Thursday, August 03, 2006


My in game inventory has over 3500 items in it and it's "teh devil" to keep it organized. I did go to a "item organization" class in world and that really did help. I learned how to use the features of the file inventory menu to make finding things easier. For example searching for WORN fshows all the worn items., really handy. And you can make copying folders and items eaiser by opening a second inventory window.

but what I really want is the ability to print my inventory on paper and/or be able to save my current inventory to disk so I can access it outside of SL. That would be so awesome.

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Iris Ophelia said...

Oh man that's still tiny, consider yourself lucky. I'm at 15,000 and that's small by fashionista standards. Try poring through PXP, somewhere Willow wrote an article about clever Inventory organization geared for those with a clothing glut in there.