrity. Just downright gorgeous.

I also noted that the lash looks on the makeups were very good, compared with other skins. Up to fake eyelash intensity, if you want it. (bat bat, flutter)

I liked the skins enough to want to buy them the next time my linden balance is healthier.

Robin Sojourner's shop is in Serenite, just head on down the path from the point you teleport in at.

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