Friday, August 18, 2006


Some of my internet acquaintances who are involved in SL, hang out in Caledon. Caledon is a large island complex that is Victorian influenced with a touch of steampunk thrown in. Think HG Wells, Jules Verne, "The Difference Engine". Though eventually the steampunkers will have their own sim, and Caledon will revert to "straight" Victorian. It is a lovely place, green and pleasant, with lovley architecture and lovely layouts. In other words, it's pretty.And from what I gather, it's pretty because of th e"zoning rules" that I think the whole grid could benefit certain ways. Caledon even has a tram/trolley.

The people of Caledon are nice too, extremely polite and well spoken. Caledonians have a certain manner of speech, archaic, but full of pleasantries. For example, a Caledonian would address me as Miss Creeggan in chat. It most enjoyable to chat with people capable of communicating in such a manner.

The fashions of Caledon tend to the Victorian, though there is no dress code, apart from refraining from nudity. Both L&E and Silent Sparrow have satellite shops in Caledon, which made perfect sense to me. One of my friends pointed me to a small shop above L&E where I was able to procure Caledonian fashions for a small amount of Lindens.

This dress is called Ingrid, the first screenshot was taken in a small object/furnishing shop abop above the Silent Sparrow Caledonian location. Simple and lovely and only 25 $L

The next image was taken outside of Caledon after I was given a lovely veiled hat, and a fluttery fan by a Caledonian resident. A nice screenshot don't you think. Another friend of mine jokingly referred to me as Mary Poppins.

All in all, visiting Caledon was a most pleasant experience.

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