Sunday, August 06, 2006

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

I'm new to the "game" and don't know much about events, and have few contacts to hang out with, so I sometimes search the "Events" for places to go. So I found out about a club called the Blue note, which is a jazz club. If I don't think of something else to do, I sometimes pop in there to listen to the music. I dress appropriately for this sort of classy place, on one ocassion I was wearing my "Retro Kitty dress:

I met a person there who began asking what kind of music, and if I liked 80's music, which I do. and they took me to another club. (which I can't remember the name of) I switched to my current standby "black dress to wear when you don't know what to wear to a club" dress:

I had purchased the Rebel Hope VIP dress previously and was lamenting to this person that I had a very glamorous gown but no place to wear it to. They then told me about the Ritzz and TP'd me there. YES! perfect, looks like it just popped out of an old movie. Great music too. Very classy, very sophisticated. Pictures of the VIP dress (using my new Picture Perfect posing stand and background thingy, thanks to Sabrina Doolittle of Linden Lifestyles fashion blog, for creating it.)

A day or so later, I tp'd an acquaintance there, (they didn't know about it, the Ritzz is one well kept secret or something) We had some fun, and I was about to leave when another person popped in and we began to talk. She said that she came there every once in a while just to dance on her own and listen to the music and to wear her pretty gowns. And her gown was a gorgeous strappless chiffony full skirted concoction. I, of course, wanted it. I couldn't stay long, she seemed disappointed that I couldn't stay and keep her company and I understood. Seems kind of sad that such a beautiful location is empty most of the time. Before I left she gave me a very nice little gift, it's an attachment that makes my avatar smile randomly. She said it makes them more lifelike. I had only heard of such things and hadn't seen one or purchased one yet so it was a very thoughtful gift. Her name was Ember if I remember correctly, and she was very sweet. Thank you Ember, I hope we dance again at the Ritzz.

That got me thinking... there are others who lament having hordes of beautiful evening gowns in their inventories but feeling funny actually wearing them out on the grid. Being all dressed up but no where to go. Read this on Willow Zander's blog Page from Willow Zander's blog

So why not start an event to counter act this, a "Fashionista Ball and Expo" Over an entire day ( to complement various schedules and time zones) host a ball at the Ritzz and to supplement the ball, have a vendor area in one of those big empty spaces there. It would be fun to get to wear the gowns and vendors would get exposer to lots of customers and customers could learn about vendors they hadn't seen or heard of yet. You could also have mini-events, raffles, "Cinderella" type makeovers for newbies with system hair/skin, fashion shows, even goody bags. I'm thinking that this could be something like a mini version of RL fashion week or something. Course we'd need the SL equivalent of "7th on sixth" to run it, but it sounds like a great idea to me.

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