Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My early shopping choices.

Once I found out about how much fashion there was in SL I had to figure out the most important question in the entire universe:..... What to wear?

Looking around I found lots of over the top club wear but not much that I would actually wear in RL. So I did some Googling and found OPIUM Everday, a line of fashions created by Alaska Metropolitan. Alaska Metropolitan's Blog They had nice basics, and a couple of lovely suits:

A nice black pinstripe with blue trim. I'm a wearing my first bought skin with this one.

And a nice houndstooth:I was still using the default skin (with some changes to the makeup sliders) when I took these screenshots.


They really are nice ensembles for those of use in SL who like a "professional" look. So far I haven't seen anyone else in them, but Alaska says they sell quite well. I hope she does more for fall.

Besides the Suits OPIUM Everyday has jeans, tops skirts, undies, shoes (with kitten heels no less) and jewelry (the hoop earrings which I wear almost constantly are FREE), all of it looking pretty much like the nice everyday things women in RL wear. And it's all reasonably priced too.

Alaska Metropolitan is a skin/avatar designer too, and what I have seen is quality work. If I wanted a custom female avatar that looked "real" and "nice" she'd be the one I'd go to first.

In fact my default shape currently is one of hers, but not the one she used in her modeling shots of her clothing. A bunch of us would kill, figuratively, for that one. But the one she did give me is utterly beautiful and looks good with almost any skin on it, which can't be said for many shapes out there. More discussion of Shapes and Skins and how they interact and how not to buy them in another post.

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