Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weapons, with style

SL has combat within it, but I've not become involved with it. I've seen weapons now and again on avatars but all I had was the bog standard pop gun and the sword.

Last week I noticed a flurry of action around the OPIUM Everyday store, and noticed a lot more green dots on what I call the "radar" (the mini-map) So I walk around there and see a new "godfather store" where they sell snappy suits and "pieces" But...they only sell Desert Eagle's and Uzi's and I openly said, "What? where's the tommy guns. A classic gangster has to have a tommy gun."

So yesterday I was piddling around and put tommy gun in the search and found a store that sold them. It's the classic 1928 model with the drum magazine. I went back to the godfater store, bought a suit for my avatar and equipped my weapon. I'm ready for rat-a-tat action. Bada Bing:-)

I've not tested it out in actual combat, but it works well enough on the Dalek I rezzed in a sandbox. "Five rounds, rapid!"

Yesterday, I also saw a a replica of the yellow jumpsuit Beatrix Kiddo wore in Kill Bill, and while I was at Adam n Eve, saw a couple of ninja/samurai battling and was talking to them about it. they said,they hadn't seen it, but that I should buy it out of general coolness. I then asked where they got their swords because they were sparring, and they told me about samurai island. So I buy the jumpsuit, head to Musashi-Do's sword shop and say "I need Japanese steel"

I've not tested it in combat either, it has the Samurai Island combat system built in, I just wanted to wear a katana...with style. :-)

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