Thursday, August 24, 2006

Most wanted Fashionistas, at Dazzle.

If you have visited the Dazzle sim recently you have seen the sim being fleshed out with streets, lamps, building for Dazzle Home Design (which looks like a RL furniture store)and Crush and the Ice Cream parlor (it's not open yet, but the big ice cream cone sign can't be missed). It's one of the most "real" looking shopping emporiums I've seen. You may have also noticed two wanted signson the posts outside of Dazzle and Luxe.


Made me laugh out loud when I saw them. Flavor like this is always fun.

Also the shoes and accessories are back at Dazzle, off to the right as you enter the store.

I really must say how impressed I am at the new build, it is much more pleasant to shop in.

There's new stuff at Dazzle too, a pretty LBD, a 20$L customer appreciation pack and much much more. So everyone stop by and buy, you know you want to.

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